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  1. If you go in through “the ships’, click on Serenity or Symphony. A caption shows the ship’s location & a link to live views. I went in this way; & created bookmarks for both ships.
  2. I more than got my money’s worth out of that cappuccino machine in the studio lounge.
  3. I LOVE seeing a major refit from this perspective. It boggles the mind to imagine the planning & precise coordination of moving these modular units as if they were LEGO blocks. The time frame given for such Such a project is probably calculated down to the minute. One tiny delay means an unstoppable domino effect. Whoever’s in charge probably has nerves of steel; gets little sleep & runs on caffeine.
  4. I believe this happened about 6 wks ago? It was mentioned in another thread. But I don’t think anyone has posted an update as of yet.
  5. Patty, the Monday 8/13 Reflections shows a singles get together in Palm Court from 8-8:45. It’s on page 6 under Palm Court evening choices.
  6. IMO connectivity is better than it used to be. Although we did have a few brief periods when we were offline due to “satellite maintenance” at the beginning of the eastbound canal cruise that ended yesterday. And once in a while you might lose the signal for a few mins; not enough to disrupt serious productivity. The WiFi repeater boxes (at least that’s what I thought those square white plastic looking boxes that are attached to the ceiling) are numerous & well spaced all over the ship.
  7. I just left this cabin yesterday morning. The ‘roof’ of lifeboat 10 is several feet below the balcony level. You will not be able to look directly down to the water below the railing; but it does not affect your view along the horizon at all. There is a visible but non obtrusive horizontal wire cable above the boat strung from both ends of the davit. I have photos I wish I could share; but I’m unable to edit them down to a size acceptable to CC. One positive note, #10 is the LB assigned for that cabin. In the direst of emergencies, you could literally climb over the railing & jump down on its bow. (Not recommended, of course.) While getting off the aft elevator, turn left & you’re staring right at your cabin door. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. You will hear the elevator ‘ding’.
  8. Leaving the “Crystal bubble” is an especially rude awakening. Having spent 85% of my Crystal days onboard Serenity, I had always felt more at home there. Given this chance to settle in on Symphony, I have developed a whole new respect for her. Now that so many of the familiar staff/crew faces are on the move & the dynamics have changed a bit, it’s still Crystal at heart. I hope & pray they never lose it. Til we meet again.......
  9. Nice seeing our departure from that perspective. Thanks for sharing.
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