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  1. I went to CVS for rapid antigen test for August 20th cruise. Made appointment online 2 weeks ahead of time and insurance covered it. No problem. I need to book a rapid antigen test in 2 weeks and no cvs within driving distance has rapid antigen appointments 2 weeks out. Could have to do with CVS running out of rapid tests. I am in Tampa, so be careful of counting on CVS in Florida.
  2. I had a pretty easy process with cvs getting rapid antigen test. Sign up for appointment 2 weeks ahead of time and fill out some info online. Got reminders and created a mychart sign on so I could print results out. Little confusing signage at the store where to go but I asked at the pharmacy and they directed me to the minute clinic. Don't be late or they will cancel your appointment. I printed results within an hour of the test.
  3. This may be a stupid question, but what do they mean by within 72 hours of embarkation? Is that my check in time? So if I have a check in time of noon in Seattle on Friday, the earliest that I can get the test is 3pm EST on Tuesday, right?
  4. Did she tell them that she needed it reissued for travel? You better check with Celebrity. I keep my vaccine card with my passport.
  5. Too bad you didn't get your pictures. Must be covid related since they were taking the pictures on my last cruise in 2019.
  6. Thanks for a detailed review! So glad to hear that Brent Nixon is on board. He is very interesting and knowledgeable. I booked the small boat excursion at the glacier and really looking forward to it after seeing your pictures.
  7. Mine doesn't have my middle name and it's on my passport. I have never had a problem with my middle name on my passport and not elsewhere so not expecting any issue with the vaccination card.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. This is what my cvs appointment had and it clearly has antigen on it like above. My sail date is September 10 and currently beyond the Celebrity testing window, but I am going to make an appointment for the rapid antigen test when that appointment date opens up.
  9. I am totally confused. Not time for me to make an appointment yet, but my CVS had "antigen" next to the rapid test appointment. Maybe it depends on the state and store? Sounds like I need to call CVS to verify the rapid test is an Antigen test.
  10. If vaccinated, you may or may not be required to have covid test. Did I read your commentary correctly?
  11. You probably got it for your 9/5 sailing since an earlier poster got an email that the testing is effective through 9/6. My Alaska sailing is September 10 and I did not get an email. Not yet anyway.
  12. This explains why I didn't get an email. I am sailing September 10. Good luck everyone sailing soon. For those that have time, the CDC website said at one point that there is a small chance that you can test positive with a rapid test if you are vaccinated.
  13. Great to hear. I am on the August 21 sailing. On a cruise. To Alaska. Yippee 🤗
  14. Good luck trying to enforce wearing masks on a ship that is 100% vaccinated. Everyone is going to be walking around with food or drink so they don't have to wear a mask.
  15. Why would anyone stay on the ship? I have excursions booked in each port and plan on buying a t shirt in every port. Thanks for posting the made in alaska symbol- I will try to look for that.
  16. I am on August 31 sailing, I am wondering if I have to disclose that I have asthma on the health assessment form. Have emergency inhaler, never use oxygen but it's a respiratory illness.
  17. So sorry you were denied boarding. My sister has a CPAP machine and HAL didn't have an issue with it when we disclosed it for Aug 21 sailing.
  18. Leaving in 4 weeks. I am going to buy a shirt in every port. How do you tell if it's a local business? Is that store in Ketchikan right by the dock a local business?
  19. Have a great trip! Sailing vicariously along with you. Looking forward to your reports and being on the 8/21 sailing. I know how you feel about packing. Unfortunately, some of my Alaska clothes are tight! Someone must have shrunk them!
  20. Is there any chance of getting sea sick on the Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest? I typically don't need it but bring it when I go on Kenai Fjord tours out of Seward.
  21. Thanks. I was able to reserve my anytime dining times!
  22. If everyone is fully vaccinated, are they still required to do this?
  23. Thanks for posting. Nowhere near Seattle but will be there for Aug 21 sailing. So exciting 🚢
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