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  1. Many thanks everyone. That is exactly what I believed, but the question was raised on our Roll Call and having said I did not believe that gratuities are added to the $15, I thought it would be prudent to check with folks who had done it recently to make sure that I was not giving incorrect information. Kindest regards to you all.
  2. Can someone who has ACTUALLY PAID THE $15 corkage charge at check in please confirm whether or not the charge does not attract an additional service charge. Please don’t offer speculation, I am an experienced Princess client (who normally fly cruises and therefore doesn’t normally have the opportunity to take his own wine). I am aware that the figure of $15 is printed on in the pre-cruise boarding documentation without any mention of any additional gratuities and therefore don’t expect any charge, BUT the question has come up on our Roll Call and we would like to hear a DEFINITIVE answer from someone who has BEEN THERE AND ACTUALLY DONE IT.
  3. No, not using the hoho tickets which include admission, simply see it as an easy, albeit slow, way to get to see the sights - all for less than the cruise ship charges for a night time non-hoho tour, which is included in our hoho ticket so mentally, for us, it is a night tour with two days free hoho thrown in (rather than the other way round) Accept it will be slow but this is not something that will worry us when we are sightseeing and, if I need to get somewhere quickly, I will simply take the subway as you suggest. Seems to me that, thanks to the various replies I now have a win-win situation. Night tour for less than the ship charges, thereby creating my break even point (though I could just purchase a night tour and save a few dollars). Ability to use the hoho whenever I want during our two day stay AND Ability to make use of the excellent advice on here about getting around efficiently when getting from A to B is the objective. Many thanks everyone CM
  4. Thank you everyone for your very informative replies. Although I have visited NY on business (literally one night whilst passing through), and am familiar with the subway, we have never been as tourists. Ship is selling a night tour for $69 and our two day three route hoho costs $59 including a night tour and so I have decided to get a hoho ticket (for sight seeing value) but use the subway, or walk, as appropriate. As many of you have indicated no chance of Crown (fully booked to end of November) or Pedestal (just a couple of days in October then plenty of availability in November). As NY is our first port of call in US, rather expecting some delays getting off the ship and so have booked an 11h00 ferry. Again many thanks everyone. CM
  5. Thanks guys, You gave me good pointers to the way ahead. Decision almost made. Do my own thing and get a two day hoho ticket, with night city tour, and a ferry ticket from Battery Pier. Only question now is do I use the subway to save time when going to Battery Pier, but that can wait until the day. CM
  6. Yup I understand that and normally do our own thing, but this time the contrast was so vast that I just wondered if I am missing something.
  7. We are visiting New York, berthing in Manhattan for two days on Princess. My first thoughts were to look at doing a 6 hour ship’s tour on day one to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty followed by an evening night coach tour of four hours. Then use the Hoho on day two. Cost of tours $129.99 to Ellis / Liberty plus $69.99 for night BUT Looking at Gray’s HoHo, I can get a two day Hoho ticket Downtown (thereby stopping at Battery ferry terminal for Ellis / Liberty), Uptown and Brooklyn routes for $59.00 which includes a non-Hoho night tour. My question is that it seems that I can do everything I want for $59 plus the cost of the Liberty ferry / Ellis / Liberty admission. I know I will need to walk to the Gray line terminal which I think isa couple of blocks from Manhattan cruise terminal which I don’t see as a problem. Even given the need to walk to the Gray line stop, the difference seems ridiculous, so my question is: Am I missing something? I can get a ticket which includes entry to three attractions, including Ellis / Liberty but doesn’t say if that includes ferry for $144.00 but I’ll think about that option after I have worked out if I am missing something by not taking the ship’s tour. Thanks in advance CM
  8. Irrespective of your personal tastes, taking your own onboard AND WILLINGLY paying the $15 corkage charge makes excellent sense. We are off for 24 days soon and I did this direct comparison with the onboard Wine List (well the most recent I have seen) FIGURES IN BRACKETS INCLUDE 18% Gratuity. Champagne Nicholas Feuillatte $69 ($81.42) I can buy EXACTLY the very same champagne for €25.90 in my local supermarket in France. =$28.76 plus corkage $15 =$43.76 saving $37.66 per bottle. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label $89 ($105.02) I can buy EXACTLY the very same champagne for €34.99 in my local supermarket in France. =$38.84 plus corkage $15 =$53.84 saving $51.18 per bottle. French White Wine Pouilly Fume 2017 $46 ($54.28) I can buy the same 2017 vintage Pouilly Fume for €11.95 from my local supermarket in France and EXACTLY the same Pascal Jolivet Pouilly Fume 2107 for €19.00 from my local wine merchant. =$21.09 plus corkage $15 =$36.09 saving $18.17 per bottle. I can also get Pascal Jolivet 2018 Sancerre for the same price, though there is no Sancerre showing on the Sapphire Princess wine list I have. Macon-Lugny 2016 $38 ($44.84) I can buy the same Les Charmes 2016 vintage, on special offer, for €6.71 in my local supermarket in France and EXACTLY the same Albert Bichot Les Charmes 2016 for €15.27 from my local wine merchant. =$16.94 plus corkage $15 =$31.94 saving $12.90 per bottle. Pouilly Fuissé 2016 $42 ($49.56) I can buy the same 2016 vintage Pouilly Fuisse for €15.50 in my local supermarket in France and EXACTLY the same Labouré-Roi 2016 for €19.00 