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  1. $200 OBC pp for #1 & 2. $25 drink GC each for pax #3&4. That’s how it shows up on our booking. I rebooked and the rate for the #3&4 also dropped about $100 pp.
  2. Originally booked two cabins for six people in the N category - I know, super cheap! I called about the E4 promo and was totally shocked when even after bumping us up to L cat, I saved a total of $88, plus $800 OBC. I expected the $800 to only apply to suites. $200 pp., then a $25 gift card toward beverages for pass #3. Pinnacle Grill for pass #1 & #2 for each cabin. I wasn't planning to go with any upcharge dining, but I don't mind a few $25 bev GCs for sodas or coffee. We aren't drinkers, so I am happy to put the OBC towards gratuities, spa, or wifi. First time cruising w/HAL. Should I assume this is the best possible offer for us going forward? We sail July 2020 and I'm used to checking for price drops with other lines. The other surprise is that although the price for #1 & #2 pass went up about $75 (could have been moving to L cat) the 3rd pass price dropped $200.
  3. I just looked up Princess because now I'm curious. Looks like there's a 10-day on August 7 that is one way and would include most of the same stops and a 13-day on July 25 that is one way, but starts out in FL. << This explains why it isn't on my list! 🙂
  4. I just did a screen shot of my notes - sorry if the bold/underline make it confusing. All the HAL cruises are the same itinerary. There MAY be a Princess cruise also, but for some reason it didn't make my list. Most cruises ONLY include one Canada port. The HAL cruises include the most Canada ports. They are all one way. It won't get you as far north as Newfoundland. The ports will be Nova Scotia and not quite New Brunswick. There will be a few days in the St. Lawrence River. It's considered a 7-day. On another note, play around with the Rome2Rio site for ideas about including some of your wish list. I've put together some pretty cool trips with our family that way - consider a very quick plane trip or train ride. Even the bus system is great. We are a family of six and my husband now is totally sold on taking alternate transportation instead of driving for these adventures!
  5. I had to go through this process over the last few months, also. I have a list of the 16 cruises on this route (NE Canada/US) from end to beg of summer vacation! martincath has some very good suggestions on how to create your itinerary if you want to get creative.
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