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  1. I looked into booking QLS, and realize I don't know what time to request, and also another post on this board with how great UberXL was when getting off the ship with 4 people and lots of luggage. That answered my only concerns - so I will be using UberXL for the POM - FLL trip. That way I don't have to predict exactly when we will be off and through customs/immigration. Just wait until we are through and then then request the ride. Ease of use is definitely worth the price difference.
  2. Yes, flying into MIA and out of FLL (1 pm flight) - it was a much better price and time than flying out of MIA. Sailing out of POM. Thanks for the information (sorry I have not been on - I work in retail, it has been a crazy week!) We will definitely use Uber XL from MIA to hotel.
  3. Thank you, we are taking the shuttle from the ship to the airport (FLL) - I will probably book it and then see how our UberXL goes from MIA to hotel. I can always cancel and use Uber if we want.
  4. QLS price for a Monday, for 4 is $13, but that is not a big deal. I am wondering about the door to door comment though - would QLS NOT be door to door? Is the shuttle pick up and drop off locations not as convenient as the Uber locations? I would vote for convenience over a small amount of savings.
  5. Family vacation - yes the kids are technically adults, but I would prefer to stick together.
  6. Thank you - this is exactly the info I was looking for 😊 We have four people plus luggage, and even though I have used Uber/Lyft while travelling the last few years - I haven't tried to get one for this many people and their luggage. My gut feeling was that it might be just as expensive as a shuttle when you need a bigger vehicle. Looks like QLS has a slight discount for 4 people on a Monday morning. We are about 45 days away - any need to book quickly? Our flight is at 1:00 pm from FLL, pretty sure we arrive in port at 6 am.
  7. No system is going to meet everyone's needs perfectly. But this one allows for both pre-planning and spontaneity - there is just some risk in going the spontaneous route. The same risks you take in being spontaneous at home - you might not get into the show you want to see or get the dining time you want if you wait until the last minute. I believe the new systems were put into place for the bigger ships with more passengers. You really think it would be better if 6000 people needed to make their reservations on a daily basis? Or just show up at the dining location or show they wanted to see? That sounds like my idea of a horrible system - I shudder at the idea of wasting so much of my vacation standing in lines...
  8. I didn't say one way was easier than the other, only that is not true that both parents must appear in person. For us, it was far easier for my husband to fill out the form and have it notarized. Since his firm has notaries on staff, it was a 10 minute process instead of taking off work for 1-2 hours. This provision also covers other instances in which only one parent is available to appear in person.
  9. I am pretty certain this is not true.... I seem to remember that my husband signed a form and had it notarized. My girls had at least 2 passports before they turned 18 - my husband was never there when we got them.... OK I just googled it: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/under-16.html
  10. Yes, this is correct. We just did this, this week. My daughter, who is now 19 needed to renew her passport that she got when she was 14. We needed to apply in person. They also would only accept cash or check - so I had to go with her. We joked about the next time she needs one - when she is 29 - she should have actual checks by then. (Or if she changes her name due to marriage of course)
  11. I think on the website the information is listed in the FAQ - I am certain I have seen it multiple times.
  12. We don't know, but what would be the point to corporate to have a survey and coach employees to ask for 10's? The survey would be meaningless and a waste of time and money. If they were coached it would be by someone on the ship, not from corporate. I doubt they were coached by anyone unless it was to change away from asking for 10s. I used to work for Kohl's - the surveys were stressed endlessly - the employees didn't get anything out of it, but the individual store did. We were told over and over again that if we got anything less than a 10 it counted against us - a 9 is the same as a 0 in their ranking system. So of course employees started asking for 10s - until corporate came out with a new policy saying that was not allowed. This tendency would be exaggerated if there was money on the line for the employee.
  13. I am guessing the T&C for both allows them to make whatever changes they want at any time - most are just saying it was very poorly handled. Our only access to the CL has been through suites - from a relatively objective point of view - this is just BAD customer relations.
  14. Of course they CAN, that is not the point. SHOULD they act this way? What if they decided to change it around and told all suite guests that they no longer had access to the CL - and escorted them out in front of everyone? I am willing to bet that access to the CL is not a guarantee for anyone at anytime in the Terms and Conditions.
  15. Notify people ahead of time. Not walk up to them when they are already in the lounge and ask them to leave. Just too tacky!
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