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  1. We already had a cruise booked for 2021. We moved our cancelled cruise balance over to pay off plus received 600$ cruise credit on a chance our cruise for 2021 wont be cancelled. Given what we know now we would not have booked it as it will most likely get cancelled- -- too many different countries involved. . If we didn't have any cruises booked, we wouldn't be booking now that is for sure. We've considered taking a break from cruising for quite some time and get back to our long fishing trips we used to do. Hopefully we will know if our 2021 cruise is cancelled by years end.
  2. Thanks. I have to find those posts! I may call carnival tomorrow.
  3. When effected by Covid 19 cruise cancellations, Carnival is offering a 100% cruise credit plus $600 on board credit for a future cruise. What if you already have a second cruise booked for 2021? Can you forward the 100% cruise credit plus $600 stateroom credit from the recently canceled cruise to the already booked cruise? Sailing out of Vancouver late September 2020 but it seems much has to change (boarders reopening, no quarantines after arriving in a different country. etx.) before then.
  4. That's a bummer. Totally understand your frustration. At least carnival gave you a little more than just the taxes back on each port missed even thought it doesn't make up for the changes in product or service you paid and planned for. Mechanical vehicles fail from time to time unfortunately.
  5. Carnival ships seem to appear more rusty than in years past. Even when comparing pictures. Maybe a change in paint. Less staff, Not touching up as much. Who knows. Sea spray can't be good either.
  6. I once actually removed the door to make access easier and cooling more efficient, but that ticked off the room steward. Whoops!
  7. it works great unless keg is empty. then it a different story. its ona timer as well so be careful how you pour beer into glass.
  8. looks like a quiet spot besides the crew stariwell which probably aint used much. . should be high enough to not feel any vibe from cavitation from the props like on deck 2.
  9. Fantasy class seems perfect for shorter day cruises. Couldn't imagine the logistics of shorter day cruises with the bigger ships, more food, more trash, more passengers embarking-debarking, but anything is possible.
  10. I dont have a problem showing up in the arrival window. The problem id have is if the majority of other cruisers didnt follow the arrival window and created a mess. In the past we have showed up between 1030 and 12 and never really had a problem or faced long lines. I presume for the most part things have been going ok since there hasnt been too many posts on this topic.
  11. Well that steakhouse brunch menu just looks amazing! hopefully they'll have in on other ships soon. wow!
  12. Thanks for sharing. love the paulaner hefewiezen myself. Looks like carnival has an updated beer menu. Coney island is good to,
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