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  1. Starz723

    What happened to Cha-Chi Beach

    Hi Everyone: I just posted on another thread asking if anyone was cruising to Costa Maya to please take a picture from the pier or the ship of the beach area to the right of the pier. I pray that they didnt sell out to the developers. Id rather see it not used than developed like the pier. They would have to rip up the ironshore that had amazing tidal pools. Those of use that had the great opportunity to experience Cha Chi before it was totally destroyed by the hurricane know the magic that it had. It was owned by a family for many generations. It was there WAY BEFORE any cruise ship port was erected. It was an ecological resort. Very austere, but a true nature preserve. The beach was used by turtles to lay their eggs. Joachim was a lovely man. His Ceviche (fish salad) was out of this world and cheap. The soda was cheap I believe he charged $2 for a beer. I am an avid snorkelor and it was really good. Im sure the hurricane ripped up everything, but nature repairs if man doesnt destroy. So if anyone goes to Costa Maya, would you please take a picture from the ship or pier of the right side of the pier. If it is not developed, that means they didnt strongarm him into selling. Im sure his family could have made a few bucks selling to the developers, but Joachim's integrity about nature and the land being in his family for many generations means more to him than selling out and making it another typical Margaritaville type place..UGH. Cha Chi was the real Mexico. It was magic. I know they have developed the area way beyond what it was when the "the hole in the wall gang" was active. All there we could do was go to the commercialized pier or down to Mahahual a sleepy fishing village that had not been developed yet. Please post a picture.. Thank you "Hole in the Wall Gang - Marge"
  2. Starz723

    Megan's Bay vs. Coki Beach

    Waterlemon Cay, St John, is IMO, for the avid snorkelor. Its not a place to go and hang on the beach. I wouldnt suggest it to a novice snorkler either. It can have a strong current, but, if snorkeling is your #1 thing, Waterlemon cay is amazing. One of the best Ive ever been too and Ive been to some really great areas in the Carribean and Atlantic. I liked hanging out at Secret Harbor. It was'nt crowded. It had a restaurant, restrooms and you could call a cab from the front desk of the condo hotel that it is. Not sure what they charge for a day pass. It was $10 when I went a few years ago. Nice snorkeling near the pier and on eithe side of the beach.
  3. Starz723

    Suggestions for Costa Maya for Mitsugirly

    Hi All Anyone going to Costa Maya? I am very interested to see what the property looks like at the old Cha Chi resort that is directly to the right of the pier. Please take a picture and post it. Thank you There were quite a few of us lucky ones who were able to go to that beach, which was pristine. As I mentioned previously in this thread, Cha Chi was there way before the cruise lines discovered Costa Maya. The family that owned the ecological resort for many generations kept it uncommercialized. When the cruise lines built the pier, the owners of the land refused to sell to the cruise lines and developer. So the developer put up a concrete wall to keep out the cruise passengers. Many of us figured on a way to get in. Once you were there it was a magical place. It was not commercialized. The food was made fresh on the spot and the drinks were $2.00, I kid you not. The man that owned the resort was more about you having a nice time, and keeping his land natural. He wasnt there to make money. He could have charged a lot more, but he didnt. You felt like you were in a real part of Mexico that existed 100 years ago. The beach was pristine and there were amazing tidal pools with all kinds of fish. The place was totally destroyed when it took a direct hit with a hurricane. The pier was totally destroyed as well, but the developers rebuilt. I can see they also created some new areas. Many of us cruisers that went there were very concerned for the family that owned the property. Many wrote to the owner. He said he was being strong armed by the developers but didnt want to sell. He wanted to keep the land in his family and keep it safe for the turtles that used the beach to nest. I would like to see if the land is still not developed. That would tell me that he didnt sell, but unfortunately, he didnt have the money to rebuild. I cant imagine the stress he had from the corporations/developers that no doubt made his life miserable. Us early cruisers were one of the first to go to Costa Maya when they only had the commercialized pier and the old fishing village of Mahahual, which was very undeveloped about a half mile to the left of the pier. Cha Chi was to the right of the pier. If the developers got a hold of it, they would have destroyed the ironshore and tidal pools and created a commercial area, which would have been a gold mine especially for those short cruise days. All you had to do walk to the end of the pier and you were on a pristine beach with amazing reefs to snorkel. Lots of jungle in the back. A picture to show me what the land looks like. I would be happy if its not developed and the family still owns it.
  4. Starz723