from my local wine merchant. =$21.09 plus corkage $15 =$36.09 saving $13.45 per bottle. Chablis 2017 $40 ($47.20) I can buy the same 2017 vintage for €12.50 in my local supermarket in France and EXACTLY the same Chablisienne Pierrelee 2017 for €16.00 from my local wine merchant. =$17.75 plus corkage $15 =$32.75 saving $14.45 per bottle. Mersault 2016 $67 ($79.06) I can buy the same 2016 vintage for €26.95 in my local supermarket in France and EXACTLY the same Bouchard Mersault Les Clous 2016 for €40.40 from my local wine merchant. =$44.82 plus corkage $15 =$59.82 saving $19.24 per bottle. French Red Pinot Noir Burgandy Côtes de Nuits 2016 $40 ($47.20) I struggled to find any 2016 vintage Hautes Côtes de Nuits in my local supermarket in France, but I could get a 2017 Bouchard Hautes Còtes de Nuits for €9.95 and I can get EXACTLY the same Bouchard Hautes Cōtes de Nuits 2016 for €15.80 from my local wine merchant. =$17.53 plus corkage $15 =$32.53 saving $14.67 per bottle. I could go on but this is probably getting a bit boring. Suffice to say we will be taking onboard 4 bottles of Champagne, 6 bottles of white wine and 4 bottles of red wine which (forgetting the savings on the two bottles of champagne which will not attract a corkage charge) even after paying out $180 in corkage charges, and allowing for the discounts available on SILVER a silver wine package, I will still save almost $200 by taking my own wine on board.
  9. Don’t understand this answer at all. You are allowed to take on one bottle each without paying corkage. Anything above that you have to pay corkage irrespective of where you drink it. And you pay it on boarding. Tou can try to cheat but if you are successful you must drink it in your stateroom as will get caught if you try to take it to the MDR. Not sure what they do now, but what they used to do was to stamp the label to show that corkage has been paid. Not sure what the bit about the waiter requiring him to sign something was but suspect it was only being done because there was a need to check that corkage had been paid.
  10. All sorted. I googled storage and up came Bagbnb.com with a place near to the Red Funnel terminal and midway between Mayflower Park (location of Boat Show) and Ocean Terminal. Doesn't open until 10h00 but that is fine as show doesn’t open until 10h00 and our taxi is dropping us off at 09h30 at Ocean Terminal. Establishment is a cafe/pub. Price is £5 per bag per day and, although we only want four hours, it seemed a good deal for us. All booked and paid for online and I have an named contact’s email address and mobile number.
  11. We are experienced (Elite) UK based Princess cruisers, who are about to take our first Princess cruise out of Southampton. Having done the arithmetic, and not having any weight restrictions, we have decided to pay our $150 and board with 12 bottles (two don’t attract corkage) of wine and champagne. That’s the simple bit. Now for the question. What are the arrangements for paying corkage at Southampton and do you need to take the excess through in your hand baggage? Also do they mark the bottles as ‘corkage paid’ so that you don’t have any problems later? We leave on the opening day of the Southampton boat show and the game plan is to drop off our bags at the terminal around 09h00 and then go to the show, with just our back packs before returning to check-in at around 14h00. If necessary we will wheel a bag around the show containing the twelve bottles and I also perhaps have the possibility of leaving the bag at either the BMIF office or the Press Office, but by far the easiest solution would be to either spread the bottles around in the luggage we drop off at 09h00 or wrap them in bubble wrap and put them all in one small case. Either way it would be nice not to have to wheel the bottles around the show and I am just wondering if anyone has any experience of paying corkage on excess wine loaded by the porters?
  12. Many thanks for what appears to be the definitive answer to my particular question from a person who has done exactly what I want to do. In my case, I don’t really care about check in time, just earliest bag drop so that we can go to the Boat Show which opens at 10.00 and return around 4 hours later to complete check in after the initial crowd.
  13. That’s what I hoped for and expected. Thanks
  14. Thanks for that reply. Unfortunately it is different from the US ports, where, although folks are still disembarking, they nevertheless have locked cages into which you can ask for your bags to be placed from quite early on. I think it might be to accommodate folks arriving on ‘red eye’ flights from the West coast and it is a facility we have frequently used to allow us to drop off our luggage before returning our rental car. No real problem if something similar is not available in Southampton, as the show doesn’t open until 10 and not going to the show until 11 is not a big problem. Your answer does however pose one question. In the US baggage unloading is completed long before disembarkation is complete and quite a fair number of cages holding arriving bags are on the quay alongside the ship waiting to be loaded as soon as boarding commences. OK I appreciate you are saying this doesn’t happen in Sourhampton, but I thought, perhaps erroneously, that first check time was around 11. So my question now is, are you saying that at Southampton you cannot drop off your suitcases until you get to check-in?
  15. Slight variation on the question. At what time can you drop off your bags. Although we are Elite and live near to Southampton we have never cruised from the port with Princess and never left from Ocean Terminal with any line. The reason I ask about bag drop times is that day we embark coincides with the opening day of the Southampton Boat Show and our plan is to drop off our bags around 09.30 -10.00 then go to the show, with just a back pack containing our papers etc. The idea is that we will then return to complete boarding at around 14.00.
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