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  1. I am posting to bump this thread up to page 1 in case some of my friends are still looking for me. We are meeting in the Floataway Lounge now.
  2. Probably not necessary to post a link because if I found it I'm sure everyone else could too.
  3. Yes Sandy - we are off to the Floataway Lunge. I will head over there in the morning and start a thread - and of course the title will be More musings from Ms. Mary. I will come back over here and post a link. Or maybe I will have Aprille post a link. I'm relieved and happy to finally make this decision.
  4. It seems like I have been on a 'cruise high' for the past 12 days. I enjoyed it immensely but I sorta crash landed last night. For the first time since I got home I was totally exhausted. And all the bad news about this coronavirus thing didn't help. I sat in my recliner, in my jammies, holding my Kindle that I really didn't want to read - and pondered. I wanted to keep posting but to be honest this thread had sorta taken over my life for 12 days. I decided if this thread showed up on page 1 again I would post some more - and it did and I will - but with some self imposed guide lines for myself. First I will stay on topic - Aprille patiently explained that the topic is cruising on NCL. That's pretty confining don't you think? But I will try and when I get off topic I will type fast as I can and get back on topic. That's the best I can promise on that subject. I guess we will see how I do with "first" before I go on to 'second' - full disclosure - I haven't even come up with 'second' yet. Let's do it one step at a time. I've definitely decided not to tell you about my attempt to program a TV remote. I can pretend it's because it's not on topic but the real reason is because I don't come out looking good in that one. I may or may not talk about pickles some time in the future - I can cheat on that one and it would be on topic - but just barely. It's not a great story so I am going to start with 'my favorite souvenir' but not until tomorrow. I have lots of words but not enough words to describe how you people - with your kind comments and encouragement - have made my heart sing. emoji singing heart
  5. Oh my goodness JoAnn. You do such good work - both old school and digital. I'm just a little bit jealous - maybe even a lot since I don't even know how to post a picture to CC. Aprille is too far away to help but I have a niece that lives close by that can so maybe - just maybe. And since they haven't kicked me off this board yet I don't think you have any worries at all about that.
  6. Excellent idea, Sandy. A book club without a book - I like that. Not to mention More Musings from Ms. Mary - which will be the title of my next thread and that could happen January 2021. It seems Aprille has booked us on the Encore out of Miama on a round trip Panama cruise - 12 days no less. I will definitely stay with this thread but I have made some new rules for myself. We can talk about that tomorrow. In the meantime feel free to talk amongst yourselves and start remembering funny cruise stories. You are pretty good with words youself Sandy and even better with ideas. Cheers right back atcha my Canadian friend.
  7. Too many devices my dear. But so glad you can post now. 'I'm using Firefox - go figure. Hi Amy. Us old school scrapbookers had just started gathering when all this stuff started happening on CC. We still have lots to talk about and pictures to post. I'm going to stick around for a while because you and many others have brightened a lot of my days. And to all of you - emoji iheartu
  8. Hi JamieLogical - so good to see a friendly face again. Aprille still can't post to this thread so I guess there are still problems. I have had time to remember lots of stuff so I will keep posting but first I will see if I can post to this thread.
  9. Thanks for the link, Cole. Actually I had stumbled onto it a few days ago. I mostly look at it to see how many views sid_9169 has now and it's pretty impressive. I know I should probably move over there but maybe I could stay here just a little bit longer.
  10. I know you are right and thanks for reminding me. I have read enough to know about identity theft but also naive enough to believe it couldn't possibly happen to me - but of course it could.
  11. drumming cruisers - I love your pages. And I'm not jealous that you can post them on CC - well maybe a little bit. I'm going to keep trying and Aprille can probably cause it to happen when she gets through with income tax stuff. I have sent her some trial pictures as text attachments. And it's not easy taking a good picture with a tiny flip phone. Tiny flip phones are to carry in your purse when you drive to Borger in case you have a problem along the way. I'm going to enlist my BIL's aid. Some day I will disclose his name but not now. I'm going to do a chapter titled "what were these parents thinking" and his parents will be featured. In the meantime he will be referred to as Jay. He has a smart phone and it takes better pictures but he doesn't know how to attach it to a text. Since I figured out how to do it with my flip phone surely I can show him how. I really like the torn paper and I really really like anything Disney. All us other scrapbookers know and appreciate the time and effort that goes into the 'old school' kind of scrapbooking - and it's still the best kind of scrapbooking. My cruising scrapbooks are a totally different style from my Disney scrapbooks but to me, they are all master pieces. I'm so happy this thread has brought so many scrapbookers into our fun discussions. And I WILL get some of my pages posted some way some how.
