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  1. crusinthrough

    OBC Withdrawal - Casino

    True.. Royal has found a way to create two losing scenarios for passengers but only a win for them, which is actually impressive. In the past I only needed to think about how to breakeven with the bar on my drink package. Now I have to think about the monetary value of my time while on vacation. Vacationing on Royal requires a lot of thinking... lol
  2. Hi CruiseKeeper and Frank808... It really was a great cruise despite the beginning. I agree the expedited sea pass issue needs to be corrected and ort personnel needs to be trained.
  3. crusinthrough

    OBC Withdrawal - Casino

    That's kinda what I thought. Obviously, the advantage of getting your OBC earlier is not having to wait on a long line at the end of a cruise.
  4. crusinthrough

    Allure after Harmony

    You nailed it on why I think the Oasis and Allure wins over the Harmony. The upstairs bathroom in the CLS and the bar in the SL are huge negative changes to me. Based on pictures from Harmony’s SL, it appears the furnishings are not as nice as on the Allure / Oasis. I think because the chairs in the SL on the Oasis / Allure were from the Viking Cown Lounge prior to the conversion. I am sailing on the Harmony next year only because it was less expensive than the same departure day on the Allure and it is sailing out of Port Everglades. Otherwise, I would be on the Allure and would not pay more to sail on the Harmony or Symphony. I just got off the Allure and agree it’s beginning to show it’s age in the Diamond Lounge. I did notice any other area. Hopefully, furniture and carpet replacements are on the change out list for the 2020 dry dock. This had no impact on my cruise it was just something I noticed. It was actually one of my best cruises... love the Allure.
  5. crusinthrough

    New Program called "The Key"

    Negative for me as well but I usually book a suite. On the Carnival board many people said they would not buy the faster to fun pass but it sells out every cruise. After it sells out I’ve read of people stalking the website just to see if it becomes available again. I’m pretty sure this will be the same.
  6. I was on the Allure Oct 21st sailing and in a suite. I arrived at the port after boarding began around 11:30 am and was told to go to the back of the regular line. I made it a slightly big deal because suites get priority and 11:30 was the time on my expedited sea pass. The guy i was speaking eventually let me go through. In hindsight, it probably didn't matter much.
  7. crusinthrough

    OBC Withdrawal - Casino

    I was on the Allure two weeks ago with a cash account. I withdrew refundable OBC in the casino and was charged 5%. I went to GS in the middle of the cruise to withdraw the remaining refundable OBC and was informed because I had a cash account that I could not withdraw the remaining OBC until the last day of the cruise. I asked if I had a cc on file would I be able to withdraw the OBC prior to the last day? Unfortunately, the response wasn't very clear .
  8. I tried the email and it was returned. This week I called MLife and the match was done over the phone. The rep put me on hold and called RC to verify my status. She came back and said my status was verified and I have been upgraded to gold status. I can pick up a new card in any casino.
  9. crusinthrough

    I thought Dogs weren't allowed?

    First day, last day or any day in between, I would have politely asked the concierge if pets are allowed on furniture? It's not a compliant, it's a logically question.
  10. crusinthrough

    I thought Dogs weren't allowed?

    You can probably get more of a reaction from RC if these pictures are posted on social media (FB / Instagram / Twitter etc) vs CC. There is a bigger following on these sites than CC. If enough people make noise RC will enforce their policy. I don't dislike dogs, I just rather not have them in the same place I eat or sitting in a chair at a table.
  11. Thank you for the address, I realized the name was Tastee Patties after it was too late to edit.
  12. “If anyone is wanting to get fresh Tastee Patty's in Falmouth, the store is about 2 blocks from the port gates.” Do you know the name of the place?
  13. Yes, it’s RC responsibility to enforce their rules and policies.
  14. [quote=A&L_Ont;57138161 There was also a Pinnacle Lounge on deck 17 on the port side of Allure and Oasis. It was transformed into a large suite at their first respective 5 year dry docks. Glad to read someone else remembers the Pinnacle Lounge. I remember the lounge because I was planning a reception there on Oasis's first sailing after dry dock in 2014. Midway through planning my TA informed me that the lounge was being replaced by a suite and I had to use Dazzle. I think it's the RS # 1701. I don't know if was meant for Pinnacle guests or was called Pinnacle Lounge because of the location.
  15. See above... over the years I have seen many suggestions of D and D+ being in separate lounges because there are many D’s and the D+ should share a lounge with Pinnacle. My point was if there is going to be a Pinnacle Lounge it should be for Pinnacles not Pinnacle and D+. RC corporate office needs to periodically examine their practices to ensure guests are receiving the experience that is marketed and sold at a premium. If necessary, make adjustments. Maybe even allowing junior suites in the SL? Obviously, it is known that the number of non suite guests in the SL can be taxing on resources. If not, there would Pinnacle cruisers would be allowed in the SL during the upcoming President cruise.