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  1. Are there any links to the new drinks from the fortune teller bar? Looking for the third eye recipe
  2. You guys are being pretty harsh. You can only test systems so much before go live. One thing I've learned in 22+ years of IT implementation, you are going to have problems with new places that first week/month. Nothing is perfect. (and to relate the size of the IT area I work for, we project 1 billion in revenue next fiscal year). $h!t happens. All i know is we are on the boat on August 14th, we'll tip slow service staff and be pleasant. They have struggled much harder than most of us over the last 12-16 months.
  3. 3 days for me. I made it easy, highlighted requested info, redacted other data, made email subject line “Mardi Gras Shareholder Aug 14,2021” my first submission!
  4. Is YouTube blocked with Premium wifi? Asking because we'll be on the Aug14th cruise and I thought about taking requests to film shot youtube videos while on board of specific questions/views. If I can't upload from the ship, I know my lazy butt isn't going to upload them when I get home!
  5. We cruise on the 14th of August, I thought about doing this. But when i looked at the shore excursions on the webpage, some of the better ones had already sold out. Gotta weigh the risk/reward for waiting I assume.
  6. Room Service coffee on your balcony is required for us!
  7. No, you cannot use the USB port and an adapter for a cpap. You are correct on it can easily be remedied, but a little planning makes it practically not an inconvenience. I'm going to roll the dice and get a cable from the cabin steward, one less thing to pack!
  8. It might be a slight inconvenience, but i'm not too concerned. You are correct about the ottoman. That might be the best choice. Flip the top over for the table at night, then place the cpap inside the ottomon and flip the top back to a bench during the day.
  9. Ill be on that cruise as well, hopefully learning to throw dice! BrotherCraig, i just got an offer for a balcony room for $300pp! I rarely drop over $500 at casino!
  10. Asked on the John Heald FB page since there are so many videos showing the little light and USB beside the bed. Jacinta replied that you need a longer extension cord or the cabin steward can assist you with one. We'll be onboard in two weeks, if I remember, I'll update the thread.
  11. can you purchase Premium wifi by the day when you are onboard?
  12. Smaller buffet = less cost for CCL. Lots of food options, can’t wait for our cruise in September…..2022!
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