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  1. What do you mean not the same???? Ale = Beer Cheddar = Cheese 😃🍻🧀🍺
  2. The unsolicited advice was free. Besides it was good info for others reading the thread. Win/Win 😊
  3. That's right! I've not gotten it cheaper for myself but I did see that when pricing cruises! When we've booked, the pricing was always about $100 or less than an interior (with the balcony discount) total for the cabin.
  4. Agreed. Seaing (spelled wrong on purpose) the ocean from our room is not special for us for instance. CP cabins have the advantage of costing very little more than an inside cabin and getting fresh air when needed. Watching people strolling in CP is more interesting (to us) than watching an ocean with no activity on it. We spend little time in our cabins anyway.
  5. We've stayed in Promenade rooms and have enjoyed them. Very little price increase over a standard inside cabin. We won't stay in inside rooms anymore however ever since seeing the ships quarantined during the covid breakout requiring people to stay in their cabin for days on end.
  6. Agreed. Rust will appear within a week of commissioning.
  7. Actually they have a lot of class! Unfortunately it's all low.☺️
  8. If they're vegan, how would they know it tastes like real bacon? Are they cheating?
  9. Yipes! Way above my comfort level!
  10. That person does too exist. RCI just hasn't hired him/her yet.... 😀😄
  11. Thanks for the info. We always pick our cabins and now we know not to "move up" if we are offered something.
  12. We just cancelled our December cruises because of this, masking, and testing. Only one booked cruise left for May 2022. If things don't normalize soon, that one will be cancelled and we will figure out some other venue for vacations.
  13. The MDR no longer takes too long. It's more like a regular restaurant now where they want to serve you quickly and get you out. They even take your complete order including desert right at the begining of the meal.
  14. LOL MDR dress code went "that-a-way" several years ago. Nothng is enforced even if there is a code.
  15. 1. Fickle of the Seas 2. Avaricious of the Seas
  16. We always request a big table too for the same reasons. Some cruises have been a bust though because people go to specialty restaurants or Windjammer and the wait staff won't let you switch tables. There have been times whe we were the only 2 people at an 8-top for the entire cruise!
  17. I know "to each their own" but to me, I hated the the disco thing back when it was popular. Thank goodness it was short-lived (in my opinion). There was a lot of other great music from the '70's. On my first cruise in 1996 they had a sock hop which was a lot of fun. I guess that's getting quite old now. I see by the thread so far that things are moving forward and the "oldies" are now into the 90's.
  18. Year after year, it's the same party on every cruise. It's getting a little stale for me, Anyone else like to see it go away?
  19. We do not have kids but we sail every year just before Christmas and the ship is decocorated to the hilt. We've only been on two cruises over Christmas and both times they went all out for the kids! For instance, Santa was tracked by radar until final arrival on the ship and then gifts were given out for the kids. (Not sure this would work on the mega ships!) They always have extra Chrismas shows in the theater and at the ice rinks. You and your kids will love it.
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