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  1. Thank you for your responses. I'll take a few extra lanyards along for the other members of my family.
  2. Does Disney hand out hanging lanyards with the room keys? I've been on both Disney Dream and Fantasy but both were media trips and they gave us the hanging lanyards. Do they do this for everybody? One less thing to pack if they do. Also, I'm trying to put together a list of paid food and drink items for my family members. Please let me know what I've left off. Alcohol Specialty coffee drinks (are the bakery items at the cafe free?) Smoothies Specialty restaurants Anything else?
  3. I may just keep my Disney transfers then. I've used them twice with self disembark and I know they can get you to the airport plenty early too. Thank you!
  4. Is it possible to cancel Disney transfers after final payment? I have them booked for the return to the airport and would rather use Michael and Executive Vip instead since we have an early 11:15 flight.
  5. We've done the river tubing twice and thought it was fun both times. The water level was fairly high so the current was quite swift. The guys are friendly and try to show you a good time. Just be sure to cover your face when they gather everybody up and start singing. We've also done the river tubing in Dominica which was completely different. In Dominica it's more like a lazy river float, in Grenada you will be going down some small rapids with dips and swirls.
  6. We didn't get off at Castaway Cay (it looked so gorgeous from the ship!) so we spent hours doing the game. My back was so sore the next day from pushing her wheelchair around. Plus we had to use the elevators every single time instead of running the stairs. Definitely a great way to work off calories.
  7. Loved your videos Joe!! I'm the one on your roll call with the teenage daughter in the wheelchair so you're videos of the aquaduck and waterslide made me feel like I was there! We didn't even make it over to Castaway Cay so we'll have to do that another time. I totally agree with all your view points. Thought the buffet was the best cruise buffet I've ever seen, loved Animator's Palate and my daughter played all four of the mid-ship detective agency games (in a wheelchair which meant I pushed her all over the ship). Worked off some calories though! Can't wait to go again. Your photos are awesome!
  8. Definitely these two are the best to go with. Can't go wrong with either.
  9. Don't stay on the ship in any port. Antigua is very beautiful. Take Eli's Eco Tour and you can get on the boat right on the pier.
  10. I think Juggie gets him specialty stuff. I also thinks he likes hanging out there. Disclaimer: Hubby doesn't actually tell me what he pays for all the liquor he buys. We have a "don't ask-don't tell" policy. I probably don't want to know....
  11. My DH is a serious specialty liquor collector and he always buys at Juggies place. He says he has the best prices. Lord knows he's bought enough from him the last couple of years. Email Juggie before you go to see what his price is. Here is some more info about Juggie. http://familytravelfun.com/juggiesplace.html
  12. If you can't get Peter I can recommend Newton George. We went with him the same day over to Little Tobago Island. Birding on the island is easy and terrific so it will be a great day no matter who you go with. There was only myself and my daughter on our tour.
  13. As you know we were on the same cruise and I agree 100% with everything you said, especially the comments about the staff. We were on Summit 2 years ago and something has happened in the meantime. Several staff members seemed generally unhappy and acted like they were doing you a big favor to take your drink order, etc. It got to the point I hated going to get my daughter's pancakes in the morning because there would be 3 guys working that very busy station, all with their backs turned to the customers. Then when they turned around they would glare at you. The food quality has gone downhill also. We're RCCL diamond members and are switching back after two cruises on Celebrity. Celebrity actually called my husband yesterday due to something he wrote on his comment card. They said they knew Summit is in need of refurbishment and urged him to try Silhouette when it comes out. The ports were awesome though and that's why I chose this cruise for the second time. If you want new ships you have to take the touristy ports. Great cruise overall!!
  14. This site has several from the Caribbean cruise ports. I saw Belize and the Honduras too. Claudias Christmas Ornaments.com
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