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  1. Also, I read somewhere that on some ships, sauna/steam room/showers are available for free to use in the Lotus Spa (presumably the amenities used by those going to the gym). Is that true on the Coral? Some also noted that some ships allow locker rental by handing over your room key. Does that apply to the Coral too?
  2. Likewise, I am also chiming in late. I enjoyed your review very much and your photos are beautiful! I will be going to Alaska on the same itinerary and ship this year, so this report has helped me prepare for it. Thanks! Cheers,
  3. I have a question! I've read somewhere that the entree portion sizes on the ship has been shrinking as of late and it might be recommended to order 3 entrees between 2 people to share (or 2 for yourself if you're a big eater). Is that true?
  4. I will be sailing on the Ruby Princess in May and am doing some early research on the ship. I enjoyed your report very much, as well as the photos! (they will help me pick which things I might want to eat if the menu is similar on my Alaskan sailing). Thank you! Best wishes,
  5. Good to know, thank you! (Do you know if hypothetically I literally eat half of a steak, could I ask to have the remainder of my meal sent to my room or no?)
  6. Yeah, my parents went to CG on their last Princess Cruise and had nothing but good things to say about it. We were a little disappointed to hear that it doesn’t exist on the Coral, but I’m glad to hear they use the same CG meat for steaks at the Bayou
  7. I always get my steaks medium rare, so not overly raw, but I find that due to the baseball shape of fillet mignons, they become a tad too rare for my liking (though I don’t like my steaks to be medium either). I usually prefer flatter steaks, so in your opinion of the two flatter cuts of steak, which was the yummier that you tried? (Also is the fillet mignon the Carpetbagger’s Trinity Smothered Filet of Beef? Because I don’t see any listing of filet mignon in particular on their menu?) Also, how are the Gator ribs? They seem interesting!
  8. Thank you for the information! I will definitely check out your photos! Thanks :)
  9. Oh darn! You’re getting on the ship as we disembark! & Haha I will try my best!
  10. Haha thank you so much ^^. I’m surprised anyone remembers me since I’ve been away so long! (Which sailing? Maybe we’re going on the same one!)
  11. I believe we are indeed going to have one dinner in the Bayou Cafe! I’ve heard good things about it. I looked at some menus online, do you think the New York Strip or the Porterhouse would be a better choice of their steaks?
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