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  1. You should contact TA quickly since it's tough to get the accessible especially with everyone doing lift and shift. Good luck!
  2. I have gone to Alaska twice in September. Both times the naturalist on the ship says that wasn't the ideal time to go if that is your main objective. You might want to talk to some locals about timing.
  3. Thanks for posting! Gives me good memories of 2 years ago...
  4. Agree completely with taking the Kenai Fjords tour. I do this tour whenever I have the chance. They will hold your luggage and you can make the train. I prefer the goldstar train since I missed the best scenery in the silver. Car rental is ideal but look at the one way cost before counting on that too much.
  5. I don't have food allergies, but couldn't you take permitted snacks on the tours (I do for other reasons) and take an epi-pen? I would do a DYI tour vs a cruiseline land tour for better eating options. It's really easy to plan a land trip on your own in Alaska and to drive it.
  6. I have done #1 in private tour and really enjoyed it. I would like to go to Bennett Lake but I believe it doesn't run every day. I would like to take some of the tours that the National Park Service operates in Skagway one of these days.
  7. I am curious how easy it was to get a doctor's note for those volunteers stating that they are not at higher risk. I am not sure that would be easy to get.
  8. Sorry, I don't have the link but I thought the Alaska US Reps were looking into changing the rule so that a stop in Canada wouldn't be necessary. Anyone know the details on this?
  9. You might want to post this to the Princess board if you haven't already.
  10. I rebooked a 2020 Alaska cruise to Aug 2021. It took a long time for me to get refunds for 2020 travel (not cruise), so I am being cautious. Going to book with cruise line up to OBC that I have and then wait and see for the rest. Would prefer private tour especially in Skagway, but going to book with the cruise line by early 2021 so that I don't get locked out of any excursions.
  11. I did a L&S for an August 2020 Alaska cruise to Aug 2021 since I had a NRD and I didn't want to make final payment since I was waiting for reimbursement for a May Norway cruise and British Airways refund (still waiting on BA refund-had to do credit card dispute). Not sure my options if I decide it's not worth going (if it's not cancelled).
  12. I booked my first NRD for August 2020 Alaska cruise. Moved it to 2021, but won't book a NRD again. Learned a lot of hard lessons this summer.
  13. I would highly recommend doing a wildlife/glacier day tour out of Seward. I fell in love with the puffins there! One of the best excursions in Alaska!
  14. Before this announcement came out, I moved my August cruise to next August. Hoping to see Alaska in 2021!
  15. My cruise is Aug 21 and I am cancelling before final payment in a few days. Just debating to get $500 FCC for nonrefundable deposit or put on Alaska cruise for next year before the prices go up with the pent up demand.
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