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  1. We prefer the F2 suites over Penthouse because we like the separate bath tub and shower. Beware, however: They do indeed come with several spirits, not just one! (You can even special order your preference. I chose Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Hendricks Gin, and Grey Goose Vodka...)
  2. Yes, United has them on certain NY or Chicago to LAX flights and Hawaiian has them on their A330s in and out of Honolulu.
  3. Well, IF you can get lie flat seats, the red eye return from Hawaii to the mainland or the NY-LA Red eye or other five hour plus flights might be worth it. But otherwise, no.
  4. My wife and I recently flew Delta Comfort Class. With the middle seat between us left open, if anything it seemed more spacious than first class. Not quite as wide or a seat or as much leg room, but both were sufficient. No special food or alcoholic beverages served in first class; indeed, Comfort Class passengers were offered a choice of white or red wine or (my choice) a nice cold can of IPA. A first class upgrade would have cost $500 pp each way. And by getting their AmEx card, no charge for first bag per person. No reason whatsoever to buy first class tickets.
  5. Nope. No reason for golfers to go into a clubhouse or other dressing room. Easy to social distance and no reason to touch the pins. California golf courses have all been open for many months. Private courses are even safer since you don’t need to pay per round, but there are prepayment and other safe ways to handle payments without exposing anyone. It’s a gross overreaction. Hawaii’s problem is, like with other states, younger people flouting the rules. And Hawai’i as a whole has very few deaths. The Big Island and Kauai have zero deaths (the new rules don’t apply to them or to Ma
  6. No disagreement on that. Just responding to the question regarding how the authorities know a tourist has violated quarantine. However, I’m sure why tourists who follow mask and social distancing protocols to the letter are a virus risk. Oahu just closed its golf courses again, which is nonsensical. Golf is a sport that makes it easy to social distance, even more so than just going for a walk down the street.
  7. Totally agree. Gruyere is best. And Black Forest or Smithfield Ham!
  8. In Hawaii, it’s the residents who are using social media to “out” the scofflaw tourists and turn them into the authorities. Several have gone to jail and then been sent home. Locals there have always had a love/hate relationship with tourists...
  9. Here is the recipe for the Blue Bayou Monte Christo Sandwich. I understand that you can, er, count on it! Servings: 4 sandwiches Ingredients 1 large egg 1 ¾ cups plus 2 Tbsp water 1 ¾ cups all-purpose flour ¼ tsp kosher salt 1 tsp baking powder 8 slices egg bread (such as brioche or challah), sliced ½” thick 8 thin slices turkey 8 thin slices Swiss cheese 8 thin slices ham 3 cups canola oil Confectioners’ sugar, for garnish Blackberry preserves, for serving Directions Preheat th
  10. Agreed. But we go to Marche Moderne instead. Used to be in Costa Mesa. Now a bit farther in Newport Beach.
  11. Agreed. There also used to be a delicious (and somewhat healthier) Salad Chiffonade in the Blue Bayou menu, but it’s no more...
  12. For now, Disneyland and California Adventure have, er, gone to the dogs! No indoor dining is allowed. Cathay Circle is indeed a fine restaurant, the best in the two parks by far. (Though I do have a sentimental attachment From childhood to the atmospheric Blue Bayou...)
  13. Surprisingly, the corn dogs served at Disney’s California Adventure are excellent. one of the best food items served at the Disney parks...
  14. Marina and Riviera both have excellent and varied restaurant options, as do the new Regent Seven Seas shops. We always particularly like Jacques and Red Ginger. You may well enjoy the price fixe supplement Wine Spectator option included on these two ships, La Reserve. We are foodies and went to French Laundry multiple times both before and after Thomas Keller took over; the price fixe was about $45 when he started there. We think it’s become horrifically overpriced and boring, though the vegetarian option is pretty good. if and when it reopens, Dominique Crenn’s Atelie
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