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  1. Damm I’ll miss seeing the people who think they are more refined drinking in cellar masters Met more real people in jeans and baseball caps then those who dress in tuxes.
  2. Weird ordering for the Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Antigen Card Home Test with eMed Telehealth. If I went thru the celebrity link it said out of stock....I went directly to the Optum health and ordered them no problem. Whichever figure Ill need it for my Nov cruise just cross it off the list of to do things
  3. All part of what will become a new norm for a while
  4. It’s a good PR marketing move for celebrity. Needed with this climate and hopefully coming out of Covid etc. need positive reactions from media n this will bring more press. Could care less who is captain there all really good with celebrity n have had same service with all of them. If anything individual workers make the cruise with their personal touch.
  5. Food is subjective. I enjoy blu and the overall lightness of it. I know my dad was not a fan but he is more meat n potatoes. But both main dining and blu have never been disappointed. I find blu has a better variety but that could also be because of gone thru main dining o many times. I like the smaller venue n breakfast was always wonderful in blu
  6. Most airlines will charge more if calling directly now. I do all mine on line, Each site is a bit different but I mainly only will use Jet Blue and American. Very simple to compare and rather do it thru the airlines for the ease of change etc these days.
  7. Are the shops closed. I know my travelmate ants to go to Louis Vuitton n Burberry etc in Aruba, Nov cruise
  8. The upgrade didn't show up in my cruise planner until a few months out from the cruise. Not needed but was not there originally when I booked the cruise last year. Showed up around Julyish for my Nov 21 cruise I think. Would not worry about it they add the upgrades eventually.
  9. I stayed in C1 on multiple times on Reflection and Silhouette, very little soot but always wiped down when room was taken care of. I
  10. Discount is only on select things not all. Private journey doubtful since it’s custom tour Sales pop up here n there but never know when.
  11. Still waiting on port updates for the 11/22. Grand cayman and key west probably no goes. Not worried really only cared about Aruba and Bonaire. No check in yet more concerned on the tsa pre check which just got changed from 30 to 60 days. All good.in this surreal times. All indications show it as a go from various sources. Now just need 45 days to pass
  12. Wow someone mentioning common fiscal sense. There are plenty of different options out there for people to choose from. I’m happy still with celebrity’s options and not confused at all by the pricing. I look at other lines when finding a cruise for specific regions and have been on others but overall celebrity is given me the best value, if others don’t like the value move to another really quite simple but it’s more fun for many to complain out right.
  13. As long as its not Francesco Schettino i think your good. Some say it does, but I never noticed anything different.at all. Some are seen much more but not an important factor in choosing a ship for me at all.
  14. Its all just marketing research for them. They have already adjusted a bit in allowing on some the mostly sail. Still very strange times and until things get fully back up and running they will adjust as needed. I think it will eventually be a hybrid model for them on bookings, they will have simply sail with no perks and the AI like they are kind of doing now. I dont see them going back to pick and choose what you want down the line. I think they should keep as simple as possible. They have no way to see if the impact on revenue, they can estimate sure, has been affected positive or negative since all ships are not sailing and they are doing very limited occupancys currently. The results will be in what ever marketing they come out with in the future. I chose all 3 even tho never sailed on E class yet, I like the design of the ship, I know many dont.
  15. Silhouette has lawn club grill which if all other things being equal would put me on there.
  16. Tbh the last 2 cruise 2019 so yeah not current my cards all wore off the front name and what was printed on them. I guess I used them to much. Still worked perfectly fine being scanned
  17. When is your cruise. I have 14 showing for curaçao for Nov 22 constellation
  18. Some people just cannot see both sides. I agree it’s very clear for me. If I just read the headlines of every article, advertisement etc I would have a different view of things and then agree it’s fake. So with this headline we all should have bought this car then No research ooo it’s the best
  19. And that’s why advertising puts those little stars at the end. To explain what it means. I saw the asterisk and went to bottom of page and gee it explains that always included is a choice, deceptive yes but that is what marketing tries to do. Done in many places and businesses. If you take all things products adv at there face value from ads best of luck.
  20. And if you pay for them now then cxl onboard to rebook you would have to pay whatever the cost is onboard not what you paid. Could be more could be less but probably more
  21. Guessing its a cruise by cruise thing that they have to look at and see if they can get another port in or Sea Day. Just going with the flo when it finally gets updated on the Connie at the point. Not much else I can do. Still waiting to finish check in for my Nov 22 cruise. Not to worried on either point tbh.
  22. Market conditions have completely changed since inception overall. Many companies have had to adjust all types of things.
  23. I figured something like that would be on mine, Constellation Nov 22, Cayman stop, Im hoping they add overnite in Aruba tbh
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