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  1. Hahaha...oh yes, the drawer of scorned cruise items: Full faced snorkels Snorkel vest Sea bands Seasickness patches Many new swimsuits Dressy clothes and shoes for rapidly growing teen boy Waterproof backpack Water proof phone case Rubber Birkenstocks And of course the worst of all...my non-refundable cruise!!!
  2. Respectfully, I was speaking to them and they said they will not send me such confirmation. I am not in a rush to receive said confirmation, but I was told I would not receive one period. In fact I specifically said, “I’m not in a rush”. I hope you’re right though!
  3. They have said they will not send a confirmation of my cancellation with proof that I did not receive a refund or FCC. When I go online it is as if I never booked the cruise, otherwise I'd just print the screen that shows I cancelled.
  4. Celebrity won't even give me a simple confirmation that I cancelled and am not receiving an FCC so that I can provide proof to my insurance to recoup some of the money that way. So yes, I blame them.
  5. Not blaming them for anything other than their lack of communication and outright withholding of information (confirmed COVID on the ship I was supposed to sail on the very next sailing and Celebrity outright denying it after it had been published by the Canadian government). Now they want to withhold my money because I cancelled a few hours before they decided to. I was at the port! They could be a little more reasonable and flexible at this time. I stuck by them until I was genuniely afraid of being trapped outside of my country or not being able to get a commercial flight. It does put a bad
  6. We received an email yesterday stating that we would receive a full refund if denied boarding. They used the words full refund, not credit toward future cruise.
  7. I have a little cross body bag I will put it in, or my pocket. I also have no desire to wear a lanyard.
  8. Breakfast in MDR, reading in the sun, a little day drinking, maybe do an onboard activity, maybe a little nap.
  9. I got these and love them! They can be worn for anything except maybe the formal night. I will be walking in them, beach, wearing with dresses, pants, you name it! The rubber birkenstocks.
  10. Oh dear god no.....gross!!!!!! Why people why???
  11. The only thing I changed was an upgrade to a balcony..JUST in case.
  12. Oh you like Seche Vite?? I was thinking of picking up a bottle tonight actually! I haven't tried it before. I like the Essie Good to Go topcoat but I hate how skinny the brush is. I find I can't get it to glide on well and it ends up streaking my nail polish underneath.
  13. Can anyone eat at the spa cafe, even if not doing a spa service?
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