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  1. My first cruise ever was the Century! Gorgeous.
  2. Ha, mine is the same except July 2022. I should have mentioned I would be trapped in the room with a teenager. If I was alone with my kindle and a bottle of wine it would be no problem lol.
  3. That is a huge relief, thank you! I'm terrified to be trapped in a tiny windowless room!
  4. This question is only for the people who would have actually booked an inside room PRE pandemic 🙂 Our next cruise is an inside room (not for a year out) and I see that they are still actively quarantining on ships - not sure what that will look like in a year's time. Would any of you still consider booking an inside room at this point? The price difference is so significant even with the FCC, I would probably be better off doing a land trip rather than upgrading to a verandah. This inside room is going to cost 800 more than our cancelled cruise and that was a verandah.
  5. Id be more than happy to use a port off the mainland. However it would take years for these changes to be put in place.
  6. This makes me feel better, thank you! I’m booked for Venice. I took a gamble and booked accommodations for the week before, as I assume once travel is in full swing it will be hard to get a hotel, especially at a good price.
  7. Is Infinity going bye bye or is this still an unsubstantiated rumour? I'm booked summer 2022.
  8. I assume testing is here to stay since the vaccines aren't 100%
  9. The weather is amazing here in September, our best month. October is cool but the leaves are beautiful.
  10. Yes, sadly. We are all with you though!! Feeling super pent-up and pandemic fatigued as we close in on a year of this prison. It sounds like they will have cruises for locals or same-country (maybe even within EU) but international travel still has a lot of hurdles to overcome (ESPECIALLY for Canada) and I have zero faith in my summer '22 trip at this point. I would honestly not put another cent into a cruise, if you have yet to make final payment.
  11. If I was American I would definitely do something like this! Cruises to nowhere from Canada don't have the same flare lol
  12. I have to agree...lobster on a cruise ship and almost every resort...no thanks. lol.
  13. Halifax is magical and offers MUCH. I'm sorry that you didn't get the full experience in your time here. It's a walkable port but that isn't the best part of the city and surrounding area, by a long shot. I could offer some great recommendations for amazing gastro experiences...no lobster included 🙂
  14. No chance whatsoever for 2021. I am starting to have my doubts about 2022 now as well.
  15. We've been pretty much locked down since March so yes. Normally I would save the special clothes for vacation but then wear them in summer after. My lounge wardrobe has grown extensively since covid, however 😅
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