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  1. I would agree on AFT. The large balconies are very far forward and offer little privacy
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I am going to hold off final payment on both until the last day.
  3. Then it may work. My final payment for the 2nd cruise is due end of October. Thank you.
  4. The problem is I booked the February 2021 cruise a year ago. The price has gone up over $2,000 so I do not want a new booking if the November cruise is cancelled. I am thinking at this point to cancel my current booking for November and book last minute.
  5. Sorry I am not explaining this correctly if I make full payment on my November cruise in July and they cancel the cruise can my payment be transferred to the cruise I have booked for February?
  6. What I mean is we have GEM 10 day 11/20/20 out of New York booked. If that doesn't sail we have had an 11 day GEM booked over a year ago for 2/2021. If we pay in full in July and the November cruise is cancelled would NCL apply the credit to the February cruise?
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