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  1. No Carnival ships here in Port Canaveral, just three Disney ships hanging around in my backyard.
  2. A friend gave me a set of 4 Tupperware reusable straws in a travel pouch last year. I have it in my bag of cruise items I had ready for our April 2020 Hawaii cruise that got cancelled. Hopefully I get to use that bag of stuff later this year!
  3. I may be the one misunderstanding but I think that's what Jetsfan58 is saying - if you use a straw it makes the drink disappear faster.
  4. Our long planned week in Maui followed by a 10 night Honolulu to Vancouver cruise scheduled for April 2020 was cancelled. We spent almost all our vacation days in Key West last year - 8 nights during 4th of July week; 9 nights mid-August and 9 nights in December. The only trips we have planned so far this year are 8 nights in Key West in June and hopefully our Mardi Gras cruise in December. We're only 6 hours from Key West, so we'll probably squeeze in another trip there at some point this year. We're also toying with the idea of "working from home" from KW if I happen to find
  5. I sure hope yours isn't cancelled - we just booked December 11, 2021.
  6. There sure are! There are always a lot there as well as some off the coast of South Florida. There are actually several docked in Miami now. I'm always checking the ship tracker app to find out names of ships we see from our balcony and can't help but check on the cruise ships a few hours south of here.
  7. Keep in mind these hotels are in Cape Canaveral and are not on the beach. But they are very close to the port. Not an awful lot within walking distance but there are a few restaurants in the area - Zarrella's, Kelsey's, Preacher Bar. The port has a bunch of fun restaurants on the water and is a quick easy Uber ride.
  8. Who knows if you'll be able to drop off luggage early with Covid protocols in place, but if you can if would definitely make it easier.
  9. We used to love going to the Cocoa Beach Pier for NYE, but it's not the same anymore. I can almost guarantee there will be some fireworks visible from the beach, but it likely won't be a town or port sponsored event. We spent the past two NYEs on our balcony watching people on the beach set off their own fireworks. I'm sure that's not what you had in mind though! 🙃
  10. We live in Cape Canaveral and work in Orlando but have been working from home since March of last year. Up until then, we drove that route twice a day and it very rarely took more than 45 minutes. In almost three years, we only got caught in accident traffic a handful of times. BUT it's no fun when it happens. I agree with the Grills plan - we're at that tiki bar more often than I'm willing to admit. 😂 If you're able to pull up to your ship and drop off your luggage to be checked in before you drop off your rental car, even better. At this very moment there are two
  11. I know exactly what the goal is but I wasn't referring to anyone working in the $5 stores. Many people who live and work there like Key West the way it is. Others remember Key West before cruise ships and want that back. Then there are the well off people who moved to KW to retire or live there part time and they want to "reimagine" the island and change it into something else. I know people in all three categories. It's hard to make everyone happy.
  12. It's a little over a mile - that's a lot of steps with luggage. 😂 But yes, a quick drive the morning of the cruise.
  13. My SIL lives in Jacksonville, near Jax Beach. It's just a little over 2 hours from there to where we live, 2 miles from Port Canaveral. We would probably drive all the way the night before unless we were too tired but I'd feel comfortable staying south of Jax to sleep for a few hours if needed.
  14. We're frequent visitors to Key West but always for a week-long (or more) stay, never a as a port of call. If our first time there had been during a cruise stop, I'm not sure I would have been in a big hurry to go back. You really can't get a good feel for the island with such a short stop. I know a lot of people in the service industry who were not for the ban, but many of them don't live in KW city limits and were unable to vote.
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