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  1. I tried the email and it was returned. This week I called MLife and the match was done over the phone. The rep put me on hold and called RC to verify my status. She came back and said my status was verified and I have been upgraded to gold status. I can pick up a new card in any casino.
  2. crusinthrough

    I thought Dogs weren't allowed?

    First day, last day or any day in between, I would have politely asked the concierge if pets are allowed on furniture? It's not a compliant, it's a logically question.
  3. crusinthrough

    I thought Dogs weren't allowed?

    You can probably get more of a reaction from RC if these pictures are posted on social media (FB / Instagram / Twitter etc) vs CC. There is a bigger following on these sites than CC. If enough people make noise RC will enforce their policy. I don't dislike dogs, I just rather not have them in the same place I eat or sitting in a chair at a table.