  12. Your posts caused me to take another look at my prescription card. Melanie is FNP - Family Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Hawley has 3 FNP's and 1 PNP - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I don't know the difference between NP and PA but all the ones I have seen do good work.
  13. I'm back and had a good time at the doctor's office. I left them laughing and that made me happy. I didn't need to tell my Dr. Handsome story - we had lots to do. Mainly fill out 5 pages of questions that doctors are now required to ask their medicare patients. I think that's why the doctor assigned me to a PA this time. He is letting his 3 PA's do that kind of stuff. Melinda did a good job and we talked about my one concern - and that's falling. She suggested physical therapy might help - my choice - and I chose to give it a try. I'm not going to try to tell a story so late in the day. I do my best work before noon. I'm trying to program a new TV remote and it's not going well. emoji sad face. Aprille has a plan for posting pictures of some of my album pages but it requires me being able to take a picture using my flip phone and sending it to her attached to a text message. I did a test and it worked. Now I will have to take a decent picture which will be a challenge for sure. It's jammies, Kindle, recliner time for me. Later
  14. Just checking in briefly - surely I can do "briefly" at least this one time. I have a routine doctor's appointment at 9 AM. Not even seeing the doctor but will visit with his PA, Melissa. Not sure what we will talk about - no chest pain, no heart palpitations, no shortness of breath, If the conversation gets too boring I will tell her my Dr. Handsome story. It' related to why I'm sitting there in the first place. After all, her boss discovered my condition and sent me to a heart doctor who set up that packed house heart echo which brought Dr. Handsome into the picture - so I'm going to tell her that story whether the conversation gets boring or not. We got some snow late yesterday - very little so I don't think driving to Borger will be a problem. Gotta tell you one more thing - I stepped on the scales first thing this morning and I'm back to my pre-cruise weight and it only took 10 days - emoji high five. Which means I will be opening my celebration box of peanut brittle some time today. It has been out of sight on a high shelf just waiting for this to happen. I promise we will talk cruise talk when I get home. Still lots of stories to share with you from our Jade cruise. And then on to my cruise of a lifetime on the Bliss to Alaska. There's the one titled "Juneau and the Whale" and it's gonna surprise you. Well I guess I've proven I can't do "brief". So I'm gonna quit even trying.
  15. Aprille and I are working on it. Usually it's just Aprille doing the planning but she has to do some income tax stuff and told me to work on it. We won't be cruising again this year but hopefully early next year. I may just try to keep this thread going until then. It's become my happy place.
  16. Oh my goodness no! They surely won't throw them away. My albums are my legacy and I have them labeled as to who gets them. And I know they will be treasured. I really do need to learn how to post pictures. I'm adding it to my list of things to do.
  17. No apology needed. You only posted the picture twice and I loved it both times. The grandson on the right reminds me so much of my favorite nephew. He had that same expression on his face when he looked at the 3 albums I had made especially for him when he was 3, 4 and 5 years old. He got married 2 years ago and those 3 albums were my wedding gift to him.
  18. And I am impressed that your daughter could take 20 years of amassed memorabilia and create incredible scrap books. I can only imagine how much time it took. But time isn't really important in the 'old school' scrapbooking world. It's all about love and creating lasting and beautiful memories.
  19. No problem at all rmandmm. I have yet to let anything ruin my vacation. I do hope you enjoy your first visit to Texas.
