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  1. This was shared by a crew member we are friends with.
  2. We were on the Grand Princess in an obstructed oceanview and can't wait for cruising to start. We will book a balcony going forward, although, if a move-down offer to an obstructed oceanview was on the cards we may take it, just like we did in February last year.
  3. I just watched a replay of the Majestic Princess sailing in to San Pedro this morning, she had # GET READY with a smiley face spelled out with cabin lights.
  4. I haven't received an email yet, however, I just checked my May Alaskan cruise and final payment date has changed from Feb 22 to Mar 24. Certainly takes the pressure off of me for now on deciding whether to cancel or pay. I doubt very much it will go ahead but I can certainly keep the hope alive.
  5. My mum has celiac disease and has never had an issue. She does prefer traditional dining and she has also never had a problem when she has joined us for anytime dining. She is also shown what is gluten free by one of the chefs when eating at the buffet.
  6. Marine Traffic is showing that the Majestic is heading for LA with an ETA of 12/22. The bridge camera is also showing that she is bound for LA.
  7. We also love getting a team together for Trivia. On the Grand Princess Corona cruise we teamed up with a 4 wonderful CC members from Canada that we met at the M&G. We had a great time and were lucky enough to come out as winners on more than one occasion. We continued with our own trivia sessions once we were confined to cabins and also for a while once we were all back in our own homes. Unfortunately, the time difference for us and getting back to some sort of new normal life has put our trivia sessions on hold. The cruise overall was wonderful! My husband enjoyed the ukulele
  8. Although I haven't posted/commented since near the beginning of this virtual cruise, I have followed along and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories of our cruise on the Majestic Princess. I look forward to joining you on your next adventure.
  9. We were also on the this cruise and we have received a refund for the rental car used to get from quarantine to home. We received the refund approximately 6-7 weeks from submitting the claim. I also just checked the roll call from the cruise and there is nothing mentioned there regarding refunds.
  10. What a great day at sea! To top it off we enjoyed a fantastic evening with family and friends doing an Ultimate Balcony Dinner for 6 on our aft balcony (Baja 739). We love the Ultimate Balcony Dinner and doing it early in the cruise means I get to enjoy the flowers for the whole cruise.
  11. Yay....you are finally on the beautiful Majestic Princess. I can see the roof top of the Holiday Inn Old Sydney (it's now a Rydges Hotel) between the clock tower and water tower. I too am looking forward to lunch in the dining room. It seems the secret is out here in San Francisco. I have never seen the dining room so busy on embarkation day as what it was when we boarded the Grand Princess for the infamous Hawaii cruise back in February.
  12. It was quite early, 5:30am and definitely well worth getting up for.
  13. Thank you. The pictures were taken from the roof top of the Holiday Inn Old Sydney.
  14. Thank you Ellie1145! I've loved reading your posts and I can only hope that one day I will be able to visit the places in my country of birth that you visited. I'm now looking forward to you boarding the beautiful Majestic Princess, here she is arriving in Sydney for the first time. On our last visit home to Perth from the US we tagged on the first cruise out of Sydney to Fiji. It was our first cruise on a royal class ship and we absolutely loved it.
  15. Our check for was received today, exactly 2 months after docking in Oakland.
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