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  1. Hello sorry for delay in getting back to you. Firstly I will say that being November we had amazing weather, with hardly any rain that bothered us. In Mauritius we arrived very late at our hotel which was located in Tombeau Bay and travelled by taxi the roads were fine, hard surfaces much like the normal road surfaces in most countries. The following day we took our hotel courtesy bus into Port Louis, and here we did everything ourselves on foot deciding not to venture too far as still tired from our long flights the previous day ( also we knew we would be back in Mauritius at end ) the next day we went to the port around 12 30 and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly embarkation was, we were on board within an hour. When we arrived in Victoria Seychelles we decided after doing some research to do our own thing and walked to the bus station and took a bus to Beau Vallon which was a lovely beach/seaside resort . It is very reasonable on public transport, We saw lots of people from our cruise here who had taken the cruise tour which was exactly the same as what we did on our own, and hugely expensive in comparison. The next day in Victoria we took a tour from outside the port it left around 7 30 am ( the lady who accompanied us was called Danielle and she had lots of knowledge, she operated the tour but unfortunatly I cannot find her details ) and we did some Island hopping we visited a nature reserve and back to Victoria by 6pm the roads once again were all fine and there wasnt any rush to get back to ship as we were in port overnight, the next day we did our own thing again and went to the Botanic Gardens just around 25 min walk from the port we had a couple of hours here and had a comfortable walk back to the port ready for our departure to Madagascar. At Nosy B, we were tendered in , here we took a 4 x 4 vehicle again from outside of the port and did a tour around with some fellow passengers we had got friendly with, again the roads were all fine, we did a street market, the trail of the crosses, we saw the Baobab trees, we saw lemurs, In Tamatave we did a Costa Tour which took us to an indoor market, a visit to a nature reserve . In Madagascar you have to remember that it is a very poor country, outside the port are hundreds of locals trying to offer trips so be prepared to negotiate a deal , also just something our friends did, they took photos of the vehicle and the driver as they felt a bit uneasy, but we didn't have any problems, also be prepared to be stopped en-route by local police, who it would seem are corrupt and extort money from the drivers, calling them to one side and out of sight of the passengers. Because of this you might consider that the safety of the ship tours might be best, as the one we went on, we all left in separate buses in an cavalcade, we all went out together and returned together. I'm afraid I cannot comment of Reunion Island as we didn't get ashore due to the riots in France which had occurred in Reunion also, The airport and the Port were closed so we instead headed back to Mauritius early. I wish you well on your trip, out of all the ships we have travelled on Victoria was not my favourite, having some problems from day one with bathrooms both around the ship and our stateroom, It has had a recent refit, but still feel it needs something extra doing. The shows in my estimation could have been better as some we had to leave as just not worth sitting through, having said this it was a great itinery and we didn't have any problems with the food it was all edible. Enjoy !!
  2. Hello we did this cruise in November so I can probably give you some information about it later on as haven't got sufficient time at the moment! What I will say is that right outside the port is any number of tour operators and that we used a few in different ports only doing one with the ship! I'll get back to you! The important thing to do though is make sure you have anti malarial tabs! Madagascar is a red flag for mosquitoes and you are advised that because of this all visitors should have them! See my previous posts as I have the details of which tablets you need for the ports in Madagascar Belle
  3. Hi there we have travelled many times with Costa and we really haven't had a real problem only once and it was sorted out very quickly for us! I realise that the weather could be a bit of a issue but tbh we've had a few rainy days in European ports in summer/autumn seasons we have just made the best of the situation and always go prepared with our umbrella /raincoat just in case! Food entertainment cleanliness has always been very good as are the staff! In fact our worst cruise ever was last year with Royal Caribbean it was dreadful! Tired ship, the smallest cabin ever with bed up against the bulk head so I had to scramble in and out of bed, lack of storage, rude cabin lady the entertainment was so bad the highlight was when the Captain came armed with guitar and sang Mustang Sally the highlight of our holiday on board! We've never been on Victoria before and from some pictures that where posted on one of the forums on here it looks fine to us it's not quite as glitzy as some of their other ships but we don't mind that. Keep posted to this forum as sure that you'll get some info on the excursions! Hope some other people enroll soon on your roll call! Belle
  4. sorry I put the wrong date we leave Manchester on 6th Nov
  5. Hi there, no not in any of the cabins we have been in maybe in a suite! Specialist coffee is available but if you don't have a package/coffee voucher you will have to buy you can get coffee from a machine in the buffet which you don't have to pay for but only available at meal times! If you register on the Costa club you will be able to see any coffee deals available! Hope this helps ☺
  6. Hello I can give some information regarding Costa cruise ships as just about to embark on our next trip with this company in November. One thing you will find is that the majority of travellers on these ships will be Italian, they will mostly be quite loud, they like to party and can be quite pushy especially if queueing but there is always a lively atmosphere, so if youre looking to have a quiet cruise you probably won't get that with Costa. Our first trip was just a few months after the tragedy of the Concordia and I'll admit I was very dubious about this however my other half who is ex navy told me that because of that tragedy the one thing that would be first class would be the safety for the ship and for the passengers and he wasn't wrong. We have never really had any issues, oh apart from once when we hard a very noisy cabin this was not for long though as we went and spoke to the reception and later that afternoon we were given an upgrade to a nice quiet cabin. There is plenty of food both in the buffet and in the restaurants with lots and lots of choice . In the main restaurants the menu is usually 7 courses and again lots of choice they also have pizza, burger bars and afternoon sandwiches/snacks. The entertainment is varied and generally very good. Our cabins have always been immaculately clean and staff very friendly all in all excellent value for money. Think we are now on 9th cruise with Costa, we also travel with other cruise lines but value wise Costa wins. If you like a drink the packages they offer are the best value, if you book before you leave on line they are usually cheaper than on board, but when you consider a cocktail is usually 7 euros it really is far cheaper to get a drinks package. hope this helps a little.
  7. Hello, yes myself and other half are, there are quite a few others as well, if you go to Costa roll call forum you can see us all there. We are Carl and Belle from Wiral travelling out from Manchester on 8th with 2 night pre cruise hotel stay
  8. Any members travelling on this cruise 10th Nov 18 , as usual most of the reviews on this ship are pretty unfavourable We've travelled with Costa many times, and don't usually take too much notice of reviews and mostly we've had a good holiday.
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