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  1. In case you haven't heard I think they have a new governor, should be more peaceful
  2. Some where I read that they have a sunken plane out there but only people on excursions can go in that area, is this correct?
  3. Any hotels offer free parking near the port with overnight stay? If so how does it work with shuttles to and from?
  4. I think you will find that RCCL and budget don't go together much. There will be very little except BBQ lunch that will not cost extra including water park and some of the food shacks. There is a reason that many of their cruises now stop for Perfect Day on their island, they make more revenue. Have a good cruise
  5. Have seen very few on Celebrity and a few more on RCCL, seems that not many people are into it.
  6. We did this post cruise tour many years ago and it was allright with a stop for lunch if I remember right. It did rain while we were touring the rain forest and the bus dropped us off at the airport. Back in the day when there were very few flights out of SJU before 4:00PM it was a good way to spend more time before flying home.
  7. Also the bigger ships can't get under the bridge so that leaves only the smaller ships.
  8. We started cruising in 1991 on Empress and we did the Song a couple years later. The thing I remember was the way the beds were setup at right angles to each other. Boy cruising sure was a lot of fun back then, seems like things have changed. J.
  9. We booked SMP in August 2020 and I think we paid quite a bit for a balcony on deck 10 but it 's a family cruise and they are paying over $1000. for inside cabins overlooking the marketplace. The fact that we are going to Cococay seems to raise the price because all the kids want to go to the island, great marketing by RCCL. I don't think they know about the extra pricing on the island. Well it's only money!
  10. We've been on about 35 cruises and couldn't name one CD, we don't need anyone to show us how to have a good time.
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