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  1. For those who are booked on Panama Canal Cruises in December this year and beginning of next year and have flights booked with EZ Air, you may want to check prices. I've had flights from SFO to FLL come up that cost $0.00.
  2. We just got off the Golden after a short 3 day cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco. Corey the CD hosted an awesome Couch Potato Trivia game which covered television shows over the decades. There were 5 questions for each decade, and for each decade he provided a different type of clue (picture, quote, theme song etc), at the end of each 5 question round you took your answers up for marking. In the last round, he gave 3 separate clues, if you were certain you got the right answer with the first clue you would take your answer up for 3 points, 2 points if you got the answer after 2 clues and 1 point after seeing all 3 clues. If you got the answer wrong you could not go up again. It was the first time I've seen a trivia game like it, and don't think that you could cheat unless of course you had seen/done it before with the exact same shows and clues.
  3. On a cruise earlier this year we along with our friends went to a trivia a couple of days in to the cruise, as luck would have it we actually won with a couple of good guesses. A few teams came over to us after the game to congratulate us on beating the team that had won all previous trivia games. The congratulations from fellow cruisers was a great prize!
  4. My husband was in the RAAF and we live in the US, he had no problem getting the military credit.
  5. They are on Fiesta Deck 6, starboard side and category S7. They are known to sell out quickly as there are only 7, with one be smaller than the other 6.
  6. Grand Princess is one of three ships in the fleet that have Window Suites that are great value if you want all the benefits of a suite without a balcony and at a price comparable or cheaper than a Club Class Mini-Suite.
  7. Here is a great review by a member who went in June this year.
  8. Thank you for a fantastic review. Like you we do not have a cruise in our Personalizer for next year, maybe I can get my husband on board to do this one. We love the scenic part of cruising, hence our 5th cruise to Alaska next month. Congratulations also to your son. My husband was RAAF for 10 years, unfortunately he didn't get to see much of Australia while serving as he was posted back to our home town for the majority of his 10 years.
  9. Bon Voyage!! Love the closeness and convenience of access to the aft of the ship from that cabin. Barrel chairs are in the cabin, we still had one in the cabin when we were on the Grand earlier this year.
  10. We had read about opening up the divider to the "dead space" but as we had plenty as it was we didn't bother asking.
  11. We were in Baja 739 for the first sailing of the Majestic out of Sydney. The balcony was partially covered and was big enough that we had a Ultimate Balcony Dinner for 6. I love Aft cabins and wouldn't hesitate to book this one again.
  12. Was on the CB in May, obstructed oceanview cabin with a barrel chair in the cabin when we boarded.
  13. I've had great phone and email service from my local office. Transferred an existing booking to them and they were able to add the perks to that booking. I also got a quote for another cruise, it does appear that I can book it direct with Princess a little cheaper which I will continue to do and then transfer before the 60 day deadline. As I would normally go with an obstructed ocean view on the cruise that was quoted, I was told that if booked during the 3-day event, paid gratuities, coupon book and obc would apply, just no premium beverage package.
  14. I transferred just before reaching the 60 day deadline, a direct booking for a NZ/Aus cruise in Feb 2021 to the TA offering the paid gratuities and beverage package and have received confirmation that the perks have been added with no additional increase in fare.
  15. I’m on the Caribbean Princess now and can can confirm the medallion is waterproof. My husband wore his while swimming at Princess Cays yesterday and I’ve been in a pool today, both medallions are unlocking our door without a problem.
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