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  1. Yes we all have passports. Kids do too. I would never leave the U.S. with the kids without passports. We played fast and lose a few times before we started a family when we much younger...and dumber. Thank goodness it never bit us in the azz.
  2. Not worried about bankruptcy. I have 4 cruises booked with Carnival (rebookings). All 4 are paid in full. We utilized that Cheers offer but didn't have to put any additional money down obviously. I never ever book with a full deposit anyway. Ever. Just because I am too prone to changing my mind. If you're solid on those dates and that sailing then do it.
  3. All of my through 2022 have been changed to 10 days. It'll probably be changed back to further out once they resume sailing. 10 days is cutting it close for me, but I can live with it.
  4. What kind of FCC only lasted 6 months that they now won't extend at all? Can you clarify?
  5. Booked on her twice for 2021 since February 2019! It's been torture. Two cancellations. I will never sweat another new ship again!
  6. Not yet. For all the reasons previously noted above. I don't like ship excursions, so I hope they don't go there and make that the only option. But if they do, we'll roll with it. I just wanna sail again.
  7. Both options are fine with me. I buy from both to keep my accounts going. The AARP membership has always been worth the cost given the number of discounts you get on many other things. Sometimes the $100 cards are gone from Allstate, but right now they are 12% off vs. 10%. But AARP is instant. 5 a month isn't bad; especially if you also use Allstate. It took AARP over a year to get their crap straight with these cards after they changed to the new program, but it's fine now IMO. Allstate is a pain to set up. So both have their quirks. Overall, a nice option that I will continue us
  8. It's not just August. All 8-day cruises on the Horizon are gone till December.
  9. I would call back and if I couldn't get the drop then I would cancel. That's a whole other cruise you could pay for with that price difference. No way I would let that go.
  10. An Ambulatory accessible cabin is NOT equip to handle a wheelchair. There are grip bars in the bathroom and other features. There's no huge difference in these cabins like a full accessible one would be.The link posted above gives a perfect and accurate description. If they put you there, then I wouldn't worry about the possibility of being moved. Oddly enough, we were actually upgraded to an ambulatory balcony on our upcoming Horizon sailing. Didn't ask for it or for an upgrade at all. But my TA said he was contacted. Apparently the cabin we originally booked was in the middle of
  11. We grabbed tags for zone 18 last week and left @ 10:15 exactly. Out of our cabin by 8:30. I was surprised at how many people were still on the ship with suitcases waiting to be kicked off! We always are among the last to leave.
  12. Too early. Even for FLL. There's a reason why you're concerned.
  13. Because there has to be a dividing point somewhere. Every cabin is next to another one. Just like the same party in cabins next to each other can have different room stewards. They don't change the muster location based on who's sailing together.
  14. Dealing with buying gift cards through AARP has turned out to be an exercise in futility. Waste of energy. The program is garbage. I knew it would turn out to be a joke once they announced for months that they were changing the program but then weren't ready when they finally did. I'm thankful to be able to use Allstate although I know that simply doesn't work for everyone. It can be tricky. If that option ever goes away, I'm back to paying full price unless something other than AARP rewards is around.
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