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  1. https://www.luggageloungemiami.com/destinations locsl luggage storage Miami Beach. Daily rates.
  2. We cruised in mid-March, no spring breakers on MSC. The other ships in port were loaded with them. Fun to watch the drunks. One even was trying to board our ship and security kept telling him he was on the wrong ship! so evidently MSC is as of March 2019 “undiscovered”.
  3. Royal suite on seaside is at least twice the size of regular YC. Separate bedroom, huge bathroom, more storage than you can ever use ... incredible balcony with dining for six, hot tub, loungers etc. ive always had great service though in YC regardless of room category. And no we did not pay anywhere near $14,000. Probably less than half that.
  4. Mojito with club soda, no simple syrup. Add sweetener yourself.
  5. We are obviously not target market but we love to cruise and have never had a bad one (MSC, HAL, NCL, Carnival, Cunard, Princess ... and to date myself, two voyages on S.S. France!). Slightly worried that since we are so clearly out of the intended or target demographics will not be treated well/looked down upon. Would rather read my Kindle on deck then go to a drag lunch, but am not offended in any way by a drag event or other lifestyles. Our view is to each his own. Thoughts?
  6. Gee, you left out “no butter”
  7. I wonder what that means? A daily replenish of several types of liquor and mini fridge like MSC Yacht Club? Or more like NCL Owners Suite which has a one time stock of several bottles of liquor as specified by the guest? anyone know?
  8. We heard from several butlers on our recent YC trip that MSC is considering making its YC butlers all ‘general assignment’, so that you don’t get one personally assigned to your cabin. That at would be a huge disappointment. Right now MSC YC is the best of both worlds - all cabins have a dedicated butler, but butlers also have general duties. This is so much better than NCL where butlers are totally dedicated to their assigned cabins. And yet having an assigned Butler is one of the things that makes the YC special - they take special care of you! And yet because they also perform general duties (eg service on the one deck) you always have butler support at a moments notice. I hope MSC keeps this “best of both worlds” model!
  9. And we’ll hit Marmalade one day as well! 😊
  10. Most of the restaurants in old town are fully booked, so consider getting reservations online (opentable.com) a month or so ahead of time. TripAdvisor is obviously a great resource for that. We walked around old town and then had dinner at a great restaurant at 8 pm. Then wandered around some more before heading back. We went to Marmalade. As JAGR notes (Hi John!) it is fabulous. But it books up almost immediately when open table makes it available. Start checking about 40 days ahead of time, or you could also try calling.
  11. One of the lines - I think celebrity or princess - runs a sales spiel the whole time which is super annoying. Chipper voices trying to sell spa services etc.
  12. Probably why that space seems under-utilized ...
  13. There is an adult pool area but IIRC the deck associated with it is open to all. But few kids as they really enforce the adult pool rules. Thee is a lifeguard on duty and we saw him prevent several teens from entering as well as a father who was insistent in having his toddler swim. Unfortunately no jogging track. Get up early and deck 8 is quite acceptable for a jog. There is is a wide variety of food in the buffet on 8. IMO all the bad “press” from 2018 has been corrected or was wrong to begin with. Super friendly staff, no language barrier for English, good food and hot when supposed to be, no sewer smells, elevators run well, all guests have a dining room assignment, yes there is butter!, seating re-arranged to provide better shade options on YC...
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