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  1. I was surprised this morning that I had a voicemail from Princess regarding the email I sent about this subject. The caller told me that the price for water was back to its previous cost and she also spoke to the other two points I had in my email. I wish that I had been available to answer the call and thank her for the phone call. It has mostly restored my faith in Princess.
  2. OutSyder

    Just disembarked from the Ruby, any questions?

    Thanks for that Capt Obvious
  3. OutSyder

    Just disembarked from the Ruby, any questions?

    Did you happen to notice if they had any poker tournaments?
  4. OutSyder

    would they honor this error?

    Its not a glitch. I'm pretty sure its part of the sail & play promotion
  5. I hope this cruise is everything you have hope for and more! Have a great cruise.
  6. OutSyder

    Cruising in French Polynesia

    I believe it was in 2003 when we did Hawaii, French polynesia, Hawaii b2b cruise aboard Dawn Princess. Each leg was 12 nights. After leaving the Hawaiin islands its a 2 day sail to Christmas Island and then 2 more to Bora Bora. Flying to and from Hawaii is much more affordable than flying to Tahiti. I really wish they would bring this cruise back.
  7. In all my Princess cruises (19) I have never missed Princess Cays when we were scheduled to stop there. I have however missed St Kitts due to it being to windy and that's not a tender port. Just the luck of the draw I think.
  8. OutSyder

    Grump grump grump

    Please stop throwing the word "discrimination" out there. Its not discrimination. Don't buy the Princess product if it doesn't agree with you. Its as simple as that
  9. OutSyder

    Crown Grill Lunch

    Nope, not interested at all
  10. OutSyder

    Texas Hold'em Tourneys

    On the Emerald Princess a while back they would occasionally hold tournaments. They were always full and several people on the wait list. We would constantly ask for more tournies and were told no, its 1-2 no limit now. The table sat empty the entire time. I could never understand that.
  11. OutSyder

    I Wish Princess Would

    I wish Princess would offer more Hawaii - Tahiti - Hawaii cruises. We did it as a 24 night B2B in 2003 and it our most memorable cruise ever.
  12. OutSyder

    Sweepstakes Winner?

    I don't have a lot of faith that these contests are or have been awarded fairly.
  13. OutSyder

    Casino/Poker info on Emerald Princess

    Very much up to the manager and his team as to what the tournament schedule will be. On my last cruise on the Emerald, the casino host would rather see the table sit empty waiting for 1-2 NL than to run more than one tourney a day. Tournies were always full with a waiting list and people asking for a second tourney and the casino host steadfastly refused. On that sailing it was rare that there was anyone playing 1-2 NL.
  14. OutSyder

    Whats going on with the Emerald?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to keep those of us on the next cruise updated. I really appreciate it.