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  1. Just spent the last hour reading through this thread and it’s been fascinating reading about everyone’s experiences! My partner and I have been on a few cruises across a handful of lines - RCL, CCL, Princess, MSC - and have always had positive experiences. We like to cruise as it gives us some quality together time. We both have hectic jobs and don’t always have time for that back home (although COVID has changed that the last few months, but that’s a different story!)..... so we tend to keep ourselves on holiday but whilst we don’t actively seek out other gay passengers, we don’t
  2. That looks like bad news to me. Why increase debt at these interest rates if they have so much cash? This continual increase in debt will make CCL unprofitable for years. Yes, it will keep them in business for a few more months but it has to be paid back eventually.... and there's no government lifeline to bail them out if they can't pay. As the shutdown continues to be extended/reinstated with no obvious end date for the cruise lines to start sailing again, they will require even more debt to stay alive at increasingly unfavourable rates. Until there's a clear plan for recovery, it's jus
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