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  1. The ice creams and sorbets are indeed fantastic. My personal favourite is the salted caramel. Chocolate desserts are excellent too, with the chocolate lava cake being good enough for a second helping!
  2. Agreed! These KC cabins sell out pretty quickly, but I was lucky to nab an Eastbound Trans-Atlantic in 2020 in the same cabin.
  3. Both excellent recommendations. There was one beautifully clear evening with the moon behind us and the stars shining brightly on my Eastbound crossing in May. I could have stayed out there all night.
  4. Affirmative on both. The small refrigerator is located under the desk (and under the kettle in my photos).
  5. It's a shame that the Deck 2 singles are impacted by engine and crew area noise below. The Deck 3 singles seem to sell out first on future voyages I've looked at but your experience steers me away from considering the Deck 2 ones.
  6. Indeed :D It's certainly a nice surprise for the solo traveller compared to some other single staterooms out there. Thanks! That should be a wonderful voyage from Cape Town. I'd like to do the Cape Town to Fremantle voyage one day. Agreed. I booked this voyage when the season was first released and was reasonably happy with the price. Same. I've previously done QG and PG on the taster trips between Southampton and Hamburg and felt the quality of the cabin was at least equal. You know they've done a great job when the cabins compare favourably with balconies :) You can hear people talking in the corridor as they walk past, but there are doors at each end so no other noise comes through and it also seems to discourage traffic. I certainly didn't hear anything from the MDR or the Queen's Room. I actually had the opposite issue with the shower being rather hot and having to set it a few degrees below 38C to be comfortable. One of the ladies at my table had previously sailed in the KC (Deck 3) cabins and far preferred it to the KB (Deck 2) cabin too. I can imagine it would have been most entertaining to observe the tenders doing their thing in port. Not a benefit I had considered or experienced being on a crossing!
  7. Photo of the transfer options in Southampton and price list from May 2018:
  8. Thanks, Host Hattie! It certainly helps one more readily accept the solo traveller premium. For completeness there's also an offical Cunard video of the room but without the bathroom.
  9. The Wardrobe There was plenty of space for all my clothes needed on a transatlantic crossing to do the dress code justice. There was also a handy slide-out tie rack: And capacious drawers for folded garments: [/url] The Location Located midships just aft of the Grand Lobby, which is very handy for the Britannia Restaurant, Queens Room, Chart Room and Golden Lion Pub. Also noticeably less movement being so low and central within ship, which was noticeable when compared to the Library etc.
  10. And it was lovely to watch sunrise and sunset too: The Bathroom I think the photos speak for themselves. Great to have a proper glass door for the shower and the marble countertop added a premium feel.
  11. I had the absolute pleasure of crossing the Atlantic on the QM2 in May in one of the new Britannia Single Staterooms (KC) on Deck 3 so thought I'd do a review and share with a community from which I have learned basically everything I know about Cunard. First Impressions Having seen photos and the virtual tour on the Cunard website, I thought the rooms would be rather lovely. Stepping into 3002, my home for the next seven days, for the first time in New York did make me smile. The room is perfectly proportioned and designed with two oversized windows, ample storage space in the wardrobe for one and a luxurious bathroom fit out comparable to the Grills (but sans bathtub). The Windows Two oversized (obviously due to these rooms being located along a former passageway) ensured the room was always filled with light, even on a cloudy day. And being on such a low deck you can see the ocean even in bed: Here they provide a nice frame for the much loved Pol Acker provided at embarkation (which was gifted to my cabin steward):
  12. On my eastbound crossing last month there was a lot of interest in the Behind the Scenes Tour. I was first in line outside the Tours desk just after 8AM (enjoying the more spacious post-remastering Grand Lobby) and quite a few people joined me in the queue over the next hour. Eventually they ran two tours to accommodate everyone on the list. The Tours team write down the place in line and time your registration of interest is lodged, and I was told this was the sequence people would be selected. However, the back office team managed to lose my registration of interest so when I followed up the second last sea day they were most surprised and told me the tours had been run yesterday! Thankfully I had taken a photo of my form on my phone and after some calls they managed to organise three tours (kitchen, bridge and engineering) for the last day at sea, which I felt was a comparable experience.
  13. Brilliant, I'll be doing my first Crossing so this will make it even more memorable! Great to see Cunard going to quite some effort to make it a special day on board, complete with lemon and elderflower cake.
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