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  1. katrina915

    Prenight hotel in Vancouver

    Do you know if they are tearing anything down to build the additional tower? I am debating about staying here in mid September but I was worried about their "construction" warning. I would be there on the weekend in which they said there would be no construction but I have asthma and I was worried about dust or other things in the air.
  2. katrina915

    Vancouver hotel one night pre-cruise

    Thanks for the tip of re-booking- I will try that and the AAA discount but it's really pricey. I booked the Blue Horizon so we shall see where I end up.
  3. If you are in a hotel near the airport, Seattle express is good. I have used them twice and they are reasonable and reliable.
  4. katrina915

    Aqua upgrade question

    Thanks so much for posting!! I had a free upgrade to A1, but after your note and then looking at reviews on sticky I have downgraded my cabin to A2 due to the overhang.
  5. katrina915

    Solstice vs. Serenade of the Seas Opinion Please

    You might want to post on royal Caribbean and/or celebrity board for info on just ships. Itinerary is more important than ship in Alaska. Time in ports, glacier days. Do your research on glaciers. Majority on this board will say glacier bay is a must see. I disagree. Hubbard and tracy arm have their advantages. I prefer Hubbard over glacier bay. Some itineraries have both. I was on solstice about 2 years ago. Had really good naturalist. Was on brilliance sister ship about 5 years ago and no naturalist to speak of. Alaska is great no matter which cruise you pick.
  6. katrina915

    Tracy arm excursion from Juneau

    Thanks for all the replies! I am going to book it knowing that it may be a lot of travel time. There has been so many good reviews on this forum that I have to give it a try myself.
  7. katrina915

    Help in choosing excursion in Juneau

    I have not been on the Tracy Arm excursion (booked for this year), but many people on this forum recommend it.
  8. katrina915

    Help in choosing excursion in Juneau

    I have done the photo safari. Not for the photography tips but for the small group. Good tour. Small group looking for whales and walk at Mendenhall. We saw bears in Mendenhall in mid September on the walk. I would recommend this tour even if you don't see bears.
  9. katrina915

    Canceling one person

    Why does the insurance matter? To get single supplement paid? I am asking since I have 3 people booked in a cabin and 1 person is not going. We both have insurance, but I am paying for everything. Best for me to have no show also in this case?
  10. He says there is more to come in the latest video. What the heck more is there to say? Is he going to critique the food at this horrible hotel?
  11. katrina915

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Have fun!! I thought I was overdoing it a little bit for my 60th birthday this year: 2 week British Isles in May, 2 weeks in Alaska in July and another week in Alaska in September.
  12. I have been to Alaska quite a few times, sometimes with balcony sometimes in inside. I am not on my balcony on glacier days- best view is on deck. It can rain on balconies also. I book insides even when I can afford a balcony. Can spend more money on excursions, etc. No one has the answer for your trip other than YOU. Pros and cons of both balcony and inside.
  13. It allows you to book more excursions or cruise more. What's not to like? Plenty of outside space to sit and enjoy on deck. Darker and quieter. No chance of cigarette smoke coming in...
  14. katrina915

    Herbert Glacier versus Mendanhall Glacier?

    Coastal took us to Herbert saying that it would be less crowded. There was no one else on the glacier when we were there in July 2014. One of the best excursions by the way if you can walk on it.
  15. katrina915

    Tracy arm excursion from Juneau

    I am booked on the Celebrity Eclipse and will be in Juneau on Sept 19 from 7:30 am-8 pm and trying to determine if I can make this excursion. It is not offered through the cruise line or I would just sign up for it there. Adventure Bound has a cruise that day starting at 8:30 and returning at 6 and we are docking at the AS dock per the draft schedule. Do you think we can make this excursion and is it ever late coming back? Is there any other vendor that you would recommend? TIA