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  1. This has been discussed here many times, but using your few specialty restaurant guaranteed bookings on the first night is a waste because you can generally get into one without an advance reservation that night. The second night generally features an upgraded menu in the GDR, with caviar, foie gras, etc. (on a few cruises it’s the third night), as does the next to last night.
  2. Or try my DW’s recipe, which the Los Angeles Times food critic enjoyed and printed in this article; this story is a hoot: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2005-may-18-fo-matters18-story.html
  3. jjones1622: Bring whatever wines and spirits you want...within reason. You don’t want to have to cart unopened bottles back home on the plane! Though you could leave them for staff as tips... (It’s “JPR”, by the way; we are both “Cool Cruisers”!)
  4. We prefer the F Superior Suites. We like to have a separate bath tub, and the Penthouse Suites have just a shower. Also prefer the F walk-in closet, though the Splendor’s PH closer has been improved. We also enjoy the infinity pool at the stern, if the weather cooperates.
  5. Never saw that dish at Chartreuse. That sounds much like the amazing but deadly Lobster Tempura at Pacific Rim!
  6. Even the famous spicy duck and watermelon salad isn’t that spicy at all. Just delicious.
  7. There are plenty of excellent offerings that aren’t spicy at all, like the Miso Glazed Seabass.
  8. I wouldn’t book a specialty restaurant for the first, second, or next to last evening.
  9. Jacques would clearly be our #1 choice because it’s not available on the R ships (and is far better than Regent’s French offering Chartreuse). Then Red Ginger, which is consistently excellent and just different than the others. Followed by Polo, which always does a solid job with steak and lobster and has that unique clubby atmosphere for a change. Finally, Toscana, which is pretty good too but nothing special. We go for the Veal Milanese if it’s available that night. if you haven’t done La Reserve, which is a separate fee reservation, we have enjoyed their Odyssey menu. We think the Dom Perignon menu is overpriced, and prefer to have a red wine with meat courses.
  10. Well, “none of the above” would be our answer. For Carnival the answer would be “all of the above.”....
  11. Yes, though of course (like beauty) menu dishes are in the eye of the beholder. You can check out the menu for each special GDR dinner (and every other one) on your TV earlier the same day and see if it appeals to you. i remember when cruise ships would invariably serve flaming Baked Alaska in the darkened dining room on the next to last evening farewell dinner. That used to be the cruise ship tradition until it became a dated cliche...
  12. The next to last night’s menu in the GDR has higher end offerings (e.g., foie gras, caviar, beef Wellington, lobster), much like the typical second night dinner. Check it out on your next cruise.
  13. Second to last night is the gala farewell dinner. Last night dinner is like the first night dinner, nothing special. (We tend to use our PH butler to order dinner from the specialty restaurants while we pack on the last night...)
  14. Princess (as opposed to Oceania) should at least be a great cruise if you’re trying to lose some weight!
  15. Harry Chittick is a consensus favorite lecturer. Entertainment tends to vary every cruise and year...
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