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  1. Not everything is for everybody. I've had a few cruises where I only saw the room steward once or twice. They still did their job. And yes some rooms are smaller on this ship, which has been known since the deck plans came out. Conversely, many of the balcony are bigger. Sometimes too much anticipation can work against you once the actual cruise is here. Hoping that won't happen to us. We're so excited to board Mardi Gras after 4 cancellations and no cruise since January 2020. Doubt it will but there's always that possibility.
  2. I don't think taking them separately will be a problem. I do distinctly remember my husband listing my name on the test when ordering, cause I told him to make sure he hyphenated my name so there would be no confusion at the port. He listed my name and his and when we added our daughter we called and were specifically told she was not listed on the order. Now maybe that's because she is a minor. I dunno.
  3. Good to know. Question - did you guys test at the same time or did you connect to telehealth and test one at a time?
  4. When we ordered it, it asked us who the test was for. We listed our two names. Since we ordered and received the kits, we added our daughter to the trip. She is not registered and cannot test from the kits we got as her name was not listed on the order. She has a local appointment to get tested. As do we, btw, as a backup.
  5. Keep the suite if it's noise you're worried about. Typically not an issue.
  6. We are booked on the Sunshine sailing just before yours, which is now slated to be that ship's first cruise since the shutdown. We booked two weeks ago and prices have gone up slightly. Our cabin on the Mardi Gras next month is exactly $600 higher than it was when we booked. Carnival does give great casino offers - often with no rhyme or reason. But I'm like you, they certainly don't seem "desperate" to me. Who could blame them if they were though. I give the industry all the credit for not going under after over a year of ZERO revenue.
  7. Those offers aren't given out of desperation. You got them, because you haven't sailed with Carnival in a while. And because when you did, you spent some time in the casino. The longer you're away and/or the more you spend, the sweeter the deals get. I keep cruises booked and rarely go in the casino. They're not desperate enough to send me anything. Although I did get a good deal with Cheers included and took it!
  8. Oh and the balconies look huge. Can't wait to enjoy mine in October. Once I saw pics, I was thrilled with my decision.
  9. I've seen quite a few pictures and reviews of the forward and aft facing balconies. Mostly on that other page. None come with lounge chairs. Some people have asked for them and had them delivered on request.
  10. IF I had other cabins to split the cost with, I might do this for a day. But being that the only people in our group with priority access (having booked an excel suite) gave a hard pass, the rest of us booked in measely balconies won't have a snowballs chance of getting one once onboard. Glad I saw John's video cause that's the only way I'll see this part of the ship. lol. Enjoy those of you who indulge. YOLO!
  11. Just logged in. No issues. 6 travel gift cards there.
  12. I gave an answer based on the information I saw from someone who asked. It's fine with me if they allow you to buy gift cards since I used them almost exclusively with Carnival and therefore, well aware of all they can be used for.
  13. I agree 100%. I don't think people should be able to cash out either. I don't mind finding ways to spend all we have. But I do not get restricting the buying of gift cards. Especially since there is virtually no way to convert a gift card into cash. The money belongs to them forever. They should reconsider that restriction IMO.
  14. Someone asked John Heald about this and the person posted a screenshot of his response in my roll call. Cashing out at the casino and/or buying gift cards with the OBC granted from rebooking cancelled cruises will not be allowed. I don't know how they will do it, but they will be according to John. Not surprised.
  15. You're surprised that prices went up for a "sale?" lol. To someone booking for the first time and anxious to get onboard, the price may be just fine for them. Two people in my roll call booked yesterday. I'm 100% sure I couldn't afford the room I have if I booked it now.
  16. I'm fine with this so long as there are enough copies available. I prefer the paper copy over the app. The app half works sometimes. Not a fan of it.
  17. No salt in the wound here. You seem to have a failure to recognize that it is possible to agree with someone on a specific issue - even if you don't agree with their politics as a whole. I don't know anyone influenced by politics of any kind that agreed with the BS the CDC was pulling with cruiselines. Way too much overreach. They made it seem like cruise passengers started the virus then were the dirtiest, most untrustworthy group on the face of this earth. So I was all for the spirit of this lawsuit, and I'm glad the judge handed a victory to DeSantis. And yes I can say that without gagging or feeling as if I'm wrong about believing the science behind covid and the vaccines. The CDC likely doesn't have one person on the board who made these ridiculous rules who has ever sailed on a cruise ship (yachts don't count). And like so many even in the general public, they are clueless and ignorant to how they work. I take offense to the over arching crap tossed at cruising. Likewise I take offense when statements are made like the one you did - lumping people who you obviously disagree with in the same category. Just because your thinking isn't nuanced enough to see that it's o.k. and healthy to have mutual agreements and disagreements across the aisle, that doesn't make it so for everyone. Your statement was uncalled for and ridiculous. And wholly inaccurate - proven so almost immediately after your post. By me, a leftie who would love to give DeSantis a pound for sticking it to the CDC! The cruiselines are quite capable of making their own decisions for the safety of their ships, and I look forward to them doing so without interrupting any of their current restart plans.
  18. And they will. And they won't be able to put it all on the CDC.
  19. It is a win for Florida and DeSantis - no doubt. I was always in favor of the spirit of his lawsuit even though I don't agree with his political views otherwise. The CDC has already started relaxing and modifying some of the restrictions. It basically only sucks to sail if you're unvaccinated. And this is an injunction for 30 days. Who knows what will happen after that.
  20. July cruises out of Florida may wind up being cancelled. But I don't see why they can't ask for the information on a voluntary basis starting with August cruises. If they don't get % they need and the majority of passengers have responded by three weeks out, then start cancelling. Yes that is messed up but there has to be a way to deal with this. I don't see these cruise ships taking the chance on the bad press that will come from an outbreak/super spreader event. And yes I know vaccinated people can still get covid. But it's just not the same risk as sailing with a bunch of unvaccinated folks. These ships need to sail with fully vaccinated passengers for many more months. Until kids and many more adults who are willing and able get the shot do so. The country is doing good, but there's still a ways to go yet. The cruise industry does not deserve to be tanked like this. They have to start making money.
  21. Happy happy for the folks sailing out of Galveston in July! Enjoy yourselves. This was the best and most reasonable decision Carnival could have made. Looking forward to some news about Mardi Gras for the fall. I've been chasing that lady for two years!! 🤪 I don't wanna have to reschedule AGAIN.
  22. I was wanting to see if the shareholder OBC has been applied, because that's another thing lagging right now. I've faxed mine a couple of times. And it looks like we are on the same sailing! ☺️
  23. Right....a few weeks. That's a bit jacked up only because people would use that as a resource to check their onboard credit. I have a TA I can go to and check for me but not everyone does.
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