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  1. The Capture, on Prime. Knives Out [lighter whodunnit], The Shield [from a few years ago], The Good Fight, [follow through from The Good Wife, but better IMO], The Man in the High Castle seems to be enjoyed by people I know, but was very slow, not my cup of tea. These are on Prime Canada, I don't know about the UK. We are doing OK in Ontario, Mr Candle has been ill but gradually improving since April, two negative Covid tests, but several symptoms. Our small city is affected like any other place, restaurants suffering, clothing chains closing for good. I worry for the economy. My son
  2. I am late to the party as I only just read this, but I phoned Cunard a couple of weeks ago as the balance on the September voyage I had booked was due in the middle of May and I was told the payment deadline had been moved ahead to the middle of July. It was made clear if I had not cancelled by that date the very next day would start as a 50% penalty. [I had given them my CC to take the balance on the payment day]. I don't know if this information is of any use to you, I don't imagine it is only being done for this particular QM2 voyage.
  3. Thank you for your generous sharing of information, the sailing I am looking at is in September. I am following up with Cunard and will come back to this board when I hear back.
  4. Whether a competent TA or a Cunard representative point out before a booking that this "advantage" cannot be used is not the point, it is not good business to move the goalposts after a purchase has been made in good faith. No customer should have to present a sorrowful face to try to coax a Cunard employee to give what was agreed on.
  5. Our Future Cruise Credits were bought last September and stipulate The Future Cruise Deposit is not combinable with Last Minute Deals, Sailing Soon Savings and other fares offered inside payment. The voyage I was looking at was in September 2020, so not applicable to the aforementioned. They were bought onboard the QM2 and are covered by North American bookings.
  6. I emailed the Cunard Representative who has been allocated to me to confirm what the original poster had said and here is the answer verbatim "Yes, the FCD does lose the OBC on promotional offers".
  7. The deposit was non-refundable and $100. How would anyone know what a promotional fare is? There are so many sales as already pointed out, and not all are equal. I am sure I am not alone in buying the FCD for the OBC.
  8. The advantage goes to Cunard as some deposits are left in for longer than a year. Strange time to chose to do this as there is a distrust in cruising following the publicity given to Coronavirus onboard cruise vessels.
  9. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is the last day of the President's Day Sale and I was going to go ahead and book a Fall Voyage. I checked with Cunard North America who confirmed that the FCD does lose the onboard credit on promotional offers. I had stated which voyage I was going to book so there was no misunderstanding, this was a promotional voyage. Cunard have had our $600 US, since last Fall. I am no longer going on that NY-Quebec trip and have time to think over a reimbursement.
  10. I would give it a thumbs up!
  11. I had to check for myself to find that it doesn't matter where you have been living and for how long it is the passport that matters. I am sure the companies involved thought long and hard before coming up with these rules, but the feelings of Asian people isn't imagined, it is there in black and white. I do hope Cunard give people the option of backing out of cruises if they feel unsafe, and those that feel they are over reacting might be able to get a deal.
  12. Good luck in getting those kennels. I did the same thing over 30 years ago, taking 2 dogs and 3 cats from South Africa to the UK, but by air. They went ahead and were met by a business which took them into quarantine for 6 months, all of which had to be paid for and since only certain kennels were licensed to do this we couldn't visit that often due to the journey. Thank goodness quarantine is no longer necessary.
  13. I imagine for those raring to go, even an hour's delay is frustrating, but lots of days to enjoy after that. Am I alone in thinking that anything more than a couple of weeks is enough, even on the QM2? Perhaps my vision is being clouded by having xx amount of pets that need ++ care and attention. Bon Voyage to all!
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