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  1. Agree 100%. But then maybe we don't understand how special some people are, or how delicate some are in they cannot drink a certain brand or out of a certain container.
  2. Go to the carnival website and start booking a cruise. When you come to the "Tell Us About Yourself" screen, click the box for past quest number. Then click the "Forgot your VFIP Number". Enter your name and birthday and your number will pop up.
  3. Never been on a bad cruise, but you are going to call and complain? Color me confused.
  4. Last August we were on the Breeze along with 4400+ other passengers. We booked a private excursion at Grand Cayman...a tender port. IIRC the tenders started running at 0700. I did not listen for any announcements and did not get any tender tickets. About 0800 my family of four headed down to deck 0 and were about 10 people deep in line for the next tender. We were on shore in no time. The longest "delay" was just waiting for the tender boat to fill-up with fellow cruisers. But I can imagine initially it is a rat race with all the Platinums, Diamonds and FTTF trying to get "theirs".
  5. Those sideways interiors are great rooms. Not sure if they are bigger, but the layout sure makes them seem that way. The three closets are by themselves down a little hallway, and the cabin door opens into the main part of the room. So someone could be getting into a closet at the same time someone is going in/out of the bathroom at the same time someone is coming in/out of the cabin door and none of the three would be in each other’s way. Even better if you book one of those on deck 12!
  6. I hate missing workouts during a cruise as well, but like you don't care for cardio machines and the free weights are usually busy. So...just an idea...go to the aft stairs/elevators and take the elevator down to the lowest possible level (Deck 0?). Now take the stairs to the highest possible deck..start out about 80% effort in hopes you can make it to the top without slowing down. Take the elevator back down and repeat 5-6 times (or more). If you do this early, say before 0730, you will likely have the elevators and stairs to yourself on sea days. A very intense cardio-interval training exercise that doesn't much time at all. And when done, either head to the gym for a couple sets of push-ups for your upper body and planks for the core...another 10 minutes max. Overall great workout that is not dependent on any classes, trainers, machines or schedules. I do five trips up the stairs, but that is on dream class which IIRC has 3-4 more decks.
  7. So you want credit for dollars spent...but I will bet since you are retired that you generally cruise during the non-peak season to save money. I don't expect an answer and I would probably be skeptical if you said you do sail during peak season so you can spend as much money as possible...being retired and all. But beyond that...sure you spend more for a balcony...but you are getting "more" during your cruise...and that is a balcony to enjoy. You cannot have your cake and eat it to...but in this case is sounds like you want someone to chew it for you as well having it and eating it. Just another entitlement thread. Flame away!
  8. Sometimes kids need a vacation from their parents too!
  9. There is an old saying "I loaned my friend $50 and have never seen him since....it was the best $50 I ever spent". Imagine what drama you might have found yourself in had she gone on the cruise, or had you remained friends and were invited to her wedding, etc. This $400 might be the best $400 you ever spent!
  10. "Lugging it around" with you is not a big deal. Our last cruise we had medium suitcase full of canned soda and 7-8 books. It was heavy. But it had wheels. And there are elevators on ship. We wheeled to the elevator after getting on ship. Up the elevator to the lido. Wheeled through the lido to stairs leading up to the Italian restaurant. I had my 18 year old son carry it up the stairs...oh the horror of it all. We had a nice relaxing lunch, and then about 1:20 we left the restaurant to go to our cabin. I carried it down one flight of steps...absolutely exhausting and at that time I wish I spent $90 for FTTF...NOT! Wheeled it to our cabin on the lido deck and were done with it. Again not a big deal...not a little deal...it is no deal at all.
  11. My oldest son loves the Happy Birthday song in the MDR. He intentionally sings very loud and very off-key. Makes me laugh..a lot. My wife..not so much. Oh well.
  12. On our August Breeze cruise, there was a family/group of people front and center near the lido pool at the sail away party who all had (stupid) matching shirts. One guy, who appeared to be the patriarch, was wearing a captains hat (how original). He worked really hard to be the center of attention, trying to stay on camera. When the CD came out to start the proceedings, this guy gets right next to him, continuing the bad dancing, etc. In short order, other Carnival employees and Thing 1 and Thing 2 gathered around the CD, effective pushing the attention hog out of the frame. Once he realized nobody was "Looking At Me", he faded away. Too funny. That 5 minutes reminded me why I avoid the Lido Pool area during our cruises (I was passing through getting some water from the buffet area).
  13. I find it very easy to drive to Galveston from San Antonio. Take the Sam Houston tollway around the south side of Houston...easy peasy...with three chances to stop at Buc'ees each direction. It is all good. As for those mother nature issues...well, every port has their issues. But if you fly...ok. But I would never fly to take a cruise as it adds so much to the cost it would not become our vacation of choice at those price levels.
  14. We have "only" cruised 6 times, all on carnival. On our last cruise in August, it was clear that many things have become predictable and were bordering on routine. Neither are words you want to use when describing a vacation. No doubt we will be taking a break from cruising for a couple years. And who knows, maybe during those years we will find other vacations and/or interests that we will like better than cruising. Would not surprise me if we never cruise again.
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