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  1. Hi all, My extended family is booked for a cruise on the Harmony of the Seas in May, 2020. So far, we have 4 rooms side by side. In my room is just me and my husband. We became foster parents at the beginning of this year. We are currently transitioning 3 little girls (ages 4, 2, & 1) into our house as a pre-adoptive house. What this means is that their plan has changed from being reunited to their parents to being adopted. There is still some red tape to get through before they are free to adopt. Obviously, if they are still part of our family (which it appears they will be) in May 2020 we want them to go on the cruise. The room beside our room is open and is a connecting room to our room, so we would like to book this room (because I'm assuming all 5 can't share a normal balcony room). My current reservation is a non-refundable room. I need their reservation to be fully refundable due to the situation. I know I will need to move either me or my husband into the new room and then book the girls. Before I called, I was trying to get an idea of how best to do this/what I'm actually requesting. Can I change a non-refundable into refundable? Can I move my husband and add the kids as refundable. What's my best options here? Thanks in advance!
  2. If the cup has never been used at all at the machine, it will work on another cruise. The cup is good for 14 days after activation. Activation occurs when the cup is first used in the freestyle machine.
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