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  1. I was really excited to try Viking (Ocean). I had found a May 2021 cruise to take the place of the B2B May 2020 Cruises to the Baltic and then Norway that RCL had to cancel. With all the included things in Viking the cost was pretty close. But I am ok paying a bit more for no kids and a smaller ship. Then I put it on a hold and found out that the $14,000 would have to be paid in full in July 2020. At this time I am not letting any cruise line hold my $ for 10 months! I have come to realize that the Viking model is different and it may make more sense to book them closer to the time of sailing so I may look again when I see how the world is next Spring.
  2. Thank you all for the information I have decided to hold off for now. I was excited for the end cabin as that was what we had on Royal. But I was also very excited to experience Viking and I was considering booking now (before April 30) because of the special cancel within 24 hours and get a Future Cruise Credit guarantee. I think I would be better off just waiting until January and seeing where the world is at and if this cruise (dates are flexible) is still open and what the price looks like. By then I might have my $9000 back from Royal and my $2000 back from Delta 😜
  3. I was so excited to find a Viking Cruise (Viking Homelands) for May 2021 that could replace the 2 Royal Cruises we have cancelled for May 2020. I booked it and put a 72 hour hold on the cruise. In the documentation they have sent me it looks like the final payment (over $14,000) would be due in 31-July-2020? 10 Months before the cruise? Can this even be right? I just paid the full amount on the Royal cancelled ones in Feb 2020 for May 2020 cruises - 3 months before the cruises. I really want to go with Viking in the future - smaller ships, no kids, less people, so much included but with waiting on the close to $9000 in refunds coming from Royal I just don't want to shell out $14,000 and let Viking to use my money for so long.
  4. I absolutely hate how it always shows UPDATED ON XXX and it is always TODAY'S DATE. The retired IT person in me thinks the person that designed the webpage just put current date there. Because I check it everyday and don't see anything changing but then it is current as of TODAY but it was not UPDATED ON TODAY. Very misleading.
  5. I also have a Royal Cruise May 24 and then another on May 31. I just consider them cancelled in my head and heart but am waiting them out. If it gets to one week before I might cancel myself and take the FCC but I am really holding out for a refund because I am not sure when I want to start cruising again. I know it is hard and patience is not my virtual but you & I both need to wait it out.
  6. I just wish they would cancel my Jewel ones May 24 & 31 out of Copenhagen. I want to take the refund option so I am trying to wait but patience is not my virtue.
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