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  1. Can anyone tell me if we do an online check in before boarding to register our credit card etc for our cruise as we do for RCI? Also are we given a sea pass card to use on board? As u can probably tell this is my first cruise with Marcella. Lol
  2. Do u register and check in online for a Marella cruise as we do on RCI?
  3. Crannicky

    Vietnam visa

    Hi, we are from Scotland and going with Celebrity in a few weeks on an Asian cruise. My TA said as we are from the UK and not staying over 15 days in Vietnam we will not require a visa for there. Just looking to check how anyone from UK had got on re visa when they cruised there. Thanks. Anne
  4. Going on cruise with Celebrity next year to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Just wondered if anyone has ever done an excursion to the Bridge on the River Kwai with a company that would pick up from the port and bring back.
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