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  1. Sorry - did not see your admonishment. Have sent several emails, but will try your other suggestion. thanks
  2. Maasdam - 09-Apr-21 - 14 day Mexican Riviera sambamama - 1st Mexican Riviera, birthday celebration on board Sambamama - since you're planning your cruises for next year, maybe you could update those of us that gave you tour deposits in cash for the cancelled fall cruise. We have not had an update from you since early this month. Thanks
  3. Understand that you are busy and all things are not under your control, but those of us who sent you a deposit directly would appreciate an email directly rather than this post which everyone may not be looking at. Things are frustrating for all of us and we'd like to kept abreast of your progress. Thanks ajstahle87 at gmail.com Cadiz(Ronda) Spain Day Tours Oct 19
  4. maybe i missed it, but is broward county including the rotterdam in this discussion?
  5. Have you guys noticed that Port of FLL has both ships departing at 17:00 tomorrow? Maybe a temporary time schedule?
  6. Let's not see a "man overboard" and sit and argue about how or why he got there, where he is from, whether we might get sued, paid,reelected, praised or criticized. Throw the man a life buoy. It is the American thing to do. It is the right thing to do. Dockman, your analogy is spot on. We pray for those in peril on the sea.
  7. The meeting just ended, but I missed most of the discussion. Got a feeling they agreed to let the ships come in?
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