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  1. I agree with Mouche! Lets face the current facts. Florida's Covid numbers are on the rise which is where most cruisers sail from. The entire country is still at risk and I also think that cruising will not resume in October or for the rest of the year. When cruising returns, I do not want to be the first to board any ship. Imagine being quarantined on a cruise ship stuck in your cabin for two weeks. Most Americans have compromised health conditions which places them at a greater risk. Now Covid is taking peoples lives of those that are healthy. I will thrive from my memories and hope for cruising to begin when it is really safe for us all without having to wear a mask.
  2. I thought of doing the same with BOA then decided to wait it out and when I least expected it, credit appeared for the canceled cruise. Refunds do actually take more than 30 days. Received my refund in 40 days.
  3. I also have a cruise booked on the Horizon for the same date. I really do not know what my final decision will be with everything that is going on. Final payment is due in August and we are almost there. In the meantime, there is a potential that there may be a price drop in the coming months. My concern right now is to stay healthy and hope that well all get this trying time. Watching the news and hearing about all of deaths simply makes me sad. Stay well!
  4. I canceled March 6 and still have not received my Refund! Going to start the process or Fraud Charges with CC company.
  5. Thanks everyone for including your experiences in this thread. I'm a native New Yorker who lives in Maryland and I will be taking AMTrak to NY for a cruise Sunday, September 1 this year. I will not be checking my bag, I want my belongings near me and tend to not overpack for cruises. Good to know it is best to take the escalator (which I hope will be working) locate the taxi stand. I arrive at 10:30 with a 1:00 check in. Since it will be a holiday weekend, hopefully Manhattan will not be too busy!
  6. Glad I found this post. Very helpful for a Native New Yorker who is traveling 'home" to board the Escape to Bermuda. Very good tips indeed! Wish I saw this before I opted to take AmTrak in to NYC from my home in Maryland. Ticket already purchased to arrive at 10:30 of my cruise. Driving to NJ would not had been bad for me. Oh, well next time!
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