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  1. The UK version of ncl.com describes 10160 as an 'oceanview cabin' , not a balcony, though it is a category BB. :confused: Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this cabin? Also, my son is in 10660. Any info on this cabin? Thanks
  2. Hi Dana...No one was more surprised than I to get the invite :eek: :D.....not sure what criteria they use, or if they just use a lottery system. It was short notice, and it was a horrible time to take off of work, but the fact that it was an Alaskan cruise made it impossible for me not to accept, and maybe I will find a piece that I love.
  3. Hi, About 3 weeks ago, I was offered a complimentary cruise from Park West Galleries to Alaska on the Pearl, 9/7/14. An Alaskan cruise was on my bucket list, so I accepted. I have been to a VIP land event before, and it was wonderful. Has anyone else received this offer and are going? Anyone been on a previous Park West VIP cruise? Any comments, or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. You are safe...Smell reported to emanate from port side between 8138 and 8150
  5. Thanks!! Good to know :) I loved your review BTW
  6. I will be sailing on the Breakaway this Sunday, (6/09), and am trying to decide whether to go to Harbor Nights on Wednesday. I have gone in the past, but heard it has been improved for this season. Has anyone gone in the past several weeks?? Was it a fun time? Did they add extra ferries for the trip back to Dockyard? Were the ferries uncomfortably crowded? Any and all opinions/comments welcomed. Thanks :)
  7. Thanks for posting your pics, and for the good wishes!! Glad the smell didn't invade the cabin :eek::eek: That would become an issue I think. The balcony is large, but I don't want to have to live out there!!:rolleyes: I am looking forward to a wonderful, relaxing time...I believe that a large part of a person's experience is in the attitude, so no worries. So far the weather looks promising. I will post be sure to post on my return :)
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this....getting VERY excited now :D Did your kids have an opinion on which was more comfy, the sofa or the Pullman? My 21 year old son will be using one of them.
  9. Thanks for the answer :) As far as the getting in and out, does it make a difference that the adult is only 21? Is it the ladder that's difficult, or the clearance to the ceiling??
  10. I'm interested in the opinion of anyone who has had experience using the sofa and/or the pullman as a bed, as to which is more comfortable. I'm sailing on the Breakaway, but any NCL ship should be similar. We will be 3 adults in a mini-suite, and it would help to know which we should ask the steward to make up. Thanks :)
  11. :):) Thanks for taking the time to write this positive review!! I'm sailing this weekend, and it made me very happy to hear about your good time.
  12. I share your concern, but holding onto hope for calm seas,blue skies, and mild breezes. I will definitely post my experience when I return :)
  13. Thanks!!! That's good news that the repairs were made :D I'm really looking forward to using that balcony.
  14. First, if you're just back from your cruise, welcome back and I hope you had an amazing time. I'm sailing next Sunday, 6/09, in a port side M6, and am trying to find out their status after the divider incidents from 5/19. Are all the balconies accessible? Are they enclosed? And, most important, :eek:, did the leave the loungers out there??? Fellow CC member HighVoltage#9, if you are reading this, I believe you were in the same cabin as I am booked in, 8122. Any info, or pictures, would be GREATLY appreciated. I need to know if I should bring my own folding loungers/ hammock :D I hope your cruise was all you hoped for:)
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