  20. Orange marmalade - I decided on orange marmalade for this batch of muffins. I was eating a warm one at 5:01 AM. Actually it was hot so I had to be careful. I was so eager to bake muffins this morning I forgot to weigh. I always do that first thing each morning. I didn't think about it till I was all dressed for the day - debated with myself about how much weight would compression hose, a nobra bra and a muffin add. I finally talked myself into stepping on the scale - I would insert a thumbs up emoji here if I knew how so I will just say the words - thumbs up. I'm not bragging or anything but just 2 and a half more pounds and I will be back to my pre-cruise weight. Well maybe I'm bragging a little bit. The muffin recipe is on the box of Original Fiber One cereal. But be advised - methods and ingredients change according to how I feel that day. I no longer even look at the recipe. Same goes for any recipe I try. By contrast, my sister follows a recipe to a tee. If it calls for a half cup of chopped green onions she actually measures and levels it off so it's exactly a half cup of chopped green onions. Bless her heart. And that reminds me - I plan to do a post explaining how that phrase works - "bless her/his/your heart". I grew up hearing it and finally figured it out. Glad to hear from some scrapbookers. emoji open palm slap to forehead - why didn't I know other folks would do digital albums. You can see why I don't since I've already told you I don't even know how to post pictures. But truth be known, I prefer my method. It's really not hard to paint a beach, some water, some sky and even a palm tree. Marty is the star of most of my favorite pages - because Aprille takes most of the pictures. I will try to briefly (I'm pretty sure some of you rolled your eyes when I said "briefly") describe a page or maybe two. I had a picture of Marty standing on the side of a hot tub holding a drink and leaning on the rail. I carefully cut him out of the picture and placed him on a sandy beach leaning against a palm tree still holding the drink of course. The title of that page was Beach Bum. I carefully cut him out of another picture where he was pedaling away on some pedaling apparatus. I sat him on top of a huge yellow fish I had painted and titled the page "Not my first rodeo" I do wish I could post some of my pages and maybe someday it will happen. I completely understand how difficult it is to scrapbook when you don't have the required space. I'm lucky in that regard too. My home is a double wide but has a large living room with room for a 12 ft work table. I can work when I want to and just leave everything where it is and come back when I want to. I hate ending a sentence with a preposition but I just did it anyway. I'm going to walk away now but have plans to come back later. I'm looking through my Jade and Bliss albums and I'm sure I will find lots more to talk about. -
  21. I'm in my jammies and ready to read for a couple of hours. Must say I'm a little disappointed I haven't heard from any scrapbookers. I have lots more to tell you about scrapbooking and probably will anyway. I took classes 25 years ago and I have really improved the way it's done. I call it "freestyle scrapbooking". Maybe that's why I like cruising on NCL ships so much. Freestyle works really well for me. I'm going to bake muffins in the morning - about 5 AM. The wet ingredients are measured and in the fridge and the dry ingredients are measured and sitting on the cabinet. So it won't take long to throw everything together. I haven't decided whether to add bananas or orange marmalade. The recipe doesn't call for either one but I do freestyle baking too. For me, a recipe is only a suggestion. I'm not ready to make the move to Floataway Lounge quite yet but I have decided to use the title suggested by Samstress - More musings by Ms. Mary. I added the Ms. because I like it. I haven't been keeping up with the news lately but caught up today - not good at all. This coronavirus is really scary and will surely affect a lot of our cruising plans. But if necessary, we can just hang together here on CC and I can tell you 90 years worth of stories. Some of them will probably be true.
  22. Okay I'm back - and I haven't been pouting all this time. I started a load of laundry before Aprille called - we always visit for half an hour or so. Then I turn on the porch light - that's the signal for my sister and BIL to come over for conversation and coffee and to pick up his mail - yes I really do have a sister and there is a family resemblance but that's about it. My glass is always half full and her glass is empty. We can talk about that another time. I'm determined to talk about Caribbean Dinosaurs for the next few minutes. Actually, the conversation is more about cheating in your album - and I do hope many of you make albums of your vacations. They are the best souvenir ever - except maybe for the bobble head I got on the Jade but that is for another chapter. I can't seem to get focused so I will take a deep breath and try again. Caribbean Dinosaurs quote from my Jade album - I did a lot of online research on Caribbean birds, flowers, drinks, beaches and dinosaurs. I have to confess I found nothing on dinosaurs but this is my favorite painting so I had to get it in the album even under false pretenses. It works for me unquote. So I immediately began plotting and planning to make it work. It would of course be a double spread. If any of you want definitions let me know but in the meantime I will talk fast. I'm getting a little tired of this subject myself. The left page was just my painting of colorful dinosaurs roaming around on an island that featured a palm tree and a volcano. I chose a real photo to use on the right hand page. It was just a small island we had sailed past - no scenery. I painted a tiny blue dinosaur on one end of the island and a tiny palm tree on the other. I painted a tiny volcano in the middle. I got lucky and found a sticker of a tiny cruise ship and affixed it at the bottom of the photo - perfect. And then the captain made this announcement: "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. Some of you have asked why we aren't docking at the small island on our port side. I have been advised there are hostile dinosaurs on the other side of the island so for your safety we are sailing on to Roatan. Have a nice day." Full disclosure - I knew no one would believe this story and that was okay. I was just having fun.
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