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  1. I was curious since I had never seen this commercial and found it on youtube: 1981 3 Musketeers ad with pre-WarGames Ally Sheedy - YouTube
  2. I'll start with a couple: "Take it off, take it all off" "You're soaking in it."
  3. I met a beautiful young woman at a nightclub, we were getting on very well when she said she had something to show me: She removed her wig and she was totally bald. ''It's alopecia.'' She said. ''But if you still like me you can ask me anything." Well, I have always wanted to know, so I asked her straight. ''Does your condition make you bald in other places?'' She whispered in my ear. ''There's only one way to find out.'' "Of course." I thought. "What an idiot, forgetting about Google at a time like this."
  4. All you old timers will get this one.
  5. A woman playing golf sliced her drive terribly and hit a man on the jogging path nearby. She watched in horror as he shoved his hands between his thighs, fell to the ground, and writhed in pain. She rushed over, knelt down beside him and said, "I'm so sorry! I'm a doctor, I can help." Still in pain, he agreed. She gently took his hands away, unzipped his fly, and reached inside. For several minutes she gently massaged his privates, trying to relive the pain. After a bit she asked, "Is that feeling any better?" He replied, "Feels great, but I still think my thumb is broken."
  6. This thread seems to be slowing down. Perhaps it's run its course since we seem to be exiting the pandemic. I've really enjoyed it. Thanks to all contributors.
  7. I forgot to mention that one time we had to ask for the block.
  8. We have a few crystal blocks but we never had a ceremony. It was just left in our cabin so I guess it's no change for us... 🙂
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