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  1. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ VERY.WELL.SAID!
  2. Sorry you were disappointed. The room alone would of been a highlight for me. Creaking or not. Definitely try something new. I'm excited to on the Glory this summer!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Pics are great!
  4. I don't know the capacity for all of them either. The presidential suite is for 2. That's the one I was referring to. Beautiful rooms though. I love everything about this ship. Too bad it's still a long ways away!
  5. I guess that is the reason, but my sister and her two friends for example - who have become suite dwellers because as adults they enjoy the space - wouldn't mind treating themselves to a suite like this. They have the money and can well afford it. But because they cruise as a trio, this is not possible. I also don't agree with these huge suites being just for two. I love the whole concept otherwise although it's well out of my price range. They could have made them serenity suites, which is what I always thought the havana area should of been anyway. That would have ensured only adults book it instead of alienating anyone other than a couple. JMO.
  6. Agreed. If you've ever plugged in the codes, then you know they can't be used more than once. I usually save all of my emails and then go back through them and add the codes once every few weeks. Sometimes I Iose out, because I've waited too long and it will say right then "this promo code has either already been used or expired." You also can't take the same quiz for which you've earned points over and over again. The codes are one-time use. The reason why this one was "magical" is because it was able to be used over and over again. There's really no need to even cheat like this. You can earn 5,000 points a day. I rarely take quizzes. I log in daily, use the codes emailed to me, and the code from the insert when the cards are mailed. You earn points at double the rate when you are a member and this discount along with others make the annual membership fee of $16 well worth it. I made sure my account wasn't locked after I saw this thread yesterday. Hoping they didn't just blanket lock people's accounts who routinely buy Carnival gift cards. Worked just fine. But I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped offering the cards eventually behind this foolishness. I do have Allstate. And yes I'm a customer. So I'm good.
  7. The link John Heald posted this morning does not have that narrator, which is annoying. lol Love the cabins though including the colors.
  8. Every ship and all of their itineraries through April 2021 have been posted. Yesterday I was looking for my August cruise, but it was gone for a few hours. I think the system gets screwy sometimes. Eventually it did come back.
  9. Count me as one that loves only 3 ports. I always thought 4 ports in 7 days was too much. Grand Cayman Belize, and Half Moon will not be part of any Mardi Gras itineraries, because it involves tenders or rather "water shuttles." Been to GC enough and going this summer. Never been to Belize, but I guess I'll have to book another ship to get there. We're booked for October. I'm sure the ship will be beautifully adorned for the Christmas season!
  10. I thought the same thing. No 4Js either. Looks like all forward facing cabins where they normally go.
  11. You guys "snack" like that 3 times a day everyday? No wonder this bothers you. You could go broke! Try getting milk in the morning and keeping it in a cooler. No way would I pay $2 for milk. We order a little something nightly, so this change for us happened a year ago. Doesn't bother me a we don't use it during the day.
  12. You need to get out of the house more often. The Skyzone by my house is packed all of the time. Plus they have all kinds of special events and even exercise classes. It's in no shape or form out of style. This. You go for the tested and proven. Not some willy nilly idea in an attempt to be unique.
  13. I'm sure they knew. I doubt they cared. Too bad it's so bothersome to you.
  14. Nobody will be confused as the way they name the ships with Royal is always "of the" something. I highly doubt they looked to Royal for inspiration as the whole sun/radiance is the theme of the Sunshine class. Anyway, I've never been on the Victory but this dry dock was long suspected. Gives me another ship to look to booking. I'm all about the upgrades and amenities. I think it's great. Name and all.
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