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  1. I think they got rid of the "stores" and now sell products within the new redesigned limited computer lounge spaces. I'm just off Edge and used extra OBC to get an iPad Pro there (located next to Al Baccio). They had laptops, speakers, accessories and older iPad models as well on sale. Selections, however were limited as to color, choice and memory. And just because it is "on display" doesn't mean there's one for sale I found out. 😞
  2. I took a detailed tour of one onboard Edge in anticipation of actually occupying one on Apex....Your recap is a great description. Small balcony, no whirlpool on veranda, balcony only accessible from bedroom. But access to retreat, and proximity to Luminae and the retreat deck were also noted. The tub in the bathroom is only a tub, no whirlpool. I think it boils down only to avoiding the connector to the Iconic Suite and how close do you want to be to Luminae.
  3. I hope to see this be true. I've read this is the case with the the Always Included and Indulge Fares (fares that come with perks) when reading the details on the website - they carefully used this language when describing the perks. But I know in one of my recent mailings, they restricted perks on the "simply sail" fares that come with no perks to classic drinks and surf wifi. I'll know for sure in November when I sail on a simply sail fare. They even pull some perks on suites with simply sail fares.
  4. I just made Zenith after last cruise points posted. My first actual Zenith cruise is coming up. The way benefits are listed now, Michaels/Retreat access is gone, not "on hold" even though a lot of places mentions "capacity controI" I don't see that perk coming back TBH. I talked to retreat concierge a lot about this on my last round of cruises last month. If I book the lower no perks "Simply Sail" fares, I get only the surf wifi and classic drinks package - no longer the upgraded "Stream" and "premium" versions, which I can pay to upgrade to. There are a lot of other odd things that have changed too. But those are the seemingly random money grabs i have noticed that were most important to me. So this leads me to believe yes things are eroding. This now at least gives a chance to go to other lines and ask for reciprocal "top-tier" status ....
  5. My experience is spirits, no. Wine - limited bottles. Wine, they have limited supply of the standard stuff in their pantries they can pretty much give out as needed and probably drop a bottle of wine for you from that with no problem. The "pre board" bottles that are in cabin on arrival options. You could also buy a bottle from any restaurant and take back to the cabin to use over a few days. And they now seem to be referred to as "retreat Hosts" not butlers. Just spent 4 weeks on Edge in a sky suite.
  6. I'm on Edge starting next week, and got emails the last 2 days that all PAX now need to be tested pre-cruise and vaccinated, exception being kids.
  7. What was the B2B process? I board the 7th for 3 weeks, luckily got the same sky suite for all 3 sailings, so no need to pack. 🙂
  8. We really liked the large veranda. It just made the room feel larger even though it was not an "infinite veranda" type wall. The forward facing window (did you say aft? I swore forward, but either works) (that does not open) was quite nice as well, made it feel like a penthouse aft corner - almost LOL. But it was nice to stare ahead with no wind while at sail. No sun but I'm not a "sunner". you could hear the thing creaking and grinding when it moved, but it was so rare and during the day for such a short time, it wasn't bothersome, and was also something unique to occupy 30 minutes of the day! I do wish the bed faced the windows was my only disappointment.
  9. I guess to a point. No discounted or free Internet on RCL, no diamond lounges on Celebrity, Cabnin mates allowed to participate in CC events on Celebrity, only C&A eligible members can participate in events and Diamond club.
  10. 2 different companies, policies and rules. Just like Captain's Club and C&A are separate and have different tiers and perks but cant collect the same points.
  11. I was just about to ask this, glad to move it up the thread. 6402 6403 6404 6405 Still no reports in the S Class spreadsheet, nor do they appear on the X website maps (though the cabin numbers show in list view), I found them on that other website we all like to check out from time to time. I''m looking at a long string of B2B's Jan-June Antarctica to Iceland when I stumbled on them.
