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  1. I have purchased the deluxe drinks package for our sailing on Anthem from the UK. I've noticed that most of the cocktails are priced at $14. Are these included in the drinks package or will we have to pay the difference? On previous sailings most of the cocktails were within the per drink price limit. It seems that most aren't now.
  2. Does anyone have a link to the list of Eurofins testing sites? We live in Medway, Kent and are wondering where the nearest testing centre is. Thankyou.
  3. Thanks for the information. Yes it would be interesting to see how mobile reception works. I know there are quite a few vloggers going on this Thursday: Emma Cruises, Cruise with Ben and David and Cruise Monkeys are ones I'm aware of. I'll be watching their latest vlogs.
  4. I'm sorry if this question has already been answered! I've never cruised with MSC before. Usually my husband and I share an internet package, logging in and out of our devices to let the other use the internet. Is this possible with MSC? Or do you have to select a certain device and then only use that for the internet? I can't find out much information on the website.
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