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  1. Fantasy class seems perfect for shorter day cruises. Couldn't imagine the logistics of shorter day cruises with the bigger ships, more food, more trash, more passengers embarking-debarking, but anything is possible.
  2. I dont have a problem showing up in the arrival window. The problem id have is if the majority of other cruisers didnt follow the arrival window and created a mess. In the past we have showed up between 1030 and 12 and never really had a problem or faced long lines. I presume for the most part things have been going ok since there hasnt been too many posts on this topic.
  3. Well that steakhouse brunch menu just looks amazing! hopefully they'll have in on other ships soon. wow!
  4. Thanks for sharing. love the paulaner hefewiezen myself. Looks like carnival has an updated beer menu. Coney island is good to,
  5. Looking forward to trying these on the Sunrise in a month. I favor belgian ales, pale ales, and stouts, maybe a porter. Hopefully blue moons are in the 16 oz cans.
  6. Sailing on the Sunshine. We stopped to potentially help a small watercraft. A group of three guys in between the coasts of Cuba and Hait fishing in a home made sailboat. the center mast looked like it was from a tree trunk and the sails were sewn together out of many pieces of canvas or fabric. They actually had some nice sized fish on board. We stopped for about an hour to see if they needed help. They appeared fine and we continued on to Aruba.
  7. Seafood Shack Chefs Table Pig n Arnchor BBQ Happy Hour at Redfrog Pub Cucino Del Capitano Bonsai Sushi
  8. We dont get to cruise much so when we go on one we like to experience new places. If we lived close to a port without a need for flight, we would most likely cruise shorter cruises from time to time just to get away and enjoy those "less glorious" itineraries and perhaps try a wider variety of ships/brands with last minute deals.
  9. Has to be the Spirit class! Best serenity, atrium, and two story dance clubs at sea!
  10. Sales have been red hot. Book early for sure. Our cruise in Nov has been sold out and not l I step for 6 weeks now. Just amazing.
  11. Yes! And they have some of the finer bourbons, scotchs, and cognac that the other bars dont.
  12. We are looking forward to sailing the Sunrise. After our Cuba cruise was cancelled, we changed itineraries but stayed on the Sunrise. We have steakhouse booked as well as chefs table. We've been on quite a few cruises so working our way around crowds isn't a big deal. I do think carnival dropped the ball by not updating the lido buffet like they did on the Sunshine but with all the food options we will certainly make due and still have a great time!
  13. Sunshine hands down. Smaller ship that packs a big ship punch with lots of food options and nicer decor. Serenity is really nice as well as Havana bar. Only downside is lido can be jambed as slides are on the stern. not much space back there.
  14. Thanks for the insightful responses! I guess I should go ahead and make other dining reservations as well.
  15. That's part of the fun of cruising is trying out different ships and finding out what you like to sail on!
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