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  1. Did I miss a major cruise news announcement? RCL closed at $54 today. Obviously, the price will go up and down but the people who take a chance and purchased when the price was $20 or $30 are ahead. CCL and NCL are also up.
  2. What didn't you like about Star class? I think the decor in the ATS is cheesy. It's far from luxurious, which is what I would expect for the price. The bathrooms are not upgrades but the same of a regular balcony cabin. Not sure what this wasn't upgraded on the Oasis. I wanted something with two bedroom and found the A1 for $9200 on the Oasis this Dec for three people and the A2 for $6900 for three people also on the Oasis next Thanksgiving. Both were less than a CL with drink packages for all. The CL is my absolute favorite cabin and being on deck 17 beats everything. I feel like I cheated on my CL but the extra bedroom is a better fit for 3.
  3. Thank you, I knew I read someone made the switch.
  4. it should not. I think I read on one of these L&S threads that someone went from the empress to an Oasis class ship.
  5. What information on dining? It's pretty obvious Alaska will not happen this year as the port situation is out of Celebrity's control. To think otherwise is being unrealistically optimistic. Since any cruise scheduled to sail before Aug 20th is past final payment, sit back and wait for the cancellation. Then you can either get a full refund or 125% FCC. Alternatively, you can also move your sailing to 2021 with price protection or get a FCC (waiving $100 cancellation on a NRD) before it is officially cancelled. There are options. If people are still booking Alaska season 2020 it's probably because they want the 125% FCC. Why not take the money? It's considered a win win. Cancellations every 30 days make sense. This way the call center isn't overloaded causing longer wait times and provides wiggle room if things change at the last minute. It's a fluid situation that changes daily. If concrete answers are needed it's probably best to cancel and not wait things out.
  6. There is revenue from new bookings and cruse planner purchases. Albeit, not as much income if ships were sailings. A good way to increase income is to lower cruise prices and items in the cruise planner. If people believe there is a sale and they are getting a bargain money will be spent. Removing NRD was a good move in the right direction.
  7. Why not call RC using the number you normally do and verify? I saw something similar on another site and it mentioned there was additional OBC if the reservation was paid in full (earlier than final payment). The offer was verified when calling C&A. I don't think a second reservation would be mentioned if it's an offer. This is not how RC system works. Each reservation is separate and receive different offers. Going forward how things worked in the past may be different than present times. I wouldn't base decisions on how it was pre cruising shutdown.
  8. I have a few cruises that I am watching on the Equinox, Edge and Apex in 2021 and 2022. The before taxes, per person, for a S2 is between $350 and $460 with 4 perks. I am usually interested when pricing hits around $300 pp with 4 perks on a S Class or Edge ship. I was fortunate and found a 2021 5 night on Apex for $240 pp with all 4 perks. Prices drop after final payment so you may find suites less than $300 when this happens.
  9. The Capitansclub code works on 2022 cruises but it will reprice your cruise.
  10. Thank you, this code worked on my 2021 cruises without a repricing but this makes since as I booked recently. The code is valid for 7 nights or more sailings through Dec 2021.
  11. There is no guarantee prices will go down but if they do you can reprice. If prices go up at leas you got the better deal. My prediction is prices will fall within final payment like in the old days to fill ships. Before final payment it makes more sense to get as much money as you can. Book now for better prices and the best room selection. I agree. People are looking to put their FCC somewhere and as more cruises get cancelled there are more FCC.
  12. Thank for this information. It did not work on my 2021 cruises but did work on my 2022 cruise.
  13. It's the premium package. The small print seems to be incorrect.
  14. I've been monitoring prices on a few Caribbean 2021 cruises since cancellations began in March. There were no changes until the other day. I noticed price drops on 2021 Edge, Apex and Equinox suites but the Equinox has the best deals. Refundable Deposit All 4 perks Equinox - 6 Night Bahamas, Grand Cayman and Mexico cruise May 23rd S2 - $1849 / $308 per night (pre tax) Equinox - 8 Night - Eastern Caribbean and the Bahamas May 29th S2 - $2409 / $301 per night (pre tax) S1 only $180 pp more. Usually averages about $300 pp more. Equinox - 12 Night Ultimate Southern August 15th, Sept 5th and Sept 26th S2 - $3619 / $302 per night (pre tax)
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