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  1. The refund for a May 9 cruise appeared on my Westpac credit card this morning. Direct booking with Cunard Australia Refund requested 30 March Followed up via phone 2 June, refund request escalated to 'finance' Refund received 18 June Total of 79 days between refund request and receipt.
  2. Cruise date 9 May. Booked direct via the Cunard Australia website.
  3. An Australian data point. Requested refund 30 March (same day my cruise was cancelled) 60 days passed at the end of May Called Cunard today and the lovely team member advised request was processed by Cunard 23 April (i.e. three weeks to action) Advised to expect a refund at the end of June or early July I advised this was beyond the 60 days promised so requested to escalate My refund request has been sent to the finance team
  4. Difficult situation for the travel agents. Hopefully the chargeback (Section 75) avenue bears fruit. While a 38% refund rate is good for liquidity, it's worth noting the heavily oversubscribed offering reportedly comes with an 11.5% interest rate.
  5. Glad to hear of your positive experience. Presumably the call centre staff were able to answer your call within a reasonable period of time, indicating that sufficient resources are now on hand. Which returns to my previous point that processing refunds appears to be a lower priority for Cunard by choice.
  6. I'd personally prefer Mr Palethorpe not appear on my doorstep. I can only speak for myself, but I accept the need for Cunard to manage their cashflow and delay the drawing down of loans. As stated above, I have no doubt in my mind that refunds could be bulk processed if there was the corporate will. I also accept their preference for Future Cruise Credit instead of a cash refund from a business perspective, though did not appreciate the latter being framed as a 'forfeiture'. What I do not accept is the lack of transparency around the progress of refunds. If a company tells me to expect to wait 60 days in this current situation, fair enough. But if it is likely this timeframe won't be met, the minimum I'd accept is being informed of progress.
  7. It is reasonable to expect that the shoreside team know exactly where the refunds are up to right now, the finance team in particular. Given your history with the Royal Navy, I'd be surprised if you would accept anything less were you in charge. A well worded Tweet and Facebook update should take all of 15 minutes total per day. Compare this to the numerous emails, calls and social media responses the teams are having to action at present, and we have a net saving in time. Which would allow the depleted staff to return to processing refunds.
  8. There are two things Cunard could do to improve the situation. Provide clear updates on which date they are up to in terms of refunds. It's clear that we are going to be waiting more than 60 days so if they said 'we have processed all refunds requested on X date' I would be less likely to follow up. Use bulk payment files and credit card reversals. For the former, you could create a bulk payment file with all the payments into the Cunard accounts (obviously there will be differences by country of booking, agent vs direct). For the latter, you can take a sailing (e.g. Q15N) then look at all the booking references attached to that cruise and then filter by those made with a credit card payment. The vendor would be able to reverse those specific transactions. While the latter will impact cashflow (and in my view the 60 days is about cashflow, not logistics), the former costs nothing and would reassure Cunarders (and cut down on the amount of follow ups they are getting).
  9. 45 days was for the first round of cancellations until 11 April. 60 days is the current waiting period since the second round of cancellations until mid-May were announced yesterday.
  10. I'd imagine they'll keep you waiting for almost the full 45 days to manage their cashflow.
  11. It's also worth noting the language on the Travel Advisory page has been updated to make clear that a 100% refund is available, rather than hiding it as a 'forfeit of 125% FCC'.
  12. I've requested my refund, which will now take up to 60 days to processed.
  13. Key item is the option to request a full refund via: https://www.cunard.com/en-au/request Relevant FAQ below.
  14. And now Singapore has announced it has halted docking of cruise ships.
  15. Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have updated their reconsider travel to the whole world.
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