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  1. We were also on the this cruise and we have received a refund for the rental car used to get from quarantine to home. We received the refund approximately 6-7 weeks from submitting the claim. I also just checked the roll call from the cruise and there is nothing mentioned there regarding refunds.
  2. What a great day at sea! To top it off we enjoyed a fantastic evening with family and friends doing an Ultimate Balcony Dinner for 6 on our aft balcony (Baja 739). We love the Ultimate Balcony Dinner and doing it early in the cruise means I get to enjoy the flowers for the whole cruise.
  3. Yay....you are finally on the beautiful Majestic Princess. I can see the roof top of the Holiday Inn Old Sydney (it's now a Rydges Hotel) between the clock tower and water tower. I too am looking forward to lunch in the dining room. It seems the secret is out here in San Francisco. I have never seen the dining room so busy on embarkation day as what it was when we boarded the Grand Princess for the infamous Hawaii cruise back in February.
  4. It was quite early, 5:30am and definitely well worth getting up for.
  5. Thank you. The pictures were taken from the roof top of the Holiday Inn Old Sydney.
  6. Thank you Ellie1145! I've loved reading your posts and I can only hope that one day I will be able to visit the places in my country of birth that you visited. I'm now looking forward to you boarding the beautiful Majestic Princess, here she is arriving in Sydney for the first time. On our last visit home to Perth from the US we tagged on the first cruise out of Sydney to Fiji. It was our first cruise on a royal class ship and we absolutely loved it.
  7. Our check for was received today, exactly 2 months after docking in Oakland.
  8. Canadians disembarked today in Port Everglades and are now back in Canada per a post on another site by a guest entertainer.
  9. We were on the infamous Grand cruise to Hawaii and have not yet received refundable OBC that is due as a result of taking a move-down offer. However, we have received a check for OBC that was pre-purchased via Paypal and also what was given by our TA. A friend that had also purchased OBC for us as a gift also received a refund to her credit card.
  10. Just before I read this I noticed that the only cruises available for Alaska were out of Seattle. The decision has been made for me, I'm not going to Alaska this year 😞 since there will be no sailings out of San Francisco.
  11. For those who are booked on Panama Canal Cruises in December this year and beginning of next year and have flights booked with EZ Air, you may want to check prices. I've had flights from SFO to FLL come up that cost $0.00.
  12. We just got off the Golden after a short 3 day cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco. Corey the CD hosted an awesome Couch Potato Trivia game which covered television shows over the decades. There were 5 questions for each decade, and for each decade he provided a different type of clue (picture, quote, theme song etc), at the end of each 5 question round you took your answers up for marking. In the last round, he gave 3 separate clues, if you were certain you got the right answer with the first clue you would take your answer up for 3 points, 2 points if you got the answer after 2 clues and 1 point after seeing all 3 clues. If you got the answer wrong you could not go up again. It was the first time I've seen a trivia game like it, and don't think that you could cheat unless of course you had seen/done it before with the exact same shows and clues.
  13. On a cruise earlier this year we along with our friends went to a trivia a couple of days in to the cruise, as luck would have it we actually won with a couple of good guesses. A few teams came over to us after the game to congratulate us on beating the team that had won all previous trivia games. The congratulations from fellow cruisers was a great prize!
  14. My husband was in the RAAF and we live in the US, he had no problem getting the military credit.
  15. They are on Fiesta Deck 6, starboard side and category S7. They are known to sell out quickly as there are only 7, with one be smaller than the other 6.
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