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  1. I thought I’d provide an update. I finally called American Express and filed a dispute for the rest of my refund. The next day I was notified that Royal had credited everything they owed me back to my card. So if you’ve been waiting for months for your refund, go ahead and call your credit card company. Royal has no incentive to hurry with large dollar refunds, but I’m guessing they don’t want to mess with the credit card companies.
  2. Cancelled March 15 (130 days ago) and still waiting. I've gotten dribs and drabs of money back, some of which I could identify as port fees, dining package, etc, but some amounts I couldn't figure out at all. Still owed over $3200. On the last phone call I had with them they finally said it was because the cruise was originally scheduled for summer 2019 and at the last minute I had to postpone it to this summer, due to my mother being placed in hospice. Somehow they claim that messed things up. I am out of patience. Based on the last call I should have the money by
  3. We’re going to be at CocoCay in December with another couple. Both husbands have had issues with skin cancer and will want to be in as much shade as possible. Does the Coco Beach Club have plenty of umbrellas and/or trees for shade, or should we get a cabana? I hate to spend the money for a cabana but if the guys would get more shade there then it would be worth it. thanks.
  4. Thanks for posting this! I also cancelled a cruise on March 15 (before final payment due date) and was told the refund would take 7-10 business days. I didn't really believe it but wasn't sure how long to wait. Now I have a better idea and will use April 19 as a good time to start expecting to see it. Good luck to everybody!
  5. This is correct. I canceled before final payment and I got the non refundable deposit back as FCC, and the rest of what I had paid on the cruise was credited back to my credit card. I normally don’t pay anything until final payment is due , but this was a cruise I had to postpone from last year at the last minute. All of this makes me even less likely to prepay in the future.
  6. I just cancelled a long-planned Baltics cruise in July that I had already postponed from last summer due to family illness. I'm also going to have to cancel another long-planned cruise in July with my grandsons to celebrate their high school graduation. Plus my niece's wedding is in April and I'm thinking it's going to get cancelled too. I've still got a December cruise planned, but I'm a little bummed right now on cancelling (again) things that were special to me. My FCC will be applied to the December cruise but I think I'll wait a while before I cruise again after that. I kn
  7. DH and I were booked on Brilliance of the Seas out of Amsterdam on July 4, and since we're both older, high-risk, passengers we definitely didn't want to go. Since Final Payment is coming up soon I went and ahead and called RCCL today and cancelled. First of all, they answered the phone right away!!!!! Don't know if it was because I called the C&A number but I was happy to not have to wait for hours. Since it's before Final Payment date, they are giving me the $900 deposit in the form of FCC and the rest of what I've paid toward the cruise is being refunded back to my credit
  8. Thanks, awestover89, but all I've paid so far is $800 in deposits for the rooms. That's not broken down by passenger on the invoice.
  9. If this has already been discussed, forgive me for asking again. I have 3 cabins booked for a cruise in July. I’m paying for all of them but of course my name is only on one. All 3 reservations are linked and I can view them all when I log in online. So if I cancel, who gets the FCC? Does it go to me since I paid for it? Or does each person get a portion of it? One cabin is 4 minors - would that make a difference? Thanks in advance!
  10. Guess I was lucky. I was only on hold about 20 minutes. The dedicated C&A number just gave me the funny busy signal so I called the regular number. The poor agents are really swamped, but the lady I spoke to said she didn’t mind because she’s getting overtime.
  11. I know the Classic Soda Package doesn't include bottled water, but do the Freestyle machines have water available? Thanks.
  12. I have a couple of questions for those of you who are experienced with the St. Petersburg tours. 1. A lot of tours describe the activity level as "intense" or "strenuous". I'm 63 and had both knees replaced a few years ago. I can certainly walk long distances and climb stairs, but can't maintain a fast pace for very long. Is there really that much difference between tours described as Intense (say, Alla's 19 hr Grand Tour) as compared to one described Moderate (like Alla's 16-hour Must See Tour)? And how much standing around could we expect, as opposed to walking? Strangely e
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