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  1. RickEk

    Caribbean Princess - a pleasant surprise

    How was your experience with the Ocean Medallion?
  2. Well, technically, Sun Princess and Sea Princess are smaller than Coral. About the same passenger count, but about 20K tons smaller.
  3. From what I understand, once the Elite/Platinum uses up their free minutes, they can then buy the unlimited plan at $9.99/day for the remaining days of the cruise.
  4. From what I understand, P&O's new ship, IONA, will have basically the same feature...
  5. RickEk

    Alaska Japan 2020 Elite early booking day?

    More than likely, you'll have to call and book direct or use your travel agent so they can verify your Elite status.
  6. RickEk

    Star replacing Grand out of SF

    I sailed on Star Princess a few years back when they were doing an 11-day Alaska itinerary from San Francisco. Had a great time. The absolute upside is that Star is a few years younger than Grand and still retains Skywalkers for great scenic viewing.
  7. RickEk

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    Tomorrow. Sailing on Ruby Princess for a quicky 4-day cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada. Should be fun to see the recent updates to the ship after her drydock.
  8. RickEk

    What??!! We're back.........

    Sure... Click your name at the top of the page and then Settings
  9. RickEk

    Biggest mistake on the Royal Class

    Majestic Princess has a covered pool. They covered the forward Retreat Pool and renamed it the Hollywood Pool Club.
  10. RickEk

    Regal Princess- not happy so far...

    Actually, you can book that cruise to embark in either Copenhagen, Warnemunde or St. Petersburg. Most folks choose Copenhagen.
  11. RickEk

    Status of Ocean Medallion?

    This is correct. We were onboard last week and spoke to several technicians. They are expanding Ocean Medallion very carefully on Caribbean Princess and are making sure that it is working correctly before they expand it deck by deck. Vickie (who is onboard this week too) reported that they expanded it to Aloha deck in the middle of the cruise (from the current Lido and Riviera decks), so they must be getting more confident that it is working as it is supposed to. I would think that the call center, at this point, would not have specific information on which decks are Ocean Medallion as it appears that their IT dept. is making those decisions on the fly.
  12. RickEk

    Medallion net

    As I posted on another thread, we had MedallionNet last week on Caribbean Princess. It was, frankly, phenomenal. Upload speeds were better that what I get at home with ATT U-Verse. Since I'm Elite and my son is Platinum, we both received unlimited access. This will obviously change once they exit the "preview" period.
  13. I just got off Caribbean Princess yesterday. Ocean Medallion is being rolled out piece by piece in a very measured way. I'm sure they are learning a lot along the way. We didn't have the actual Medallion but I did see a few folks with it. Our key cards opened the door by tapping the LCD panel that replaced the mailboxes. All purchases onboard were made by tapping the card. Purchases at bars did require them to run the card through the scanner (if they didn't know your folio number), but the cardholder's picture would appear on their screen. It did seem that crew was getting familiar with their tablets too. Except for the double scanning that was required at embarkation, muster (we apparently didn't get scanned by the old system and got a stern letter the next day about missing muster), going ashore and disembarkation, it seemed to work very well. The double scanning should go away soon I was told. And MedallionNet was phenomenal. I was able to use FaceTime with ease and posting pictures to iCloud was very fast. Faster than home... And I found that to be a two-edged sword. Before, I had to conserve my minutes, but with unlimited broadband Internet access, it was easy to just stay connected. Which meant answering texts, checking email, etc. that I just didn't do before when I was counting minutes. Of course, unlimited MedallionNet will go away once the "preview" is complete, but Platinum/Elites should still get a very generous allotment. At the very least, folks will be able to get stuff done much quicker than before with fewer connectivity issues. It's definitely a win-win.
  14. RickEk

    Pacific Princess new layout?

    Yes, Pacific Princess is scheduled for her next drydock on May 27 through June12, 2019 in Freeport.
  15. RickEk

    Pacific Princess new layout?

    Yeah, the video for CB is for one of the three newer super-Grand Class vessels (Crown, Emerald, Ruby). At least all the content below that video shows the new venues on CB. Hopefully, these videos will be updated soon.