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  1. When you opted for the FCC the taxes and port fees were refunded. When you cancelled the FCC the refund would be the cruise fare less taxes and port fees.
  2. I went to Mallorca on RC Allure of the Seas, which is bigger than any Celebrity ship... You will like Mallorca. It was really nice.
  3. Apex on April 17, 2021 price went down and is similar to July's pricing.
  4. I've been on the Celebrity Equinox and the Royal Princess. Some quick thoughts... Rooms - Princess room seemed smaller and the balcony was a joke. Two chairs barely fit. The selection of movies and tv programing is better on Princess. I had a mini suite and liked the curtain separating the bed from the living area. Each area has a tv, which was also nice. Ship - The Equinox has a more upscale feel and nicer furnishing. It always seemed too bright on Royal Princess. It was my first time on the Royal Princess and I was not wowed when I got on. Entert
  5. The $2990 (pre tax) is for 2 people.. a 3rd person is $598 (pre tax) Net for 2 $6236 (with taxes) Net for 3 $6926 (with taxes) I had the A1 booked for Dec 2020 on the Oasis. It was $9383 (with taxes) for 3, which is significantly more expensive than next year.
  6. I have an A2 on the Oasis during Thanksgiving 2021 for $2990 pp (pre tax) with C&A discount. I booked the first day prices were released.
  7. Although I do not think a cruise in early Dec will happen, you can move your deposit to a cruise in Nov, which has a better chance of being cancelled. If it's cancelled you can opt for a full refund or the 125% FCC. If it is not cancelled, you can use CWC and get a 100% FCC.
  8. Cruise prices vary so often that it's hard to say why there is an increase. An increase could be inflation or simply supply and demand. I don't see the logic of prices in 2021 should be the same as they were in 2020.
  9. You can cancel a FCC to get a refund. This is different from cancelling a FCC then trying to L&S.
  10. Why would you think the prices would be the same? The cost of everything rises year to year.
  11. I think once you get a FCC you cannot L&S.
  12. There are no available JS on the 8N Aug 2021 Symphony. I think there was a good price on these at some point. Tthe other suites are priced above normal and they are selling out fast. I was monitoring the price of a CLS. One day there were 14 available and two days later there were six. Now there are only 4. Demand is still there. I don't think there was any 8N to ABC islands in 2020 to do a L&S so these are new reservations.
  13. I would not chose the Explorer over any Oasis class ship. It's smaller, older and the room furnishing look more dated. Either the Harmony or the Oasis would be my choice. The Oasis's dry dock last year added some great upgrades and gives it a slight advantage over the Harmony in terms of venues. Cococay has better food options than Labadee and has the Oasis lagoon, which is a nice place to spend the day. The Symphony of the Seas has an 8N ABC island sailing in August 2021. If the dates work, you will have Labadee, ABC islands and I am sure there will be plenty of kids in Au
  14. I got It yesterday on Apex 4/24/2021. It was the least expensive of all the 2021 E class Caribbean sailings. I check prices daily but have not looked today. Pricing may have gone back up today.
  15. I got the same good deal on the March 15th cruise. I agree that the 125% wont cover another sailing. I did a L&S to 2022. The biggest downfall for me is that this was going to be a post dry dock sailing with all the upgrades. Without the upgrades the Infinity is a bit on the older side. I am hoping maybe by 2022 things would have improved and the upgrades added.
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