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  1. Our thoughts as well. We have a cruise booked end of may this year but already planning a land trip for same time period as may cancellations look more inevitable day by day and the cruise lines continue to be rather vague in their actions and efforts to return to cruising.
  2. Even though we have a cruise booked we are planning a totally different vacation at the time of the cruise. Holding out hope still but even 2021 is looking iffy. We are flying in and we are either getting on a ship or getting a rental car. We will most likely cancel cruise last minute and do our road trip if these no roaming in port rules hold.
  3. Anyone know any updates on published plans by parent company carnival plc or the carnival cruise line for starting cruises again? Any time tables? When do test cruises start and for what ships?
  4. Amen to that brother but it seams like a total blanket approach is all that is being considered. Reason and rational not part of solutions these days.
  5. no longer rolling over cruises here. Tired of rebooking airfare and all that stuff too I only rebooked after a prior cancellation because i liked the 600 credit and i thought by now they would be on the water cruising. Not much fight from the cruise lines. just deluting their stock and taking on more debt. Now they are tryi8ng to cruise with 100% covid free cruises and it seems like a fools errand at this point with high reported cases and a vaccine that may or may not work and may not come to many for quite some time yet. very disappointing. The stats look very good for those under 70 battli
  6. Right on. Nope, not now not ever. When will the next "crisis" or "pandemic" hit and what will be the new terms for all of us to "go back to normal" or to get our "bailout" from forced business closures or to travel again? There is still plenty of other bacterial and virus infections one can still catch on a cruise.
  7. For sure. Same cruise booked here. Carnival said they have no other information but the cruises are not canceled but they are no longer listed for booking either. They could not say if itinierary would be downsized or anything else.
  8. At least carnival is letting people switch cruises at no additional cost. no free roam will be a factor for many including us. Like many, we are still passing forward paid off cruises pre covid. had we known things were going to get this bad we would have never booked. But not being able to free roam in port seems like another hastily contrived decision. Doesnt much of "free roaming" occur outside anyway? Considering its looking like we all have to get tested before boarding, temp check at boarding, and wears masks when not able to social distance. So we board the ship test proven
  9. Hello all, ' Interested in your thoughts regarding departing the ship from port of dover and getting to airport/thru customs. What kind of time should we expect and allow? Do many just go to airport day after departing cruise ship? It looks like departing the ship begins pretty early as itinerary has docking time at 5 am. thanks!
  10. We already had a cruise booked for 2021. We moved our cancelled cruise balance over to pay off plus received 600$ cruise credit on a chance our cruise for 2021 wont be cancelled. Given what we know now we would not have booked it as it will most likely get cancelled- -- too many different countries involved. . If we didn't have any cruises booked, we wouldn't be booking now that is for sure. We've considered taking a break from cruising for quite some time and get back to our long fishing trips we used to do. Hopefully we will know if our 2021 cruise is cancelled by years end.
  11. Thanks. I have to find those posts! I may call carnival tomorrow.
  12. When effected by Covid 19 cruise cancellations, Carnival is offering a 100% cruise credit plus $600 on board credit for a future cruise. What if you already have a second cruise booked for 2021? Can you forward the 100% cruise credit plus $600 stateroom credit from the recently canceled cruise to the already booked cruise? Sailing out of Vancouver late September 2020 but it seems much has to change (boarders reopening, no quarantines after arriving in a different country. etx.) before then.
  13. That's a bummer. Totally understand your frustration. At least carnival gave you a little more than just the taxes back on each port missed even thought it doesn't make up for the changes in product or service you paid and planned for. Mechanical vehicles fail from time to time unfortunately.
  14. Carnival ships seem to appear more rusty than in years past. Even when comparing pictures. Maybe a change in paint. Less staff, Not touching up as much. Who knows. Sea spray can't be good either.
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