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  1. We've done that before and yes, the bulk of your time is spent traveling. It's on the mainland, not the island of Cozumel. In Cozumel you can't help but shop as you have to go thru a shopping village to get anywhere else. Above all else, have fun and don't try to do everything because if you are a first time cruiser...you'll love it and you'll be back! : ))
  2. How far is the beach from the drop off area and is it free? Safe to walk to?
  3. Can you purchase drinks on this program while still in port on embarkation day or do you have to wait until you start sailing?
  4. Thank you for such a quick response! I just purchased two $100 cards. Can't believe I didn't know about this.
  5. Wow!! I didn't know about this. When I purchase from the website, how to I add it to my account with Carnival? I have a fully paid for cruise in a few weeks and would love to put this on my sail and sign card as a credit. Do I go to Guest Services when onboard or can I add it before hand on my Carnival account?
  6. How do you get fog updates by text? I saw somewhere on here about it and now I can't find it. Does Carnival automatically do this or do you need to sign up for it?
  7. Thanks for posting this. We are long time cruisers but have never had the Grand Suite. We've booked it this time and leave in a few weeks.
  8. So glad you were able to get together with your friend so soon! I'm taking a good friend of mine on her first cruise this Thursday on the Elation as well. Have a great time!!!!!!!!
  9. Planning on going to San Francisco Beach this Saturday! They offer an all inclusive package for $40 which include drinks. I have been there before and am wondering does this include all of their drinks (they serve some great ones in real coconuts and pineapples) or just those drinks in the little plastic cups? Anybody know??
  10. I hope this is a decent hotel. Hotel New Orleans located on Convention Blvd. Just booked for this Wednesday for $69. They have a covered parking garage located next to them and the fee is $10 a day and they will shuttle you to and FROM the cruise terminal. I kept finding deals where they would take you TO the terminal but not many hotels would pick you up so you had a cab fare. Worth checking out. Their website says their full but I called the front desk and got a room. Leave Thursday and haven't packed a thing - Sheesh!!
  11. I've been reading alot about how alot of the beaches (the ocean really) are really rocky now after the hurricane came thru and how if you fall getting in or out of the ocean you could really hurt yourself. Are some beaches more affected by this than others?I know the main ones are all side by side so I guess I'm asking which one has been the least affected.
  12. Love the ships that have the steam rooms on them. Planning to go on 9/2 and was wondering if the Triumph did?
  13. The last time I cruised solo I was placed at a table with four other single cruisers - all men, ages 25-88, I'm a woman, mid 40's. I felt like I was at the "loser" table and didnt' go back. Should have asked to change I know but I didn't. Maybe if I had been looking to meet a guy it would have been different. Cruising solo again Monday and I hope to be with a nice family or a bunch of single middle aged women.
  14. Does the spa/gym have a steam room? Not the hot sauna with the rocks but a real steam room?
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