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  1. One of our favourite buffets for White Night featured salt-baked turbot....absolutely delicious!
  2. Hi Thank you. We were looking at the 5th November TA and the prices appear to be just the same as yesterday but I will keep checking.
  3. Many thanks for all the replies. The new promotion has more OBC but free gratuities have been removed from all sailings except those departing from Southampton. There are free flights to Europe for some cruises. We probably should have booked yesterday but hadn't sorted the flights.
  4. Hi We are considering an X cruise in November this year. The last day to book for the current promotion is today. Does anyone have experience of one promotion finishing and another starting? Should we really book tonight or wait and see? Any advice would be most grateful though we realise what has happened before may not happen again. Many thanks, in advance.
  5. In our opinion any cruise with Ed on board is a better cruise. We just wish that Azamara would book him again.
  6. We have never had to share a specialty restaurant table on Azamara. If we are flexible with our timings we can always get a table for two. We did ( once, and only once on Oceania) share a table and it really wasn't a success.
  7. And ours also, especially, if you are dining with those that you do not know. First of all you have to wait for the table to fill, then for everyone to introduce themselves, then for each person to look at the menu and decide on their choices.....
  8. We only have two X cruises "under our belts" - One was on the Silhouette including Israel and also a Med cruise on the Eclipse. We so enjoyed both of them mostly for the ports, the entertainment, the staterooms and the crew. We are undecided for the future. Most of our cruises have been on Azamara and we really appreciated the larger staterooms and bigger bathrooms on X and, of course, the wider variety of entertainment. We would love to know how the staterooms, entertainment and food compare on the Constellation category of ships vs Silhouette and Eclipse. Many thanks, in advance.
  9. Oh dear! We, too, hope that Bob and Garry's luggage eventually arrives. We last met them when we shared an excursion in Goa a few years ago
  10. Hi, I asked my DH about this today and expressed concern about the cost of replacing the logos. But he assured me that they were only "stick-on" and could easily be replaced at very little cost.
  11. We were also on the Rio to Lisbon cruise and were very disappointed with the entertainment. One night it was a film/movie shown in the Cabaret which wasn't really our idea of entertainment. The production shows were fine and the guest entertainers a bit " hit and miss". I was told, by a member of the Cruise Director's staff, that guests on Azamara do not cruise for the entertainment but cruise for the ports. I replied that on a TA the ports are few and far between and was informed "well, you should have known that when you booked"! We also really missed the Sunset bar and, for that reason, I am not sure that I would book a future cruise on the Pursuit (but, obviously, "never say never").
  12. Perhaps AJCM means that if your boarding time is later then you would have less chance of getting the reservation time/date of your choice?
  13. I have been watching (as we applied for the LCV upgrade about 18 months ago as soon as we booked) and until about a week or so ago there were still almost all the insides, numerous OVs and some verandas available. Yesterday there were no insides, just a few OVs and no higher stateroom categories. With a week to go the Azamara website prices have certainly not decreased recently and, I would imagine, airfare prices at such short notice would be incredibly high. So I think that the only explanation is that the remaining cabins have been sold at low, low prices to consolidators and, consequently, loyal Azamara cruisers have been abandoned .
  14. Yes, I have noticed that in the last few days all the inside cabins and most of the OVs have "disappeared" for this cruise. I am in shock about this "exciting" programme which seems to disregard loyalty in favour of revenue. I fear that our next Azamara cruise may well be our last.
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