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  1. I cancelled a cruise on Apr. 14, it was off the list in less than a week, but I'm still waiting for my deposit refund.
  2. I cancelled a cruise for 8/15/20 on 4/14/20 and I'm still waiting for my deposit refund.I 'm getting the run around from both RCCL and my big box agency each blaming the other. I think it's time to call the credit card company.
  3. I cancelled a cruise for 8/15/20 and within 2 weeks I got a full refund on our flights thur Choice Air and Delta.
  4. Good luck I did and got back a form notice that they will look into the matter and get back to me.It will more than likely 2023 when I hear from them, time to call credit card company.
  5. I'm looking for a refund on a cruise I cancelled back on 4/14/20, I got tired of calling and not getting answered so I e-mailed a request for refund. Anyone have any luck with e-mailing instead of calling?
  6. We've never had a problem bringing soda purchased in port back onto ship, maybe things have changed.
  7. We cancelled our cruise for 8/15/20 on 4/14/20 and were refunded our airfares with in 3 weeks but we are still waiting to get a refund from Royal for our deposit's. We cancelled the cruise not RC if that matters.
  8. I cancelled our 8/15 cruise on 4/9 and I got my airfare credited back to my credit card two days ago. The credit was from RC even though the flights were booked through Air 2 Sea through Delta. I'm still waiting for full credit from RC for cruise, hopefully it will come soon. The T/A charged me $50. per person for cancelling but that's not bad and I should get all my money back for the cruise
  9. I'm waiting for a refund on a cancelled cruise and also a refund on cancelled air flights. I used two different credit cards and am wondering if I will get a notice when credit is refunded. Kind of a pain to keep checking the websites of the cards to see when the credit is applied, am wondering if I will get an e-mail or something to let me know
  10. We just cancelled our 8/15 cruise, too much uncertainty. We are both over 70 and may never cruise again after 35 cruises.
  11. Many don't go to the Southern islands because of the extra cost of getting to San Juan to sail south so not nearly as many reviews.
  12. I called yesterday to cancel our flights and was told no problem that we had refundable tickets, I was then told it would take 1 -2 months for refund to my credit card. Something about that didn't set well with me, the agent can push a button and have all my info on his screen but can't push a button and get my refund started. We all know that all this is done electronicly so why such a long delay? This smells like an old tennis shoe!
  13. This Dr.s letter business just forced us to cancel our summer cruise this year, don't know if we will ever cruise again, hate to end after 35 cruises. I'm sure this is going to really hurt the Cruise lines cutting out this segment of cruisers.
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