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  1. The list just keeps growing. Hopefully, things settle down with warmer weather, but if not there will be fewer and fewer “safe” places to travel. Going up and down the Mississippi River may be our summer cruising option 🙂
  2. That sounds about right. I always hoped I had talent and apparently I once did!
  3. BTW ... I hesitate to volunteer as I recall the serious vetting system and would not like to break any rules!!! I did enjoy the cruise director on an Easter cruise on Princess leading worship on Easter night. The venue was packed. I appreciated the effort.
  4. I’m sorry, I do not. All I recall was it was a third party. I was on their list for five or six years, but was only able to get away for one cruise. Oh well. The company, not HAL, would send out a list of cruises each year and then you would let them know those you would be able to do. Three or four times a year an urgent email would come for a cruise in the next week or two where another clergy person had to back out at the last minute. I had a colleague who served on ten or twelve HAL cruises and another who served on four or five. I’m not aware of any cruise lines who are looking for Protestant clergy these days.
  5. I am a retired Presbyterian pastor. I served as a Protestant Chaplain on the Maasdam during a Panama Canal passage back in 2004 prior to my recent retirement. My memory is not all that clear since it was 15 plus years ago, but here is what I remember. The protestant chaplains were booked by a private agency for HAL. We had to submit all sorts of paper work in terms of vetting. The Protestant chaplains were retained for cruises longer than seven days. My cruise was fifteen days. I did worship services on Sundays, sea days, marriage renewal ceremonies and counseling as requested. I was given an inside cabin, but not where the crew sleeps. My cost for the cruise was transportation to and from the ship plus twenty-five dollars a day for the cruise. We ate in the Lido or Main Dining Room. My wife could come for an additional twenty-five dollars a day which she did. They suspended this program a number of years ago, I believe at least five years ago, if not more. As far as I know the Catholic priest does double duty ... mass plus interdenominational services. I was hoping to continue doing this after retirement when I had more flexibility, but that is no longer an option. I still love and sail HAL, however.
  6. Outstanding video. We were on the Maasdam many moons ago and a year ago were in Australia and New Zealand of the Noordam. Thanks for sharing. Fun reliving some of our past experiences.
  7. We just got off the Koningsdam yesterday. We had two wine glasses in our cabin, but not bigger bowl wine glasses. If you are into wine, you may need to get them elsewhere on the ship and bring them back to your stateroom. That’s what we did. We ordered a bottle of wine for dinner, asked for bigger bowl glasses to enjoy the bottle and took them with us to our stateroom for the rest of our voyage. DW is pretty particular about her wine glass!!!
  8. If they had that on the Koningsdam we missed out on that perk. I don’t recall seeing it. Just got off the ship this morning.We enjoyed the rest of our Signature Suite experience.
  9. While I wouldn’t want to be right next door to the Pirate Ship, being within close walking distance makes a restroom readily available. We just got of the Koningsdam and rented the purple cabana. The reason for that choice ... my wife’s favorite color!!! We liked it. Close enough to the pirate ship, but not right on top of it. Other than being right next door to the ship, it seemed to us that every cabana was fine. If we go again, though a little pricey, we would probably do it again. Shady and rather private. The appetizers were fun as well as the water and soft drinks.
  10. I look at this all the time and have never thanked you. It’s a gift to the HAL community.
  11. BTW ... years ago on a Panama Canal cruise our first stop was HMC. It was in early February and we made it just fine. I was the Protestant chaplain on the ship that cruise and recall doing two renewal of vows ceremonies in the chapel on HMC. Sadly, my Protestant chaplain days are over as that was one of the cutbacks but that trip introduced us to HAL and we love the line.
  12. Kind of you to post your review. Wow ... dodged a bullet ... had an upgrade offer for you cabin but decided against it. Having had a Neptune on our last cruise in Australia and NZ, that would have been a disappointment to us. I agree with the Neptune Lounge being a great perk. We board the Koningsdam on Jan 2 so very much appreciated your review. We have only been on the Maasdam and Noordam so this will be quite different for us. The great service, however, will remain the same. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. RevNeal ... retired Presbyterian pastor here who did a chaplaincy on a Holland Ship a number of years ago. I thought I might do that in retirement, but hence they stopped the program. We just booked this cruise today so hopefully we can meet up and share clergy stories. Being a baseball fan I always lamented the fact that we could not put certain parishioners on waivers! Looking forward to meeting you and have a great cruise. Oh yeah, Trudy and I took a 29 day New Zealand-Australia cruise on the Noordam last November. We had a great time. I’m sure we will again on this cruise.
  14. Mr. Whogo. Give me a Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer ... got it. You will always be number one in my book!!!
  15. It certainly was! In Auckland now. Cool weather in the mid-60’s. Very comfortable.
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