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  1. My cruise is Aug 21 and I am cancelling before final payment in a few days. Just debating to get $500 FCC for nonrefundable deposit or put on Alaska cruise for next year before the prices go up with the pent up demand.
  2. Thanks, I was able to cancel them on my phone. They must have been working on the website.
  3. I typically go to the calendar and cancel excursions from there. Looks like the website has changed and I can't find the calendar or where to cancel excursions in cruise planner. Can anyone help?
  4. For those that are getting refunds, did you get some kind of written notice that a refund was coming? I called a few weeks back for a late may cruise and haven't seen a refund yet. Just wondering if they actually are going to send refund or if I should call again. Thanks.
  5. We have had summer weather here in Florida for a couple months. Still have a pandemic here.
  6. This is a tough situation. I am praying for the folks in south Florida and those on the ship. As a floridian, I hope some port in Florida or Texas takes them in. Not sure FLL is the best choice though since they are a hotspot. Hopefully, the cruise line has a good plan.
  7. Be careful booking with FCC- know the rules. My may Europe trip with celebrity isn't canceled yet, but you lose the FCC if you book it for a cruise and you don't take the cruise. At least that is what I am hearing on the boards.
  8. Not following you. I have cruise booked for end of may. Under normal cancellation policy, I can cancel for 50% until Sunday. So I get 50% refund and 50% FCC if I do, right?
  9. Good luck to you and yes, we will be back!
  10. How long is the ban for? I have a cruise booked for end of May and I didn't see a time frame in the article.
  11. I started noticing a similar cancellation policy as OP posted when I was doing mock bookings the last few months. It started with the non-refundable deposits I believe. Sometimes the cancellation period/final payment was the next day. But you had to click on T&C right on the booking. Good luck- hope it works out!
  12. If they cancel, you get cash and not FCC, right? If so, could cause a huge cash flow issue for the cruiseline.
  13. Just because your husband is in good health doesn't mean he can get a note. I went on a routine doctor visit yesterday and was told it would be better not to go on May cruise to Europe. I just turned 60, in good health, but I have a history of allergies/asthma and some of the medicines that I take could be immune suppressors. Not good to be on long flights either. I haven't cancelled my cruise yet since it's 2 months away, but I wouldn't be surprised if anyone over 60 or with chronic condition needs a doctor's note soon.
  14. I would imagine that they are doing this by doing a mock booking. I wouldn't be surprised if they sail with many empty cabins to try and stabilize the situation.
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