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  1. Littlegoo75

    Montego Bay excursions.....

    We just got back last month, and opted for the Ocho Rios Dunnes River Falls, and Jamaica Bobsled excursion with our 7 year old daughter and 10 year old son, and they really enjoyed it. It's not a cheap tour, and it takes all day, but it was a lot of fun. Be sure you only do this tour through the cruise line, because our tour was late getting back (traffic was pretty bad), and the ship had to wait for us.
  2. Littlegoo75

    Build a Bear Qs

    Just be forewarned (at least on our cruise) that it will be CROWDED, so get there early if you want a good selection. People were acting like animals. There is a system; it's supposed to be first come, first served, first selection, etc. People were not following the rules, and were grabbing the unstuffed animal skins before it was their turn. My son missed out on getting the animal he wanted because of rude people who are only out for themselves. It was just a zoo, and I don't think the staff was able to handle how rude some of the parents were acting.
  3. Littlegoo75

    Fun on the Freedom June 9th

    Ha ha! small world! We did Nachi Cocom that day as well!
  4. Littlegoo75

    Fun on the Freedom June 9th

    We were on the right side, it was myself (blonde Mom, 10 year old blonde son, 7 year old daughter with long brown hair, and very tattooed husband. My daughter was always out there dancing with the wait staff.
  5. Littlegoo75

    5 people in one cabin, showering tips

    I love getting a cabin on the same floor as the gym for this very reason. We aren't crammed, but the gym showers are so much larger.
  6. Littlegoo75

    Fun on the Freedom June 9th

    We were on this sailing, and we probably passed each other many times during the cruise, as we also did the YTD in the Chic dining room, and usually arrived at 5:45 and were seated by the window. It was my husband and I, and our 2 kiddos (10 year old boy, and 7 year old daughter).
  7. Littlegoo75

    Vista YTD

    Which Freedom cruise was cancelled, and why? Just got off of the Freedom on Saturday, so wondering what the issue is, or was this a pre-planned thing?
  8. Hey NCL people. I have been on 6 cruises (5 on Carnival, 1 on Sitmar a long time ago when I was a kid). Although I had a good time, I felt like our last cruise on the Carnival Freedom last week was a little lacking. We are planning to do an Alaskan cruise in either June or July 2020, however, schedules aren't available that far in advance, and I don't know which ships will be sailing in Alaska in 2 years. If you have sailed both Carnival and NCL, can you give me insight on how they compare? We are a married couple in our 40's, and have a 7 and 10 year old (so they'll be 9 and 12 when we are planning to cruise Alaska). We are pretty laid back, and don't need everything to be super fancy. We've never sailed Alaska before (or been to Alaska), all of our cruises have been to the Western Caribbean, and we need a change. We do plan on stepping it up and getting a suite with a balcony for this cruise, a standard balcony cabin was way too chaotic for our family on this last cruise. We want to pick a cruise line/ship that is a good match for families with kids.
  9. Littlegoo75

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    Thanks for the input! I guess I have a few months to research and make a decision before the 2020 schedules hopefully come out. Not sure if I want to fork out $10k for Princess for our first Alaska cruise with 2 kids who might not even appreciate it, or go with Carnival or try NCL at the closer to $6,500 price range. We definitely need at least a mini suite, and definitely a balcony. The 2 room suites on NCL sound very appealing. Princess might have to be one of those trips that come later with older kids, or a trip without them (which we have never done). If there are no hot dogs on the menu, or unlimited soft serve available 24/7, my kids will probably be disappointed! Although I am not looking to do this in 2019, it looks like Expedia has some pretty good promotions going on with NCL, hopefully when I am ready to book, there will be some good perks.
  10. Littlegoo75

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    It sounds like Alaska will be more our cup of tea. We like the wilderness, adventure, hiking, animals, scenery, and I especially love the cooler weather (born and raised in San Francisco, currently living in humid, hotter than hell Houston, Tx.). On our cruises, we have always ended up going to the same places (Cozumel, GC, Jamaica, Belize) and we definitely need something different. We're also going to wait until 2020 because we want to save up and do it right (we definitely need a suite with a bigger balcony - that was the biggest gripe on our latest cruise....too small of a space for the 4 of us) and the really good shore excursions are extremely pricey. I have plenty of time to research and figure out whether we'll just stick to Carnival, or try another line. Thanks everyone, for the input.
  11. Littlegoo75

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    I know this is a Carnival thread, but how does Norwegian Cruise Lines compare? I see that a new ship called The Bliss is cruising Alaska, and I know my kids would want to try out a ship like that.
  12. Littlegoo75

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    Thanks! This is exactly why I come to these boards for research. We would definitely have to wait until school is out to cruise (DH is a 2nd grade teacher) and we do everything as a family. We may just need to stick with Carnival for this first Alaska cruise, because it's what we know, and we know that there will be a decent amount of kids on board (compared to the other cruise lines). We can always do another Alaskan cruise by ourselves when the kids are older (with or without them) and try Princess. So, with this being said, and Alaska being a totally different animal from the Caribbean, just how different is the experience? I would imagine less partying and more adventuring (which is more like us). We just got off of the Freedom in Galveston (Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Conzumel) and it was a pretty lively and interesting crowd, which is fine, but I would actually prefer a more subdued crowd, but still have the fun atmosphere that Carnival provides. We're not the kind of people who need to have linens on the table every night, and I want to ensure that there is enough fun for the kids on board.
  13. Littlegoo75

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    Thank you. Great advice, although we have only sailed on Carnival (and I have sailed once on the now defunct Sitmar as a kid), we are seriously considering trying out another, and Princess is on the list. Hopefully they have good kid programs, because in 2020, we'll have a 12 year old and 9 year old.
  14. Littlegoo75

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    I was hoping to see a newer ship get assigned to the Alaska itinerary, I remember when the Legend was brand new, I was supposed to sail on her (had to cancel at the last minute due to one of our traveling companions father passing away the week before we were to depart). Seems like forever ago! Although, there is something appealing about a smaller ship compared to the massive things they are building now. Guess we'll see!
  15. Greetings! I have read that the Legend will be going to Tampa in 2019. Does anyone know which ship will be replacing the Legend for the Alaskan cruises? Also, how far out can you reserve your cabin? We plan to cruise Alaska in June, 2020, and would love to get a suite, and I know those go quickly. I used to be very involved and know everything about Carnival and cruising years ago, but gave that up after having kids, so now I feel like a newbie. We just returned from a week on the Freedom (first cruise after a 9 year absence) and I can't wait to start planning for the big Alaskan one. Thanks!!