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  1. Can anyone tell me how much a bucket of beer costs these days? We're sailing on the Fascination in September and curious how much a bucket of Coronas would cost (how many bottles does it include?) Thank you in advance, Susie the wife lol
  2. Sorry to go back to the subject of rude shirts... I once saw a very big, bald headed man wearing a t-shirt of a black man with his neck in a noose... I find that very offensive. How do you explain shirts with pictures of people having sex to a curious 8 year old??? I bought my husband has a t-shirt that says " Let's play carpenter, first we get hammered and then I nail you." I think it's funny but he doesn't wear it in public...
  3. Thank you for all the advice!!! We booked on Boxing day and ended up getting a better price leaving from Montreal on Delta (YUL to JFK and JFK to SJU). Yay, only one flight change! The layover is only 4 hours, so that works out. We'll have time to stretch our legs and rehydrate 😉 Thanks again, Susie
  4. I'm in Canada, but I've noticed a few of our stores have resort wear or travel wear sections
  5. By the way, as a member of the retail service industry, $15 per hour is not nearly enough to survive with the cost of living. I work hard at a job I love for $14.05 per hour (because it makes me feel good). It's against policy to accept tips but I do appreciate a kind word or review. Here in Canada, people in the service industry work for less than minimum wage because the government expects them to get tips to supplement their income. That being said, I am lucky that my husband is salaried for the federal government here in Canada, otherwise I wouldn't be able to travel! When we cruise/travel, I tip depending on local custom and total cost of the excursion/ service. I am happy to tip because I know the realities of minimum wage. p.s Sorry if there are grammar mistakes, French is my first language!
  6. Can anyone with experience flying from Ottawa or Toronto to San Juan Puerto Rico help me? We're wondering what's the easiest way to fly to San Juan from our neck of the woods. Or would Ogdensburg, N.Y. be an option? It seems a bit early to book my dates for September 11-20, 2020 yet. Thank you in advance, Susu
  7. My DH and I were in Labadee about 4 years ago. A couple of things to keep in mind are that the beaches are rocky, so bring some water shoes if you have sensitive feet. I think it's less rocky where the premium spots are, not sure if you're interested in renting a cabana? If you like buying local crafts, just know that the vendors are quite aggressive. I felt very overwhelmed to be honest. I started speaking French (I'm French-Canadian) and things calmed down a bit. Live and learn I guess! As an excursion, we booked on a party boat that anchored by a sandbar. It was really cool! The operators of the boat are Canadian and were a lot of fun. The rum punch was strong and there was good music! I think they had a family option as well. We sailed with Royal Caribbean. Things have probably changed a bit in 4 years?
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