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  1. We returned from a trip with stops in Florence, Naples & Rome just a few months ago where we hired Rome In Limo for two transfers and three tours. This was our 3rd trip to Rome and 3rd time we've used them and as always they did a great job. We hired a private guide through them for the Vatican and definitely recommend doing so, you avoid lines and the guide has a wealth of information. We went to Herculaneum but did not hire a guide there as the audio guides were enough for us. Rome In Limo was always on time and so helpful with all the tours and transfers and if we ever return we'll certainly hire them again.
  2. Gabbiegirl

    We know Celebrity monitors the board

    [quote name='Redtravel'] As a cruise critic member, I have exchanged lots of info with other cruisers.[/QUOTE] As have I and the potential to spread both good and bad news increases exponentially with each person the info is relayed to.....as they tell someone else...who tells someone else...who tells someone else.....:):eek:
  3. Gabbiegirl

    We know Celebrity monitors the board

    [quote name='PinotBlanc']IMHO, These variables matter more than comments. Full ships/empty cabins Higher prices/lower prices Future Bookings/cost of incentives to book Tour profits Drink profits Special dining profits Cost of running the ships Penny[/QUOTE] all true but comments can help and hurt ALL those things....
  4. Gabbiegirl

    I finally found out what modern luxury is

    [quote name='ghstudio']from celebrity's point of view, they don't need to beef up customer service because their web site is so good.....[/quote] lmao....
  5. Excellent I would have been smiling and probably applauding.....no matter how silly or unnecessary one may think the rules are, they ARE the rules and we should adhere to them....we are lucky enough to visit these wonderful place, we should honor the culture, the beliefs, the rules of those same places...it's about respect.
  6. There is a certain "honor system" in that they do repeatedly tell you no pictures but unfortunately on the tour I was on, a German couple kept pulling their phone/camera out as soon as the guide turned away and snapped away. I told them to stop, they laughed at me, I mentioned to the guide that pictures were being taken, he asked the wife to stop and she said, "not me" by then she had given the camera to her husband who kept snapping away. I was amazed at their total disregard and frankly purposeful breaking of the rules.....despite 3 different warnings from the guide. They just didn't care. It affected my own enjoyment of the tour, just so irritating to see people with absolutely no respect for such a holy place and disregard for the rules.
  7. Gabbiegirl

    Where is my Constilation Refund???

    OK I took your bait and looked at the comments, you fail to note that there are repeated posts by a few of those, the actual number of "different" posters, as far as we know, are under 20. Lets see, a ship holds over 3000 and less than 20 are noted here....not particularly remarkable. I was another on this cruise, I had no issue with not getting compensation. I had a great time, and unlike your fellow complainer here stated I would NOT be the first in line to get whatever "gift" might be offered. I tend to earn what I get, enjoy the fruits of that earning and if something goes wrong, make the most of the situation rather than moan and groan for months. Move on, and get over it, cruise with another line and PRAY that nothing happens to change your destinations, I've had it happen 5 times now, twice mechanical, twice weather, once political...didn't get a darn thing anytime...and yet, yet I continue to get on the ship.....go figure.....and, gee whiz, I have a good time too.:)
  8. I thought I read somewhere that Celebrity is changing the hot glass areas on the first "S" class ships to the Lawn Club Grill that is on Silhouette and Reflection. Does anyone know if this is true or just another unfounded rumor? Thanks!:)
  9. Gabbiegirl

    Where is my Constilation Refund???

    HA HA!! Your comment about the airlines taking care of you when there is a problem is quite laughable......last time I was delayed OVER 18 hours because of a mechanical issue, they gave me tickets for the next day and said, "Sorry for the inconvenience!!" oh yeah, and they "gave" me the privilege of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for over half that time while they tried to figure out what was wrong......GREAT COMPARISON!!!:eek:
  10. Gabbiegirl

    Just off Connie 5 day

    [quote name='KKB']Most memorable dishes: Beef Carpaccio Encrusted Scallop Baked Brie Escargots (most tender I have ever had) Crab Mushroom risotto Short Ribs Filet (best I have ever had on a ship; rivaled good steaks in Nebraska) Dulce de Leche custard (like a caramel creme brulee) Chocolate Lava Cake These were all outstanding; we really enjoyed all the salads. Everything else we had was quite good, but these are the ones I would have gone back for again!! (and I DID have escargots 2 nights;))[/QUOTE] Yum! Crab Mushroom Risotto......:D
  11. Gabbiegirl

    Sending flowers to a friend

    Thanks everyone....feel better about ordering from HAL...especially since one of you responded about the Zuiderdam, that's the ship our friends will be on.....:)
  12. We have friends getting ready to board in a few weeks and we would like to send them flowers as a "bon voyage" gift. Has anyone used the Holland America gift line for this and if so did the gift get delivered as planned? We have previously done this on another line and not only did the gift not arrive till midway through the cruise it did not include a card to let them know where it came from. Hoping Holland has a better program. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!!
  13. Gabbiegirl

    Security checks in Rome

    Thanks, I do have the medical card and hadn't even thought about security checks outside the airport. Appreciate it.
  14. Gabbiegirl

    Security checks in Rome

    Yes, but here I can just tell them in English about my hip...my concern was not speaking Italian and not knowing how to explain....I guess I'll just give it some extra time on the way back and maybe have learned enough Italian at that point to be able to explain...can't be the first artificial hip they've run into. Thanks for all the help.!
  15. Gabbiegirl

    Security checks in Rome

    Oh, I had no idea it was that easy...thanks...didn't want my new hip setting off alarms before I ever stepped foot in Rome!!! Thanks a bunch.