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  1. Uber/Lyft prices can vary depending on how busy they are, etc. We asked a local driver (in Cape Canaveral) about a month ago and he said it was running around $70 - $75 for airport trips. You can look it up on the app to get an idea of what they're charging but it would only be good for that time.
  2. We did the ID NOW test at Walgreens in late August and had our results about 30 minutes later.
  3. I uploaded both our vaccination cards on the app on my phone. My husband doesn't have the app on his phone just yet but will before the cruise.
  4. I'm on a laptop and having the same issues - started Saturday, I think. I can't log in on Chrome at all unless I'm incognito. I was able to log in on Edge, but hate that browser.
  5. I heard there was big news coming about an itinerary change on the shorter cruises out of Florida. No other details though!
  6. Definitely NOT our experience on the 8/26 Magic cruise. We arrived at 10:00 (for 10:30 check-in time) and walked right in and started the check in process. There was no congestion, no long lines. Super easy. And how in the heck is someone going to know 1000+ people in front of them all have a later check-in time??
  7. And same for us too. I uploaded the pictures of our vax cards almost two weeks ago and have gotten the reminder email three times since then.
  8. No worries, if that happens we'll just walk over to Grills and have a pre-boarding drink. 😍
  9. We woke up about 5 minutes before the launch and watched it from our balcony. It never gets old.
  10. You can do the online check in 16 days prior to your cruise.
  11. I've never had to actually type out that whole link. I just copy and paste it into a new browser, highlight the ABC123 and type my booking number over it. Then hit enter and it opens as a pdf.
  12. On our 8/26 Magic cruise we waited in the dining room with other Platinum/Diamonds for self-assist. The other self-assist guests were told to wait on a different deck. The allowed us to leave first but I image the others doing self assist were right behind us. We were outside the terminal by 7:30 am.
  13. I'd say check back closer to your cruise date to see what the actual experiences are at that time.
  14. Hopefully it was just a fluke that some aren't getting the invoice automatically.
  15. I've seen cruise vloggers speculate it will last until the end of the year and others have said until April. We have Mardi Gras booked for December and March and hope we get to try those venues for free. 🙂
  16. We're Platinum and did self assist off the 8/26 Magic. We were directed to wait in the dining room with Platinum/Diamond cruisers. We were home (2 miles from Port) at 7:44 am and that was after waiting for our Uber driver to pick us up a few minutes after we walked off the ship. Super quick and easy.
  17. In my world? I'm sorry I didn't explain it well enough for you to understand. YOU asked "Where did you hear that ports will deny ships if they have unvaccinated passengers". I simply answered the question. You're making a big deal out of nothing, sorry I tried to explain.
  18. We received the same email with no invoice attached. I called last week and had it emailed to me. Kind of ridiculous you have to request it now.
  19. We don't meet the age requirement but our oncologist told us to go get it.
  20. That was exactly my point. They're not allowing "unvaccinated" cruise ships to dock. If someone is eligible to get vaccinated but isn't, they're unvaccinated.
  21. We got our booster shots yesterday but our next cruise is 4 weeks away.
  22. The Bahamas are not allowing ships to dock if they have unvaccinated passengers (at this point that means those who are eligible to be vaccinated). https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/coronavirus/bahamas-orders-all-ships-to-show-the-vaccine-status-of-passengers
  23. Same - I can only log in on Edge and cannot log in with Chrome. 🤔
  24. We were on Magic in August and absolutely loved it. I'm with Firefly - I'd pick Magic over Elation. We live just a couple miles from the port and expect we'll cruise on Elation sometime next year but it will be for a shorter cruise at a price we can't turn down.
  25. This isn't the first time I've heard some of the test kits are defective. I read a live review on the Royal board and the reviewer had ordered a 6 pack since he had a few cruises booked and a few of them were defective! To be on the safe side, we need back up plans.
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