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  1. Thanks for the answers. I will be on board 1st September and I will see if I can put down a deposit as I did once before.
  2. I may be wrong but I was under the impression FCC's were discontinued and only bookings are now taken on board to get the OBC. I asked about it last year and that was the answer, but maybe they have been reinstated.
  3. How often do we have queries from new cruisers about boarding times that are answered by the regulars on this forum with " Board any time you like, I did...………"
  4. We haven't been very lucky on our last couple of voyages being that Coriander was not offered. QM2 tends to do the selection of meals 3 days in a row and they haven't included Coriander. I asked one of the managers of King's Court who gave us the day that Indian Food was offered in the buffet, and we ate there on that day, but it seems that a schedule is followed for the pop-up meals in the evening. Hint for anyone from Cunard reading this 1 September for 1 week, any night is good for us.
  5. Being thrown out of bed is quite unusual, but rough seas do happen and on my first Transatlantic I had to throw myself onto the bed to avoid being thrown on. To see what the
  6. The only time I dealt with Cunard directly was when I had pre-paid a future deposit. Everyone was helpful and charming, but one of my flight bookings was cancelled, and they couldn't see that on their screens when I told them, but as I had already checked with Air Canada Cunard did follow up and reinstated my flight, but you have to be vigilant. I feel ChezR's frustration, but perhaps in time she/he will weigh the pros and cons.
  7. Yes, I would contact your travel agent or phone Cunard directly. It can be very frustrating, and you aren't the first. Good luck!
  8. I too was on the 2016 Quebec to NY and when we left Saguenay there were flags to wave along with chocolates given to us as we got back on board by the lovely people who lived there, and a fly over by the Canadian Air Force. It was a trip to remember, which we repeated in 2018. We are booked again for this year, but in the other direction with different stops. Hello to David who visited my stateroom in a group as part of the CC room visits, when we saw the magnificence of the new Single rooms.
  9. My husband I disembarked after the September 30th Quebec to NY voyage arriving early morning and getting off after breakfast. We had ample time to get to the airport home, so were not unduly perturbed when we were in the line - up for customs/immigration for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. There seemed to be no arrangements made for passengers who were just getting off for the day and returning before the QM2 left again for the TA. It was Bedlam, whether this was because it was a Sunday or because they were short-staffed, I don't know. There are taxis available outside but be sure to ask the terms BEFORE your luggage is put in the trunk of the car. I always feel like I have had a week in the womb with Cunard and then expelled into the reality of New York which is quite sobering.
  10. An excellent idea ew101. My husband and I are booked for the first sitting on a table for 2, on our next voyage, and one reason for the table for 2 is because I know we will not be there some evenings and don't want to keep anyone hanging on a bigger table. For instance, if we take afternoon tea, there is no way I would be able to do justice to a full Brittania meal, so will have something small in the buffet. Same goes for a lunch in the pub, sometimes there is only room in there later than we would like. I do feel that someone could have benefited from our absence for those couple of evenings. Loved your coverage of the transatlantic, seems like no stone was unturned.
  11. Thank you, Host Hattie. I almost felt as though I were there. It is such a generous gesture to send your daily updates for those of us that are in withdrawal.
  12. Celebrity offer drinks packages which are reasonable, they includes alcohol, bottled water, speciality coffees, and a Premier package that offers an upgrade in alcohol etc. We have always had these included as complimentary "Perks" at the Verandah level. [balcony on Cunard].
  13. I would ask for the lower pillow on the left. I like a flat pillow and have asked for one of the oldest, flattest, pillows that turned out to be pre- refurbishment. Eeeww...I know, but I was waking up with a stiff neck and on these two occasions was not offered an alternative. Sad really, I just wanted a flat pillow with any filling. A good sleep means a happy Cunarder, in my case, anyway. I will now take a pillow on my next voyage. Sad really for an upmarket line.
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