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  1. We’ve always gotten towel animals on MSC...
  2. The aft Haven balconies are amazing. Just do the research because some are huge, others not so much (varies by deck). There are a number of posts on NCL board. But it is quite a walk, so factor that in! overall, though, the Haven experience to me is nothing like the far superior YC experience, both as to the butler service (where all Butlers pitch in on YC v having to depend on one in Haven) and the vastly superior physical space and amenities on MSC.
  3. That is true generally but YC is more than an ‘experience’; it is a self contained location where cards are not presented. Other than dining, it would be difficult and awkward to isolate pax by experience which is why they generally seem not to - though there has been at least one report where they did deny.
  4. No noise from the restaurant. About 10-15 minutes noise from deck above around 7 a.m. not very loud; we slept through several days but we are normally up at 6 so not bothersome. Most people seem to agree that the noise from above in deck 18 cabins is there but brief and acceptable.
  5. We’ve stayed in 18001. It is a normal YC cabin. No pluses or minuses. Please, please report back what happens!!
  6. There are probably hundreds of people on any given cruise celebrating a ‘special’ event, so I would not get your hopes up for anything beyond cake (that you order and pay for).
  7. Agree Ssmea. Customs would have dictated the time frame to debark and POM whether/when ship had to leave. The biggest fault with MSC is that the letter was definitive as to those who stayed. Should have said those who elect to stay will likely head out to sea until x/date, although subject to change depending on storm trajectory and decisions of POM and US Customs authorities.
  8. We also sailed with him on Seaside. Such a kind, approachable gentleman. He was always out and about, talking to passengers and crew. Congratulations and and well earned!
  9. OP did not choose to sail solo. Her friend withdrew. Her friend bears 100% of the cost of that decision. Her friend is not enriching OP in any way, shape or form.
  10. I had no idea that is how those shells got there! Thought it was some weird current thing. Still was cool to find it.
  11. Since OP may end up as an involuntary solo cruiser, I don’t see any reason why (s)he should pay over a cent! I think I can be generous to a fault, but in those shoes I would not feel any moral or other obligation to do so. If if the other traveler had cared to, (s)he could have protected herself with insurance. Ridiculous to suggest that OP effectively offer to be her (unpaid for) insurer.
  12. I think the best suggestion was the one to get to the port around 10:30 (most departing traffic will have cleared), drop off your luggage at curbside with the porters waiting to take them (keeping any valuables/meds in a day backpack: tip $1 bag is prudent!!), but do not check in. Grab a cab and go to the Art Deco historic district. Print out a walking tour and some restaurant reviews. Have a leisurely 3 or 4 hours in what is the most interesting part of Miami (and it includes an ocean beach). Head back no later than 4, avoiding rush hour traffic. Then proceed to easily check-in.
  13. Have a great trip 🚢 Also, to be clear, you can get there before 10:30, but that seems to be about the sweet spot. Very comfortable terminal for the early birds to wait in.
  14. You can get there around 10:30. They do not pay attention to assigned boarding times. If the ship clears promptly you could be on board by 11.
  15. I don’t think it was meant to be snarky, just noting that that one is so port intensive there really isn’t enough time to enjoy the ship (my take, anyways).
  16. Cagney used to be wonderful, and had a much smaller up charge ... ten years or more ago. And they used used to serve prime grade beef. No longer. A steakhouse that doesn’t serve prime = pnderosa chain.
  17. Carnival won’t know or care. Most ships have ‘“secret decks”, often accessed from passenger cabin decks in the front. Do your reasearch, tell your guests time/place/how to get there and go for it!
  18. We’ve done that. The balconies in aft Haven are huge! We found sub-par butler service though as so remote. We were just looking for ordinary things like ice and couldn’t get it. Room service would t deliver (“that is your Butler’s job”). We ended up taking our bucket to various bars and begging for ice.
  19. No. Not at all. Don’t book it. 😛
  20. OP~ if it is quiet, peaceful luxury you seek, go YC. There are so many open spaces in YC where you can be private you won’t miss balcony.
  21. Seriously? Virtually every CC question can be answered by a google search, but you don’t get the same sense of community and the give and take. If you don’t like a question, don’t open the thread.
  22. Good lord, CC would cease to exist under that circumstance! and as the OP, I did do a search on CC before posting. This actually was not the subject of any robust thread that I could find, though I did not exhaust myself. It is also a situation that can change on a dime. Disney for example used to let pax bring on spirits. I’m sure there are many threads to that effect. But it is no longer allowed.
  23. Title pretty much says it all. At embarkation? Ports of call? TIA.
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