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  1. Not a snowballs chance in heck would I go on a cruise right now...at any price. And I am not living "in fear", just living sensibly. There will always be cruises in the future. My concern is not so much for getting sick, but just getting trapped on a cruise ship and/or in quarantine for weeks because somebody else got sick.
  2. Agree 100%. But then maybe we don't understand how special some people are, or how delicate some are in they cannot drink a certain brand or out of a certain container.
  3. Go to the carnival website and start booking a cruise. When you come to the "Tell Us About Yourself" screen, click the box for past quest number. Then click the "Forgot your VFIP Number". Enter your name and birthday and your number will pop up.
  4. Never been on a bad cruise, but you are going to call and complain? Color me confused.
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