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  1. If they haven't posted an all digital they will. Now they send you a link a week or two after you get off the ship and you can download them from the link
  2. Based on my last three cruises, the most recent one was February, CD or thumbdrive is no longer an option. They are available on a website for download a couple of weeks after your cruise.
  3. I made it! From page 1 to 95 ... with a whole lot of laughter and merriment in between. Thank you to all that shared and please keep it going
  4. Jimbo - I think you should be calling a broker and not working through the app
  5. Re the video: Listening to it, I think it was geared to the Travel Agents that drive business to RC, hence the "We're in this together" Though I will say it reminded me of the scene in "Mr. Mom" when she does the commercial for Schooner Tuna .. because "We're all in this together"
  6. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa Rocky Point Island and were very happy with it. If you got the site that is a Trip Advisor you will find a full review by me there.
  7. I was traveling alone and wanted my own plan, even though I was on vacation I still had work to take care of. The couple I was traveling with chose to each their own plan.
  8. I purchased it on sale for $15.99/day when Voom Stream and Surf as on sale for $12.99/day which is a difference of $3/day or $21 in total for me (I was traveling solo), my companions paid $42 additional and also would have paid for two Voom Stream and Surf packages.
  9. One suggestion on the photo packages is to go to the Photo Gallery each evening, find your photos and then give them to the counter and ask them to put them with your cabin number. This way you can make sure that all the photos you find are included with your digital version on the last night.
  10. These comments and notes come from my Cruise on Rhapsody on February 1, 2020. We were using the Key for the trip Check-in We arrived at 10:15 and there were no lines to get through check-in. As you enter the building, Suites and Pinnacles go left, Key and Crown and Anchor have lines by status in the middle and first timers go right. Note: Make sure they know you are Key or they will shuffle you in with other people. We checked in in under five minutes and were funneled to the seats. This is where the terminal staff dropped the ball. They did not have
  11. Re-confirming that Rhapsody is allowing the frozen drinks. I had one each night after they confirmed they were allowed. I disembark in the morning an will post a trip report in a short while.
  12. John, you can now add Rhapsody to the list. They have not changed menus yet but I was able to order a virgin mango drink in the MDR without issue. No questions, comments or concerns.
  13. Update on Rhapsody .. I am told they are now allowing them but have not been able to confirm .. I will update further tomorrow.
  14. As if now, Rhapsody is NOT doing frozen drinks I'll advise if it changes later in the cruise
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