    Megan's Bay vs. Coki Beach

    Avid Snorker here. If you can get over to St. John, Waterlemon Cay is the best. One of the best Ive ever been too. If not, in St Thomas, Secret Harbor has some nice areas with good schools of fish. Coki is, IMO, ok. Not great, not bad.
  5. Starz723

    Suggestions for Costa Maya for Mitsugirly

    Who has been to Costa Maya lately. Can you still see the old Cha Chi resort to the right of the pier? It was totally destroyed by a hurricane. I was wondering if they ever rebuilt. I hope they didnt sell out to the pier. The owners of the land to the right of the pier that was Cha Chi was a nature preserve type resort. It was totally ecological. The owner told me his family had the land for a long time and they didnt want to sell out so they built a wall so no one could get in. Many of us cruisers went there. We called ourselves the "hold in the wall gang" cause you could only get in through a hole in the fence. Once in, you were in paradise. The drinks and food were dirt cheap. The snorkeling was excellent. The beach was protected for turtles that came ashore to breed. I havent been to Costa Maya since the big hurricane destroyed it. Cha Chi was such a great place.. Anyone have any news? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know why the CB is not going to be in Brooklyn, NY next year? No Princess ship at all? Why?
  7. Starz723

    Chac-Chi: Resort next to Costa Maya Pier (merged)

    Has anyone been to Chac Chi lately? Id love to know that they are doing ok.
  8. Ahhhh,, The blue hole. Its on my list and I bet it will trump my best reef. I have a friend who has a house on Caye Caulker in Belize... Guess who is going to pay them a visit and go out to the blue hole (one of these days). I cant wait.
  9. I went to a reef offshore Grand Turk. It was an excursion from Carnival Land and Sea. The reef was in horrible condition, about 85% bleached. The land portion I skipped. I thought I was going to see some tidal pools, but they only walked to a an old ruin. If you are an experienced snorkler, avoid this excursion. The majority of the people on the excursion must not have been to many reefs. When the capt said did everyone love it, they cheered, probably cause the mate chummed the water and a few fish came in to eat. I pulled the capt on the side and said "the reef was dead". He just shrugged his shoulders.
  10. Starz723

    All Things HALF MOON CAY !

    I rented the red cabana.. #14, I think? It was fabulous. All the way down near the end far away from the crowd..Just what I wanted. Try your best to get a cabana, you will love it. I absolutely loved Half Moon Cay. I also went on the Wave Runners..It was such fun.
  11. Im leaving on the Miracle in a few hours . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ill leave a trip report when I come back. Im so excited I cant sleep. Ive been on her sister ship, the Legend. Im so lucky cruising out of NYC. Besides Carnival, we have Princess, RCI, Norwegian, HAL, Cunard, Celebrity, Im sure more. Its great, no flying for me.
  12. Fortunately, Ive never been asked about my meds. Im cruising tomorrow and I just bring my meds and my sons meds in their original prescription bottles and put them in my purse. I dont need to fly to the port. Even when I did fly to ports, Ive never been asked. What about the OTC Advil, Tylenol, etc..Ive used those containers to put some of my meds because I didnt have a smaller container and didnt want to bring the big bottle. No one ever opened the bottle to inspect the pills inside. When I go through customs her in NYC, we just breeze through, no one looks at a thing. I guess it depends on the port? Flying is another ballpark.
  13. Starz723

    All Things HALF MOON CAY !

    Im cruising in a few hours!! My group is gonna try to get the Oasis. Wish us luck. Worst case, we will get a cabana or 2 or 3. One of us is planning on getting to the dock early so he can board early and be first on the excurison line. Bon Voyage!
  14. Starz723

    All Things HALF MOON CAY !

    My group has decided to rent the Oasis. Yay! Because we are sailing on Carnival, you cannot pre reserve a cabana or the Oasis. One of us will get on the ship early and wait at the excursions desk to reserve. Ill give you all a trip report when I get back. I cant wait.
  15. Starz723

    Paper Luggage Tags

    Great timing.. My printer bombs out. So now its trying to find a friend thats home with a printer, or waiting in line at a library. My agent says just get the ones from the longshoreman at the pier.. Has anyone done this? Ahhh,,the good old days when we received docs in the mail and luggage tags..and everyone on cruise critic was doing the doc dance..remember that. Recieving docs and tags in the mail felt good. I do understand paper conservation, but it still not the same.. Oh well.