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  1. Agree with previous poster. We’ve stayed in one of these. Worth an extra $200-300 IMO.
  2. I don’t expect sympathy ... just the facts. ports are routinely missed: need to sail with that expectation.
  3. Yes umbrellas included (no charge) YC area.
  4. Shorter cruises "may" be harder on a ship (certainly on the crew), but I believe they sail at higher capacity and higher prices per day = more profitable, regardless of any potential wear and tear.
  5. Well, if you mean Jamaica denying landing (despite no illness), resulting in a port swap which almost all would consider a plus, and the bad weather missing the private island- well, yes, beyond control. And like you, I am on Divina right now. It is rocking me rolling still but we made the best of a sea day. Very disappointed to have missed ocean cay.
  6. On the same cruise and loving it. MSC scrambled to add Cozumel as a replacement for Ocho Rios - Adding Cozumel meant a shorter time in Cayman Island due to length of travel time. Blame Jamaica not MSC. And weather solely responsible for missing Ocean Cay. So enjoy the lovely sea day - make the most rather than the worst of it! this is a common “hazard” of cruising. If you can’t roll with it, probably not the right vacation for you.
  7. So what is the rationale in accepting thousands of international passengers off airplanes to go to land based resorts but not off cruise ships?
  8. Had a lovely meal at La Choza thanks to the recommendations here. Chicken Poblano sublime. DH got the chicken fajitas and they were in fact best ever, and I order them a lot! I would t view it as strictly local as clearly caters to visitors, but locally owned and delightful. next time I’d love to try one that caters to locals more than visitors - recommendations?
  9. as someone enjoying a wonderful cruise right now on Divina - no evidence of any illness on board - I agree!
  10. I don’t think there is any way to assess risk - unchartered territory. I’d probably go though.
  11. The communication received from the Captain of Divina made it clear Jamaica was denying entry.
  12. As others have noted, no RS perks on Divina. The pool deck cabana on Seaside for the RS is a nice perk, but you only get the extra “goodies” one day and honestly there is so much food and great service in YC “steerage” (!!) it is nice but not awesome. But the RS on Seaside is awesome as a treat - two rooms etc. I’d love to try the RS on Divina once if the price was right.
  13. You lost me at “government = intelligent”
  14. All common carriers? Planes, trains, ships need to stop? Metros and buses as well? Seriously?
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