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  1. Update - full refund has been received for cruise, taxes, fees, insurance and internet! The transaction date was 4/9 (4/14 for internet) and posted to my credit card last night 5/14. No sour grapes here - we're happy and will sail Carnival again at some point.
  2. Funny, it's just like a lot of people have been saying - but some don't want to hear it. 🙂 People would rather believe Carnival is out to screw them over/go bankrupt/etc. I bet a lot of them won't take the time to read the article either.
  3. I don't know but I hope this keeps up - our CCL stock is worth quite a bit more than it was when we bought it a few weeks ago!
  4. I deleted my post because it somehow linked to the Australian site. 😳
  5. Carnival cancelled our 4/10 Spirit cruise on 3/20. It still showed up in my cruise planner online until the day of the cruise. Since I could still access it, I cancelled the shore tours and internet package on 3/25. I requested a refund for the cruise on 4/3. I received a credit back on our cc for the shore tours on 5/8 - it showed a transaction date of 3/26. That's the only refund we've received so far but at least it's something. 🙂
  6. I'd be happy with either of these two options but I think I'd give the edge to the Radiance because I love sea days. RADIANCE Aruba Grand Turk Curacao BREEZE Half Moon Cay Grand Turk Bonaire Aruba
  7. You were getting emails for your upcoming cruise - 3 weeks past the sail date? That doesn't make any sense. I got those emails up until the (canceled) sail date of 4/10 but not afterwards.
  8. Here's what it said in our notification from Carnival when they canceled our 4/10 Spirit cruise (Honolulu to Vancouver): If you purchased your own flights for getting to your cruise, we encourage you to contact your airline or travel agent about your options as the airlines are being flexible with change fees. We had flights booked on three different airlines - American (Orlando to Maui), Southwest (Maui to Honolulu) and Delta (Vancouver to Orlando). American canceled the second leg of our flight (DFW - Maui) a few days prior to our scheduled date, so on 3/31 I called and requested a refund. The agent I got on the phone was great and said it would be refunded back to my credit card within 7-10 days. I actually got it the next day. My SIL was booked on the same flight and she also called American on 3/31 and is still waiting for her refund. She's had to call three different times and has spoken with several people including supervisors. On her third call, American actually tried to tell her she canceled the flight before they did, which is incorrect. We waited until our reservation showed the flight was canceled, then we both called the next day. Last week, a supervisor finally agreed to give her a refund but said it will take three weeks. 😞 Our Southwest flight was finally canceled the day before the flight was to take place, but they immediately rebooked us on a flight a couple hours later. I actually got a text saying our Early Bird fees were being refunded to us before I got a notification saying our flight was canceled. For that one I just logged in on my app and canceled the flight and have flight credit that's good until June of next year. We fly SW all the time so I have no problem with getting the flight credit instead of a refund. Delta hasn't yet canceled our 4/21 Vancouver to Orlando flight but they've changed it so many times, it's now completely messed up. It was originally a two leg flight connecting in Seattle and they've changed it to four segments with the second leg of the flight taking off 90 minutes before the first leg even leaves Vancouver. No lie. 😂 At this point, I think I could probably call and ask for a refund but it's so comical it's entertaining. Every day I log in and see how many flights they have us booked on now. lol I'm just waiting to see if they cancel so I can request a refund online. I'd really rather not call if I don't have to.
  9. I actually think we will cruise sometime in the next year - but it will be more of a spur of the moment thing if a good deal pops up. And we'll go out of Port Canaveral so we can take a Lyft over that morning and not have to deal with flights, etc. Dealing with three different airlines waiting for them to cancel our flights hasn't been a lot of fun.
  10. It's not that we didn't fall for it .... we were pretty much on the fence about what to do. We had a week in Maui booked followed by a 10 day Honolulu to Vancouver cruise on Carnival Spirit that was canceled. Carnival doesn't have that itinerary on their schedule anytime in the next two years. My SIL and niece were going with us and we told them we'd do whatever they wanted - get a refund or take the FCC with $600 OBC. The OBC was very tempting but my niece is getting married next year so unless we could fit a cruise in this year (and who knows when that could be) it just wasn't going to happen for the four of us. We decided to take the refund and rebook our Hawaii trip as a land vacation in 2022. Maybe we'll get the money from Carnival by then. 😂
  11. I meant to add, if her deposit is refundable it seems like that would be her best option.
  12. This is not an answer to your question (because I don't know) but when Carnival refers to FCC - that's Future Cruise Credit, not a refund back to your credit card. We're waiting for our refund as well and I don't know if it will be broken out in smaller amounts (taxes, fees, insurance, shore tours, etc.) or a lump sum amount.
  13. We've been on two Thanksgiving cruises with extended family. One of the dinner options was a traditional turkey dinner with a special souvenir menu. Both times we had perfect weather and the cruise prices were lower than summer rates.
  14. This is what it says in the cancellation email we received from Carnival: Regardless of the option you select, your taxes, fees and port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, pre-paid gratuities, pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions, beverage and WiFi packages, and Fun Shop purchases will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment. We bought insurance from Carnival so according to the wording in the email, it should be refunded to us.
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