  12. Thought I'd update this thread. My TA just confirmed the discount scheme: BACK TO BACK DISCOUNTS 1-6 nights $ 0 per booking 7-9 nights $ 50 10+ nights $100 While I'm at it, here's Shareholder Credit scheme: 1-5 nights $ 50 per booking 6-13 nights $100 14+ nights $250 BACK
  13. I have 6 cancellations I'm chasing up. 1 is a charter. As of today: Mar 14 Sailing: (CXL Mar 13) received FCC a week ago, taxes & MoveUp refunded yesterday. Also had taxes refund in April. So I'm ahead on this one Mar 21 Sailing: (CXL Mar 13) Charter - Charter Company got word from Celebrity how to handle on Mar 27. Awaiting refunds from Charter Company. Mar 28 Sailing: (CXL Mar 13) Received FCC a week ago, no taxes yet Apr 12 Sailing: (CXL Mar 24 ) Received FCC 5/2 (it is for $63 more than expected oddly), no taxes yet Apr 20 Sailing: (CXL Mar 24 ) Nothing May 3 Sailing: (CXL Mar 24 ) Nothing
  14. Ok, so the only additional "profit" would come thru on the on the overage paid in new money if I get this, which seems fair. I'm looking at a string of B2B's on Sillie January 2021 - June from South America to Med, Europe and Iceland, no duplicate itineraries, and very few duplicate ports along the way.
  15. So I have a bunch of FCC's, at 125% of the fares from a string of cancellations this spring. I feel like I hit the jackpot, stock market crashed, but I made 25% that day on my "Cruise Investment Account" LOL. I have been looking at the Summit East Coast sailings June/July with Charleston and Boston on the call list. If I use these FCC's on them and they cancel, will I get new 125% FCCs based on the new fare I booked? With Carnival canceling till August, I'm thinking of doubling down.....
  16. Why do some ships just run circles, rather than anchor and sit still? Seems sitting still would save fuel?
  17. FCC should be only on the cruise fare. Taxes and tips should refund.
  18. ships sitting empty for 2 months. The virus will be dead in 2 weeks sitting on surfaces. self-sanitized.
  19. I hear you can see Russia from Wassila Alaska, maybe go to Russia.
  20. They also pulled Costa. I just got this from Interliner about an hour ago. AMA Waterways, Suspended Europe river cruises thru April 25, 2020 Avalon River Cruises and Globus Tours, Suspended operations thru April 30, 2020 Celestyal Cruises, Suspended operations thru May 1, 2020 Disney Cruise Line, Suspended all operations thru March 30, 2020 Walt Disney World and Disneyland closed thru end March, 2020 Gate1Travel, suspended all operations thru April 30, 2020 MSC Cruises, various worldwide cancellations and itinerary changes. Oceania, various cancels in French Polynesia and Europe itinerary changes Paul Gauguin Cruises, Suspended all operations thru April 11, 2020 Princess Cruises Suspended all operations through May 11, 2020 Uniworld River Cruises, Suspended Europe river cruises thru April 23, 2020 Viking River and Viking Ocean Cruises, Suspended operations thru April 30, 2020 Windstar Cruises, Suspended all operations thru April 30, 2020 Costa Cruises, Suspended all operations thru April 3, 2020
  21. I briefed the T&C's of the offer when it came out, hoping to cancel and rebook for lower fares on upcoming cruise, but it said they would not be issued until I believe 10 days after cancellation.
  22. Anyone know how to find the March 7 Summit Roll call. I can only seem to find current and forward.
  23. LOL, I'm actually on for 3 weeks, getting off April 4. Also doing the Atlantis Charter in the middle.
  24. Definitely need to know about it so one has a clear vision, but its be factual and not run with rhetoric and assumptions. Has Health Canada traced it to its source yet? It's as important people realize it can come from other places, not just a cruise ship. watch customs lines, watch airplanes, watch taxi cabs watch handling cash.
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