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  1. This has been ongoing, just another way to replace money they have lost. I'm sure there will be cost's involved to go to this place. I wonder what the local merchant's think of this deal that seems to be taking money away from them?
  2. Slightly off topic but I think that RCL started building attractions on some of the islands before the virus hit. One might be on Antiqua and one on St. Lucia, can't recall which islands they started on. I think they want to have a place on the islands where they can send pax and make themselves more money. I'm sure things are on hold until we start cruising again.
  3. Its easy to find you just keep turning LEFT
  4. We've seated 10 at one table, email and reserve
  5. Keep an eye on those prices some times it goes over $100. very wild swings.
  6. I think that is cutting it very close, should be plenty of flights from MIA to ATL, I'd choose a later one.
  7. I heard that the waving of dirty napkins ended the Parades
  8. As the OP I forgot to mention those pesky camera people interupting dinner every night for pics
  9. We started cruising in the 1991 and recall when musicians roamed the dining room and played requests. It was a treat to be so entertained while dining, can't seem to recall when they stopped doing this.
  10. Most airlines want you at airport 2 hours before flight, even if you get off the ship at 6:00 AM that's pushing too close. MIA can also be a very slow airport to get through so I wouldn't try it.
  11. Is there an amount that you have to gamble to qualify for the cabin to keep offer?
  12. Also missing is the time you started on Cruise Critic, I always liked that info so I could see how long the person has cruised as related to opinions.
  13. I always say that the Real Caribbean is south of San Juan so I would say the southern route. We have done it many times and you won't be disappointed. You have plenty of time to research what to do,try the ports site, have a great cruise.
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